Over 25,000 National Guardsmen deployed to DC in wake of Capitol riot

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Col. Stephen Ganyard discusses possible threats on Inauguration Day and how authorities are preparing.
4:07 | 01/15/21

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Transcript for Over 25,000 National Guardsmen deployed to DC in wake of Capitol riot
As security rams up around the country DC mayor morial bows and is now asking people not to come to the nation's capital for the inauguration. The tradition. And back to our constitutional. Mandate. That the transition of power occurs by noon on January that's money if will happen right here in the District of Columbia. And we want everybody to enjoy it. And enjoy it right in their own states in their own living rooms some with their own families. We know that this is the right requests for our public safety. And our public health. AF. BI is warning all fifty states to be prepared saying violent extremists could overwhelm local state and federal law enforcement. Let's bring in former deputy assistant secretary of state and ABC news contributor colonel Stephen gan neared. For more on this colonel at least 25000. National Guard members are being deployed to Washington what's their role there and how helpful do you think levee. That's good question Diane because you know I think that that's when he 5000 troops who are you know there butchers bakers candlestick makers are military police there infantry people. I don't know what mix of kinds of capabilities are coming and I mean everybody feels a little bit safer if you get somebody in uniform. They're friendly they belong to states and so that it's much for the local field. But I'm only concerned because probably about a third that we'll be carrying weapons as we came in today you can see it on the street corners in DC. You've got national Guardsmen within six teens over the shoulder. So who's got control of the use of force. Who is actually controlling all these Guardsmen who really aren't trained to be doing what they're doing only a smattering of them are trained and law enforcement. So it feels good maybe they'll be helpful maybe they can help with crowd control hand out water. But it's real question about how they're gonna be integrated into the defense of the inauguration. As Dave that that's Washington DC look out across the country to the state capitals where the FBI has warned there also may be. Threats to be dealt with something and of that that Michigan. Moment when that when the armed people since you stormed into that stated they came into the capital which are long guns so how the states with few resources securing their cap. Who got strange to be seen as well Terry I mean it's quite a burden on the state. Police are law enforcement capability to guard against. Violent insurrection during a major event where they're going to be used thousands if not tens of thousands of people attending. So all this is really new territory where there may be a threat not only the capital but to individual state capitals where police and law enforcement our party stretched thin. And investigators are now looking into tour is given at the capitol the day before the attack what exactly are they looking for. That they're probably looking for inside inside collusion whether somebody on the inside where there was congressmen or it was a staffer or somebody might have been helping or at least. Showing people where the hallways or whether different offices are. Right now there are no facts to support that but there are some that doesn't sound right anecdotal stories. Good say why are these people together the day prior why were they walking the halls. Given how easily the easy protesters the insurgents were able to get into the capitol building there's still some questions about whether that was inside help. And then sting you mentioned that would the word insurgency in IE is this essentially. Domestic terrorist. Movement it is part of a broader. Resistance to the constitutional order and insurgency is there anything we can learn. From our experience around the world that way. Good he had terrorists seeking to that terrible irony here after how many years almost two decades of being in Afghanistan and Iraq where US military was fighting and bleeding. Fighting as a counter insurgency. Fighting against al-Qaeda fighting it's very she of malicious. Got very very Sunni militias as well also the terrible irony here is that the US military spent the past twenty years. Fighting insurgencies only to come home to face a domestic insurgency. Some ask colonel Steve Gagnon thanks very much. Thanks Terry and I.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Col. Stephen Ganyard discusses possible threats on Inauguration Day and how authorities are preparing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75283618","title":"Over 25,000 National Guardsmen deployed to DC in wake of Capitol riot","url":"/US/video/25000-national-guardsmen-deployed-dc-wake-capitol-riot-75283618"}