2012: iPhone 5 Release

Sept. 21, 2012: Apple fans line up as latest smartphone hits shelves.
3:29 | 03/09/15

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Transcript for 2012: iPhone 5 Release
Global stampede for the new iPhone 5 millions lining up from Tokyo. To the long lines in London from Paris to Sydney Australia and of course right here in the US by one estimate 2300 iphones sold a minute. 2300 amid it all over the world and tonight ABC's Matt Gutman on the lines in this country and the supplies snagged two. The harm required today but only. A frenzy of sales. The numbers staggering. In pre sales before stores even open. Apple sold two million iphones in the first 24 hours making a million dollars per minute and analysts expect the company to sell up to ten million units. Just this weekend. That's 2300 iphones every sixty seconds sprayed with sold out by late morning. And across the globe. Thousands of groggy eyed fans spit up to a week in line tourney Apple's flagship store in New York. To a campground. Buses is like a Randall Tobias. Anyone instead is simply. That he line here entrepreneur awards some hawking the phones as far away as Russia grew to 3500. Dollars each. This sleeker faster vote is so popular 250 were stolen by an apple employee went and robbery earlier this year. Police now taking note in New York officer stationed outside apple stores. Think buyers registered there iphone's serial numbers stealing apple products dubbed apple picking is more common these thieves grabbing apple products by the sack full of September some. Don't like what they seat complaining the phone's operating system I it was six. He's flawed specifically the maps so we pulled up the map and accurately finds its here in Miami Beach but. Trying to pull up some other iconic site say. Over damp. Looks like something out of a dollar painting. The statue of liberty nothing but a shadow the Brooklyn Bridge. Appears post apocalyptic the Eiffel Tower. Squashed the company says it's working on improving the iPhone the more people use it the better it will get. Folks don't seem to mind those glitches David we've been at the store all day has been absolutely slant and not just here. But around the globe an apple appears to be poised to break and shatter its own record. The sales of the iPhone four S earlier this year David. All right Matt Gutman tonight in Miami matter thanks to you we've been watching Apple Stock skyrocket almost as basses those phone selling. A short time ago I joined ABC's be an ankle injury get outside the Apple Store just down the street here in New York. So be out of the first iPhone came out five years ago if you were lucky enough to buy apple stop that then what are we looking at today they'll bite your apple found that 85 dollars this year to let that you bikes and scared that they 150 dollars. To date ten shares. 7030. Dollars Davis that's a return on investment of more than 700% in just five years that's incredible and for people who've seen the crowds that apple stores all over the country today. Cam one product make a difference in the American economy but one economist at the sales of this black alone can't. Centage point to the US GDP announcement that sound like a lot and half percentage point is 3.2 billion dollars. That's 3.2 billion right into the American economy but what about jobs the iPhone made overseas a lot of people point that out. There are some it's Geithner and me here in the US including glass Corning glass of big US companies here and in total some million jobs. Can be attributed to count. Right morning America's got a little injury it would mean they're just moments ago.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Sept. 21, 2012: Apple fans line up as latest smartphone hits shelves.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"29509048","title":"2012: iPhone 5 Release","url":"/US/video/2012-iphone-release-29509048"}