2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris preps Thanksgiving dinner

ABC News Live catches up with Sen. Kamala Harris as she discusses the presidential race and what she's grateful for on Thanksgiving.
5:20 | 11/27/19

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Transcript for 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris preps Thanksgiving dinner
Return now should the holiday again hopefully a little bit of a lighter note. We are joined by our minds though our reporter is there in Iowa who is the winds commonly Harris the senator from California who is campaigning for that early stage and as she cooking up a storm Merritt Island to Armando. Aimee that's right she is cooking up a storm were here in the morning. And senator thank you so much for joining us on ABC news lives. My aunt I pay my night. And please don't keep you how many keep you know that let you keep working can you show us the operation what is that you cooking up here at. Making a Turkey stack. So this roasted Turkey and and that's anecdotes about obstacles entering here into stock. I am brining might Turkey. Which it is right there. I Pratt and in Iowa and wrap collar me. Far. From flew out of all looked lost. Without airline. And make McEntee. When created. She's. A the air. And minister apartment. For corporate staffing and make it day before the corporate fanatic and a and that my preference saying they tease tease. Me thought for today brine my Turkey. I'm Fred Evans the economic commanders asked it. That I can just let it. Apparently you definitely tell me ask you. There's going to be millions of Americans cutter around the dinner table yet the next couple days. Right and I'm sure politics can become part of that conversation. Is this your way of keeping your message fresh and at those conversations in into those homes. Yeah it lesson I think. This is a very town. It. I do believe this as a moment we believe must. Renew our our. Our commitment to the rule of law. To our system of democracy and our system of justice and we gotta fight that. And in the integrity of all of those things to fight for but it's also a season. I think requires us. To merely reflect on all the we have to be thankful for and I'm thankful for some on tonight. And I hope that when people sit around the Thanksgiving table width family with friends. And where there may be disagreements that we all time of a little closer to finding this common. If it's somebody powerful forces and management's Kate division months and really get Americans turn on each other. We need to heal and done. And so in effect for democracy though Nelson Eaton fight for unity. Senate where you are heading into. No no absolutely absolutely felony thought the operation here. We are headed into the final stretch before the caucus farther ghosts first ballots are cast. Eight can you tell me livid about you know what that looks like for you guys for your campaign your strategy message you're trying to get across and the people each so. We're here in Iowa Brandon Lyon. I have spent the day to day with. Ion teachers. We have been. Unit knocking on doors and talking with folks and on tomorrow we're gonna do that Turkey trot and view it. Folks it you know in the community and talking about the issues that keep them up at night that we need to address in. You know like I say there's so much about what's at stake right now that represents a fight for justice. I think justice is on the ballot and might planning and economic justice. Environmental justice the need to reform our criminal justice system. And done and so I'm here to talk with folks here about these issues into the best positions. In the past couple weeks we've seen here Bloomberg joined the race table Patrick joined the race. They're both moderates is that the future of the Democratic Party is that message resonating with the American people is that you've seen here in Iowa. I think that they Democratic Party. It has got to continue to represent the needs of working people we have. So much that is before us that is about fighting for it. Equality and fighting against injustice and that is how I think of what is at stake and I intend to be a leader as I've been. On making sure that all people are represented in the the priorities of our nation reflect the priorities of every family in our nation. Final question for you guys it's the holiday season what are you most grateful for it this holiday season. I'm very painful for my family I'm very grateful full my team and I am very grateful. To be an American and annually. In loving country means fighting for the best who aren't. Thank you so much for joining us thank you thank. Guys and throw back to you guys that has premium hasn't come out as a little bit later on with my and that friends. And now publisher bring you the peace. A home ray are monitored CA ABC's own reporter there. Asking those live tough questions in the kitchen keeping up with the senator Mundo thank you so much for bringing us that interview a live interview outlook about Madison tenacity.

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"ABC News Live catches up with Sen. Kamala Harris as she discusses the presidential race and what she's grateful for on Thanksgiving.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67357106","title":"2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris preps Thanksgiving dinner","url":"/US/video/2020-presidential-candidate-kamala-harris-preps-thanksgiving-dinner-67357106"}