ABC News Live Prime: Friday, February 26, 2021

Entrepreneur Sheila Johnson’s trailblazing success; Congresswoman and son co-author book on opioid addiction, journey to sobriety; UN secretary general: ‘We need a global vaccination plan’
50:28 | 02/27/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Friday, February 26, 2021
Okay. That's one of their three year old daughter's packed suitcases. And a random write down those railroad tracks. Via pop push car near the border of Russia and North Korea. Finally leaving the rogue country after it closed its borders more than a year ago due to the pandemic. Russian Foreign Ministry said. The specially made car in which state road for more than a mile and over a river was the only way it would have been able to make it home. A new shot at home against the corona virus the FDA on the verge of issuing. Emergency use authorization. For Johnson and Johnson's one shot vaccine. Why the vaccine carries so much promise and how it for. Warns against several highly contagious variance. This says members of the house vote tonight on that one point nine trillion dollars stimulus package. The president and the First Lady touring Texas today visiting a food bank and an emergency operations center. Seeing the devastation brought by those deadly storms and that failure to deliver power and water to millions and other people. The disturbing attack on an Asian American man stabbed by a suspect who authorities say told police he didn't like the way his victim look data. Before allegedly plunging an eight inch blade into his back. I'm important formed Lewis bombed the home on form I am the long haul road. Police are now investigating it as a hate crime. Feeding addiction as a family. The congresswoman whose son spent a decade hiding is OK Jason discovering he was stealing from them to support his habit. Their lesson for all families facing high diction. It through this. And this sounded success Sheila Johnson the first black female millionaire. But don't define or buyer well define her by her actions. Shattering glass ceilings and paying it forward for the next generation. Harder to be as successful woman. Pours her to be a successful. And good evening everyone I'm cure Phillips in for Lindsey Davis thanks for straightening when asked light at the end of the tunnel has been difficult to find in the past year this pandemic. But tonight a new array of how much today an expert advisory panel has unanimously recommended each that the FDA giving emergency use authorization to Johnson and Johnson's one shot corona virus vaccine which putting it one step closer to becoming the third vaccine in the fight against Coleman. Once authorized some four million doses of Johnson and Johnson's vaccine are expected to start shipping our round of the country as early as Monday. Just one shot is needed purple protection making it easier Tim backs an eight more Americans but the nation remains in a race between vaccinations. And the virus. Doctor Anthony county warning that following case numbers seems to have stalled. And that the baseline of new infections remains stubbornly high so could it Johnson & Johnson one shot vaccine help change the trajectory. ABC's whit Johnson starts us off tonight. Tonight an imminent game changer in the fight against corona virus. And FDA advisory panel voting unanimously. To recommend Johnson and Johnson's one shot vaccine majority voted for a week but it'll go. Clinical studies showing the vaccine provides strong protection. 85% effective against severe illness 100%. At preventing hospitalizations. And deaths. And another critical finding. Early data suggesting the shot may also offer 74%. Protection against asymptomatic infections making those vaccinated less likely to spread the disease the FDA saying the vaccine had the expected side effects like fever and fatigue. And a company is looking in a preliminary reports to severe allergic reactions as seen in other vaccines but top health experts calling it safe. We now have three highly effective vaccine. Importantly. Each of them are very upset and against should be a disease and virtually all of them say that you look at the data and it's clear. If you get essentially no hospitalizations. Or deaths in any of this is very good news. And unlike the others J&J was tested in communities with concerning variants and still performed well. A Johnson & Johnson vaccine is also easier to store at normal refrigerated temperatures we need vaccines that are affected. And well tolerated and importantly. Ones that are simple to deploy teams inside his lab near Baltimore have been working around the clock on the vaccine. Since September that's really when do you manufacturing started engineering runs in the game. Production since. From plants and removal and Memphis up to four million doses ready be shipped out within days of getting the green light and 100 million by the end of June. That's when the country could see enough vaccine for all American adults. And by the end of July of my journey and Pfizer will deliver the last of their 600 million doses. Which would mean a surplus. And here's every conceivable way to expand kind of fracturing. Of the vaccine the third accede to make even more rapid progress in getting