39 states investigating Juul's business practices

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong launched an investigation last summer.
1:37 | 02/26/20

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Transcript for 39 states investigating Juul's business practices
Damage has been done. Months into an investigation into baking company jewel Connecticut's attorney general said this Tuesday we have. Youth beeping epidemic that is sweeping the country. The 39 state coalition will look at to what extent Jewell as marketing itself as an effective smoking alternative. Arguing that the company was never approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Advertised itself as a smoking cessation device. There is in large corporation has looking to make money. Off of our young people and we need to make sure that those folks are held accountable. A recent study found that Julie use increased last year despite warnings about dangerous beeping can be. I didn't really believe in efforts to just in makes sense because. Why didn't happen other people that had been dating for years fighting it. Com happen to someone else close to me that I was hitting very stuff so part of the chemicals affect me and help them. Seventeen year old Daniel on it was a healthy high school athlete he's now recovering from me double lung transplant believed to be the first related to baby. I got to take over twenty medications that day. I have to Wear a mask in public for at least a year over the last year jewel has halted its television print and digital advertisements and eliminated most flavors in response to government officials concerns. According to the Wall Street Journal the company now plans to present to federal regulators a new version of its vaporize or. Designed to only unlock for users over the age of 21. Connecticut's attorney general says if the investigation leads to a settlement that money will go toward treatment prevention and education. When you put it ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"1:37","description":"Connecticut Attorney General William Tong launched an investigation last summer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69228033","title":"39 states investigating Juul's business practices","url":"/US/video/39-states-investigating-juuls-business-practices-69228033"}