13-year-old girl killed in California carjacking

A suspect is in custody after a violent carjacking in Pico Rivera Sunday afternoon.
1:49 | 07/06/20

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Transcript for 13-year-old girl killed in California carjacking
A deadly end to a terrifying encounter for a family in Pico Rivera after their van is carjacked with four kids inside. An eight year old boy critically injured his thirteen year old sister Isabella Cortez he's. Killed when I found out it was a child hey it. Touched my heart because I'm a mother myself and I can just imagine what her mother and her I don't know enough enough for child. It at around 2 PM the parents ran into a restaurant to pick up food to kids waiting in the van running. Suspect jumps in the front seat he orders the kids to jump out what the suspect got into the car the eighteen year old girl fault with the suspect briefly. And that she came out of the ban the doors were open. Because he accelerated both doors came open on the ban. She got pushed out of the banner jumped out of the ban as did her eleven year old brother. The suspects sped away flying down Whittier boulevard at a hi Rick speed up to sixty miles per hour vehicle continued westbound. And that's when the eight year old boy and thirteen year old girl came out of the vehicle. Both of them sustained major injuries. In the thirteen year old girl died here at the scene. It's unclear if kids were pushed out of the banner jumped the suspect identified as 26 year old Jose Aggie large slamming into another vehicle few miles away he then jumped out and trying to car Jack another vehicle. The dad who's trying to by the fruit Jones back into the car so the guy out. And that's when needed the suit for guys came up and helped him pull them out of the car and I believe they actually tied him up and detain him for the deputies. Investigators say act healer had recently been arrested and released on the vandalism church and was also on probation for a list of other charges. 26 year old now accused of taking a life. Family members say Cortes was a bite Asia's teen who was looking forward to starting high school.

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{"duration":"1:49","description":"A suspect is in custody after a violent carjacking in Pico Rivera Sunday afternoon. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71633726","title":"13-year-old girl killed in California carjacking","url":"/US/video/13-year-girl-killed-california-carjacking-71633726"}