shots in people's arms. But today some health officials concerned about the variance noting the recent plunge in cases may be stalling with an uptick in the last three days. You that these problems may be solid. Potential Leno and it's still eight Barry number we see you consider that some very concerning. An actor. Still the race to vaccination is picking up steam. The 101 airborne division deployed to Orlando to support vaccination efforts there. And though shipments delayed by the storm now flowing in the northeast. New York adding overnight shifts at mass vaccination sites after getting extra supply a lot has now come in here so we're gonna blitz this week. A busy week ahead with Johnson joins me now one of those mass vaccination sites it Citi Field connect unanimous vote from the advisory panel went just explain the next steps. For poll. FDA emergency authorization UN. Zero within the next 44 hours we are expecting that final FDA authorization and then Sunday. CDC panel would meet to discuss. Prioritizing that that. Ploy meant of this new vaccines we do expect shipments to go out as early as Monday with the potential shots in arms by Tuesday. Are actually also heard from doctor Anthony actually his concerns about the high K straight but he did offer some reassurance that people who are pulling vaccinated. May be able to gather a bit more right. And this is really encouraging news at people have been looking for Seawright this idea of getting back to normal and getting close Sorrell loved ones doctor thought she said that two people pour slowly vaccinated can likely gathered together without masks with minimal risk beyond the household though he said it's going to have to be a gradual process should as the case -- start coming down as more people start getting vaccinated because remember cure we still don't know if people or fully vaccinated can still spread the virus so there's still some time to be happens before we know for sure animals work life and fully go back to normal serum. Now we can only hope for all cross our fingers went thanks so much. At a Washington where the house is moving forward on president Biden is nearly two trillion dollar cut would relief bill including should does 14100 dollar checks to most Americans as well as extended unemployment benefits of spring in our congressional correspondent. Rachel Scott racial speaker Pelosi held a press conference earlier today touting this bill and what it been delivered to Americans. And yet that's exactly right here House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling this a major stacks full court and law makers here are up against a deadline on March 14 that's one unemployment benefits should expire for millions of Americans so Democrats are now racing to get this bill and president Joseph Biden's desk before that would include 14100 dollars in stimulus checks to most Americans it's also going to expand unemployment benefits the child tax credit cash. And include billions more were vaccines and testing Republicans though still opposed to that overall price tag it's one point nine trillion dollars they want more targeted relief Chara. Well as how some version also includes increasing the minimum wage at fifteen dollars an hour a major democratic priority but explain why that won't move forward she. In his final release bill when it gets to the senate. And this is a blow for Democrats tonight they're trying to find another way to get this done but the reality here is that a senate policy role overnight made it clear that at fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage hike is not going to make it Inge to the Senate's version of the bill it's going to be stripped and this is because Democrats are trying to move bore witness without any Republican support and now laid the ground work to make that happen but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also making it clear that they want to get this done here action the federal minimum wage has not been increased since 2009. It is still seven dollars and 25 cents an hour were a number Democrats say is just too low. Rachel Scott on the hill course racial thanks. The office of the director of intelligence released a report today directly implicating the Saudi crown prince in the 2018. Murder of journalist Jamal can showed each now the White House is saying there will be accountability. Our Martha Raddatz brings us this report. He is sit crown prince of Saudi Arabia heir to the kingdom a powerful ally daddy US intelligence report. Now accuses of approving the 2018. Brutal murder of Saudi journalist Jamal crush pantry in Istanbul. The previously classified assessment citing that direct involvement of the key advisor and members of Mohammed bin summons protective detail in the operation. And been summons support for using violent measures to silence dissidents abroad. Officials saying it's highly unlikely that Saudi officials would have carried out such an operation with out his authorization. The Biden administration saying what the trump administration. Was not willing to say in sag president trump defended the crown prince. It's nobody so far has pointed directly a finger. Guide to future king of Saudi Arabia. But the White House unveiling a cut show Jeep policy imposing visa restrictions on foreign officials. Believed to be directly involved in plots against dissidents starting with 76 saudis. The Treasury Department also sanctioning one former Saudi official. But not bin Salman himself. Elliott Martha tonight with us from the nation's capital market there are dozens this shoddy spacing bans and sanctions as a result of the murder of Jamal showed me nothing against saudis crown prince. Well how they've been silent. Nothing except that public rebuke here and that concerns some on that he hopes. The chairman of the intelligence committee Adam Schiff says bin Salman has blood on his hands calling it a fundamental problem if she concludes. He improved to kill. But only hold those people who followed the orders accountable and by the way here at the saudis say the whole assessment is in after she also last night we learned a president Biden's first military action since taking office Martha those airstrikes. In Syria on Iran backed militia groups what more can you tell us about those. Here there were two F fifteen fighter jets targeting the compound and her Ronnie and backed militias near an Iraqi border the airstrike was in retaliation. For the rocket attacks against a coalition based in or below rock. Early last week believed to be carried out by those same militias and American service member and several contractors were wounded and a contractor who is working for the Americans. Was killed and president Biden was asked about that today he said what message was he trying to send Iran. With the air strike he said. You can't act with impunity and then he paused and said. Be careful guerra. Martha Raddatz thanks so much. Now to the ongoing recovery and sexist president Biden got a first hand look at the devastation and relief efforts today each touring an emergency operations center with Texas governor gray addicts and later a food bank. With First Lady doctor Jill Biden. Our Mary Bruce was there. President dining touching down in Texas today to get a firsthand look at the recovery effort fist bumping the Republican governor on the tarmac. The president and First Lady stopping at this massive food distribution center died in hugging a little girl they're volunteering with her family. More than 575000. Texans are still under boil water notice is tonight. Across the state responding to this storm is already Costa counties more than an estimated 165. Million dollars. A crisis it's our states like going to hit Texas it's not a Republican or Democrat is certainly it's our fellow Americans are hurting. And it's our job to help everyone Indy. Look out for one another leaves nobody behind. Just five miles down the road from the president tonight. We met Monica where outside the motel where she's now staying with her husband and four young children from their homes destroyed flooded when the power went out and the pipes burst. We lost in Haiti I didn't and percent very tight ends next summer and everything we had put you just described is really hard to imagine. It is it in. I keeping an engineering and I can't really very many if that means that live. And I just as they've gotten. So many Texans facing huge bills from power companies after the storm. Today one woman filing a one billion dollar class action lawsuit after she was slapped with and 9000 dollar charged song that money automatically deducted from her bank account. And she wants it back. Agrees joining us now produced in Mary at long way to go in Texas that won striking image today president Biden. This mom being with the Republican governor Texas also meeting with what is its Republican senators John Cornyn but the State's other senator. Not in Texas today what's a deal. Yet notably apps annual Latin noted that senator Ted Cruz he was down in Florida today giving a political speech in a conservative conference Ari actually joked about taking that trip to Mexico state was in the midst of this crisis that they agents that sparked so much outraged the White House asked about it today said there was neither an indentation Nora request for crews who attended the president's events here today here. And Mary this was Biden's first trip to a disaster zone as president what else lucky that you Saturday. I. This is actually coming in that Biden enjoys most is a politician Wright getting outside of Washington a chance to get on the ground actually speak with the merit an opportunity. Today was for him to actually really connect with those who are suffering in the midst of all this we saw and stop ice recovery center that an emergency recovery center opportunity get a sense of how the recovery is going with an also stopping by that huge food and speaking with volunteers I was actually surprised Joseph Biden didn't spend more times greetings family here on the ground but of course they're trying to balance getting the president out of Washington and also joins us it's leaks in the midst of this pandemic here. Mary Bruce thank you. Now we come back another vicious and brutal attack targeting an Asian American than victim allegedly stabbing him in the back. Millions of people have been vaccinated and millions more grown frustrated trying to get one hour look at why it's so hard to get an appointment. An eagle viewing crisis has silently grown worse during the pandemic and what do you do is a family of someone you love is struggling with addiction. A mother and son's emotional journey next. And welcome back while the country is and focus on the common pandemic another crisis that has also gotten worse is it. All daylight addiction this month the national institute on drug a news release a study saying that oh really overdoses increased. 29%. Last year. I mean our two people who knows firsthand the struggles and that crisis Pennsylvania congresswoman should Madeleine Deen and her son Terry command who together penned a book titled. Under our rules a son's battle with recoveries a mother's battle for her son which thank you most so much for being with me here tonight. Heater in your. Area want to start with you will have to say certain reading it last night it was hard to put down and you write about the fact that you had this bringing the described as the American dream each that you are loved fiercely you or cared for fiercely so of course as a mom I'm wondering. What led to drugs if you were living in household that was sold deal with lunch. Something we wanted to share from her writing our series is an honest and I. This apparently always eating. We can't use orders at east and it allows it was only saw. Why this is. This as Aaron IE free wireless. Her judicial power there was not a war on terror war. But I still. Your sanity we song. And treatable disease and solutions Aaron. I'm it'll tell us real human glory and. Well let me ask you this because you also wrote in the book that you were sheltered. From challenges. That was interesting during your bringing you mention that year when you know your parents were there to always protect you and look. I'm that way as well in your case do you think it this was detrimental. Sure. It young talent likely try as usual and sushi is our. R&D. C.s. And is seeing relatively normal worries. Trinity united mortars are you being small. I can't release no Lowell and so well ahead didn't you know shelter and it. It was something it harder. And was Eric. The first city and you know first time he has seen. It's exciting even within our household and world in dialogue now what this. People this is doesn't harmony. No matter what your. Represented in dean you know moms and moms here knowing what you know now about Harry struggle with drugs which. Would you have parentage. Any differently. Well you know I was seeing. Separately in. Germany and use it. Memories are skull in a news Rick Perry and Jerry curry color you are. You're angry a lot. It harder to learn all. Youngster he eaters you would never seen you Harry USA. A little boy. I don't know what it done literally I. Can we are now. And and Harry in battled the with his drug addiction for such a long time you both talk about dash and I'm curious represented dean when you in your husband finally discovered how bad this was. That this was happening under your rooms the title of your book how you handle it. Well he sure he was carrying. He leaders. Yeah finally. And our stealing money from literally a well what you are recognized that. Eighty. Nearly drain. Yeah he was doing. A you're gonna need her she is Judy and now. You're ready I'll. First time in engineers. Carried it stands are currently. While and Harry what what legend Ted that why all of a sudden after so many years. Of lying to your parents did you decide that that was a moment each day you had to be transparent and you had digests. You had to give me your hard and sold to your parents and and to getting Howell. It was a Saturn was good crops you know the years. Just. We. All. You know eighty. Or so many years what they earn points in my eye he worried he was. Just want. He was EE. The you know considerable need you know it my daughter this evening. Ends our nation and quickly yeah I wasn't enough. And I know you guys wrote another book you wish titled you are always loved in this book is for children. Of addicts. It's obvious why this is so important Harry what didn't this book mean TU as a as a parent now. This is solemn order and you're always relief. Is now. Even gone. And your daughter Aubrey wonder where. Are on the way indie I want you. Are pretty. He still not always. Mercy she and her. We wanted and I am. He's a person Asian. I just have to say mom when you look here's right now coach how does it make you steal his yes exactly you want to hug when you wanna kiss and eyes and makes you deal now when you hear him in UC handing you sit next to him knowing what he's editor ocean and knowing that what you're looking at now she is that little boy that at a hundred pounds made the all semen was this spirit and that team. Joyful I don't enjoy at all. Breathing room to. Show others are all the me. So in addition and and I. It we might helps me. I had no idea I. It was a nation it would issue really. And literally. I know there. Speaking and that. Not just a mom but you are a member of congress so I have to ask you a political question is Welsh I mean as we know congress can be quite stubborn when it comes to policy and getting things done. Where you steal that you can confidently make an impact when it comes to governmental decisions now and drug addiction because it's personal for you now it's not just of professionals and I. We can do is literally built on. Our shame you what I don't. College campuses and issuer. Realize. This should not. To eat. And he also built around. Nations are British and aren't you or me. Sony car is sensitive euro's. We don't worry that also have. Bills and work. Hello and I how well. Sure. Many. Car for the record. Ons. This order we are. We've following all your moves that's for sure Harry I know you've had a second chance at life also love and a Stanley congratulations. Your gambling is gorgeous congresswoman dean and mom I know you're very proud of mom grandmother and part of congress trying to make a difference thank you both so much courage as Sherry something so personal with all of us we really appreciate it. It's. The still ahead here on prime from Black History Month so women's history month. Our conversation would TV mogul and mentor Sheila Johnson her and powering message for women and what she learned during the pandemic didn't just may surprise you. Prince hairy like we had never seen him before. What's playing a bigger factor in vaccinations racer education and we say hello I'm by the numbers. Peppers are treated today it's never too late to pay your respects NASA making sure. What is hidden the ears and Mary Jackson is finally given her doomed. Naming our Washington headquarters after the first black female NASA engineer and. We talk a lot about the supply and availability of common vaccines but actual question she is how many Americans are actually willing to get vaccinated each to news studies show that vaccine acceptance is on the rise and that education. Is now a bigger factor in the end race and predicting who's willing to get the shot so rushed here's a look. Why the numbers at least 55% of Americans plan to or have already been vaccinated according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. That is up 47%. In January and 34%. In December. On the flip side 22% Americans say they want to wait and see how the vaccine works for others before getting at 1015% of Americans say they definitely will not getting vaccinated. Now another setting my researchers at USC finds out widening gap based on education. 76% of Americans will at least a bachelor's degrees planned to be vaccinated. More have already been vaccinated. Compared to 53%. Of those without college degrees in other words. College degree is associated with a 43%. Increase in vaccine exemptions. Larger than the 32%. Difference there researchers found between white and black Americans and the 3% difference between me. White and Latino Americans. I was on a lot to get due here on crime. It's so difficult to get it couldn vaccine appointment if you are eligible. We sit down with the UN Secretary General and asked what he thinks about the fact that. 130. Nations on our planet and yet to receive a single call mid vaccine dose. First a look at our top trending stories on From a. NF DA independent advisory board discussing Johnson and Johnson's single dose vaccine at this hour to decide whether it's safe and effective for American adults and from there the official green light from the FDA could come as early as tonight. And 34 million doses could be sent out Monday with stops in arms possibly by Tuesday it. And the FDA approved for use of this new vaccine. And we plan to roll out as quickly as Johnson & Johnson connecting from Johnson & Johnson expects to produce 100 million single dose vaccines covering a hundred million people now let's not the only one shot and we're going to be able to vexing more people might end in June. One week. After a massive winter storm through Texas the president and First Lady are visiting the devastated area. Finds first stop was the Harris County emergency operations center in Houston where he heard what officials and citizens endured during the height of this story this. My mother didn't whom god. That winter blast battered Texas and other southern states and we will be true partners to help you cover it bill. And you just classified report from US intelligence finds the saudis crowned prince likely have proved to the murder of journalist Jamal can show he. It previously classified assessment deciding who then direct involvement of the key advisor and members of Mohammed bin Salmons and protective detail in the operation. Batchelor finalists and Rachel Gergen elves speaking out for the. First time carry things out there. Back completely. Invalidate your your opinions and it's. Your anger towards me. Postings are 440000. Plus is direct followers to apologize and address those races are holds then resurfaced last month. My. Turn. When your forgiveness. And integration IP traction this. This comes following weeks of scrutiny after post surfaced of her liking posted with the confederate flag and posing at an antebellum themed party 12018. Now Carter Nell who has since called her past behavior ignorant and racist is rejecting support from anyone defending her. NYPD arresting this 23 year old Brooklyn man. After this in the brutal knife attack Thursday night in New York city's Chinatown. Police say the 36 year old picked on scene here in security camera video now being reviewed by police was walking alone when Salman locally he allegedly stabbed him in the back with this ancient night when authorities say mostly he then ray into a security guard and confessed to the stabbing. Yelling I just down someone wearing. Police sat in the business liberally unacceptable and we will not stand for we will fight. Brings Camry speaking candidly for the first time about his decision to step away from royal duties. It was a pretty typical farm and I think a lot of people's souls we don't know the British press the right. And it was destroyed my pencil. This is talks. The energy around. Appearing on the late late show with fellow Briton James scored and he usually didn't do such things like we've never seen him before you even rapping about another famous West Coast for and smooth. All this is a story all about. An upside down and Sherry details about life from now we Nagin and BB art school my thoughts out every year and all its. Hysterical. The most amazing class it's already turning three boys Kelly's stories singing song calls. Sacramento. And and now to the struggles to get the potentially life saving Kobe in nineteen vaccine those who need it most like seniors are finding this system particularly tough to navigate. ABC's Karen Travers takes a closer look. For years the hottest ticket in the US was the broadway's smash hit. Hamilton. CNN now closed due to the code in nineteen pandemic. But now there's a similar frenzied to score another hot ticket of coated nineteen vaccine appointment call 211 number and was on hold current our hearts. I realize that even if he called me at 3 o'clock in the morning I'll be there and have a Dallas I don't tread forty times. And I finally got an appointment here's one stop shop for Americans to sign up for a vaccine appointment the drug administration lifted up to stage to determine who gets vaccinated first and show people signed up for shots to every state manages its own system. Within states attorneys are running backs teen sites Howard hard to try to get this requirement in some places you can get a jab at a pharmacy a convention center even a baseball stadium still Americans are signing up than multiple sites hedging their bets and hoping something works sound. Registered in Maine a couple of places but we have not been I love. Does he did get the vaccine until now. The vaccine system is not tailored to those most in need senior citizens and low income Americans people of color she pulled Johnson serves on her neighborhood council in Washington DC she spending hours helping her elderly neighbors navigate the city's vaccines China. They call the telephone number or the telephone numbers not working very. Don't know how to use the Internet sits down were dealing with some individuals who might not even have. And so far Johnson is stunned to free library on her lawn with the flyers about how to get a vaccine this information is for our Arab UN see how they can schedule an appointment she's going door to door and volunteering to do the legwork herself cell I'm literally typing on to rule. Computers simultaneously. A to try and get. Nesbitt set up but to the station in his Florida home insurer reported out of my yard office and broached final 3 in the morning. Trawler computers I have three computers were being. And I'll just wait and considerable progress are going into the ocean with a small car when nobody. Should shape and. It is to get ridiculous after weeks of frustration and striking out Jon age 72 an asthmatic enlisted reinforcements. Getting his son in California and his daughter in Washington DC online with him so far competitors are looking for actually has run right from our sorrow nested says now that he's figured out how to navigate the process and has one of his doses he's helping others who. One guy I know doesn't even have a computer. Piazza took power structure how she ever read during his name is Ryan of Chicago tells us also using a bloody system. And a couple of friends as simple call this place called into place and I didn't didn't and his success and then when I told somebody got one reason. Liberty what do you do order Dennis also had help from his daughter Deirdre a teacher in Chicago who spent twelve hours trying to set up appointments for her parents. First to sign up and when I put my zip code and 124 X. They said that it wasn't eligible because Ada city zip code and they were only taking the suburban life. Still read it read somewhere where there is only you know I read it man hounded her. Yeah. Text message and brand about a little Italy had a. I'm really are. Many younger Americans are putting their text skills to good use trying to set up appointments for parents grandparents and friends struggling to nabbing. Training for other appearance at a greedy. You know what that important dependant that is right. Olivia Adams is a software developer and she washed her mother in law grew frustrated trying to sign on for a vaccine in Massachusetts. And he is. Now. Adams says she's trying to fool boy in Massachusetts. And providing easy clear way to see where vaccines are available it lets all its seeds and relax our. Numbers up. And Olivia. Adams is on maternity leave I asked her show the person figuring this out juggling in infant and a toddler. A shouldn't be a lot. And yeah right I asked the white house with the central government is doing to address these issues I can't there be a better system. So it's easier to just sign up. Over the near term. We agree with you completely that is completely confusing has been around the country in states and localities. But our focus is very much on increasing communication and shoring exactly easy sad that the American people know how. When. They can get their vaccine and we. Fully agree there's been a lack of communication by confusion and we are trying to work out of that hole. Health experts say more needs to be done to make sure the people who need to get the vaccine first are actually getting it. Find. Those folks. And your. Computer use your right and they have another. After those that are out there were able or Omaha how. Near how. Tiffany Nicole Johnson worries that without assistance some different neighbors just won't get their shots let it should not be an issue where those who how they know how. Get the vaccination. And those who don't. Have the know how or the supports. A team that's not equitable Karen Travers ABC news Washington. And our thanks to Karen O from the pandemic to climate change our world as well. Frankly challenged so our juju Chang sat down with the United Nations Secretary General to get his take on some of the biggest issues we face no matter where we lynch. Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez spearheading the United Nations response to every major global crisis since he took office in 2017. As the pandemic ravage the globe guterres front and center at advocating for increased testing and equal access to vaccines for nations. Rich or pool more. Called it the biggest moral test before the global economy what do you think about the fact that 130 countries haven't had a single dose extra easy is. The suicidal approach foot every book we see an olive fighters devotees will take to edit them out of virus threats. The money changed spends any changes he can become more deadly. More transmissible. But what's more resistant to vaccines. So we shouldn't exceed your country but you forget to mix in other countries and the united counties lose. Right as well tickets he told them you know whether you'll read since Mike no longer be and relevant so. These is the moment in each I think we need that global vaccination plan. And those of mosque Levy it's mosque he doesn't have the power and the resources. How concerned are you that these variants will pose a long term track if we don't vaccine next. Unit shots tedious everybody everywhere. If the fighters goes on spending ends changing. It's might be we might come to a situation C minutes of the full. In which we don't get rid of it every year that he's a new single every of that accident than last year he's no longer adequate to meet revenue vexing. But the flu wasn't keyless not just coffee it's so we cannot afford to live in that easy is it can so many people las cooperative. The same situation of who we must get through the pulpit. And to get to have called it the best is to concentrate. Capacities our resources and to make sure that's not able to vaccinated everybody everywhere. You monkey tears as other major priorities urgent action on climate change. A report just released by the UN paints a startling picture of a planet in decline roughly nine million people die from pollution every year. The UN climate report is being described as the starkest report yet on the environment. I'm curious. The US has just this month rejoin the Paris climate accords. How do you counter this feeling among everyday people that perhaps it's too late. But it's not too late on the contrary we out on time McKinney to delete quickly. At some people say look I mean there's so much holds the temperature in Texas so we'll probably there's no global warming the worst in climate change is not only the warming. He's noticing is becoming more extreme. Kate Snow storms heat waves raising his Monique same and it's not too late what are the most effective policies UC going forward. I see the technology on all sides and in today's cheaper to produce energy based on do you walls. Then based on cold water on the other fossil fool us. But of course we need to listen as he shouldn't unit unit keeping that we justice sub indices who does appear between need to take care of the people. Debt citing faulty those industries so. We need to let's promote Palestinian economy but let's supports those that come losing with a sex that took third don't economy is facing belt. But is the world evolves Cutera says an epidemic of misinformation. Is giving rise to fear and hate to know what can be done. Being in your view to fight that kind of disinformation that seems to be the core of all of this device of deficit for civil. Truth. And I sink. The media. It is a key role to play. We need to re establish. How could still look global commitment to tools to use tools does the daisies. Put trusts and the problem of today's world is the lack of trust. And the lack of trust between people and government the lack of trust between countries the lack of trust between institutions. And these electric trustees' undermining no capacity to prevent conflicts welcome best if you can solve conflicts all capacity to deal with the call Vince. What all capacity to be able to face the step of climate change. And add things to GG for that. Up next my exclusive conversation with the woman that can only be described him as of quintessential. American success story. Finally tonight as we celebrate the final days of Black History Month this weekend a reminder action that history is still being made at right now by some pretty incredible people option. And that in clues as Sheila Johnson she's a powerhouse in business and media and has spent decades making the boys sweat. But don't define her buyer Welsh what means the most of this TrailBlazer. Is making sure she's paying it forward. This is like taking risks deals like. Sounds like. Because Sheila Johnson has been a risk taker all her life. So it shouldn't be surprised that she just learned how to play the cello. During coping yeah. Move what is it about music. Get it contributes to the success. Of a human being. When you're sitting in an orchestra playing with a string quartet you have to watch you have to listen I can read people's faces I can tell whether they're lying to me. Or whether they're telling me the truth are they're just playing with me. A fearless focus. It lends his university of L annoying music major and teacher took quite a fortune. Co founding black entertainment television in 1980. Soon to become the first black woman millionaire. After its sale. Profits that is now become a passion projects and managing operating. And investing in people. Communities. And cultured. That emboldens her brain. Salamander hotels and resorts. What did you pick award salamander does speak only animal that can walk through fire and still come out alive. Why it's starting to wind she'll is dad she enrolled her in an all white school during segregation. Her light skin keeping her under the racist radar. A Covert resilience that eventually. Letter here to middle burg Virginia a town built by slaves hundreds of years ago and a bold business deal. That would define her destiny here. Remember coming in that town every day and I noticed a gun shop with a confederate flag and when. It distresses me so much. They call my lawyer nice and there's this donors can only had your ass. And I simplicity of Sargent Diane. And I ended up buying the bill. My comes down. I turn it into a market. From integrating and influencing the board room to the big boys to the owner's box. Sheila is also the only black woman to hold his stage in three pro sports teams. I can be. In the sweet. And there's all these white males up there and listening to now. They have been our own acts together they have played cost again and and I remember one time there was another deal gone down in that box. And I went over time I heard them say Michael Jordan's name I like. Well O. How many females see you haven't invests in in this. Gonna go and eyes that I'm investing well we've closed I should know you're gonna open it back up and I became an investor can. From a man's world past and mentor Johnson hasn't just invested in sports. She's invested in women I didn't make you feel to see your players. Protesting for social justice. When I saw him come out on the court. Can turn around. It's a bullet holes in the back of their. Shirts. I said. And I can't believe in doing mass. Boy are they brain that was my first thought. His second song wasn't my cue Gomes. You go girls you're really making a statement here and then that's when I gang green spot. He's fearlessness. First it's Sheila Johnson gifts that keep on giving you grew up in the same apartment building in Detroit news as rose seven parks and that is certainly and then you had Sheila Johnson and giving you a front row seat. To an opportunity. Absolutely anything is possible. Like giving fifty women and men of color house full rides a Harvard. Kimberly Dowdell is that Sheila Johnson cell and now one of only 500 black women architects in the country she was Montrose. You invest in the person's. Day to invest in the world. What mom Angie. Represents is the fact that he's black women. Are excellent and can be excellent and can change the perception of of what it is to be a black women. They are now I'm running for office. We are now doctors say in different hospitals. I had one young lady who is now our clerk confirmed Supreme Court justice Sonia somehow my hair so mouthful. I have. Another young man who was homeless he's now working for Samsung. I mean they're all sold six cents from so proud of them mentor ship easy. Being a mom how do you raise humble hardworking kids. When you're wealthy. You learn to say no. Have you been okay with the notice. Didn't know that definitely made me a better person. And like his mom and an adventurous on trips and you are. Brett Johnson is one of the youngest black luxury menswear designers the globally. I'm in my mom always talks about Cramer you have that picks can't. And shouldn't do that and agree. But use that as fuel we use that as motivation. To keep. Push him forward and is it harder to be as successful woman. Hours her to be successful black woman people always say you know you're very successful black woman that I see myself as a woman. You can pin any label on main winner in the evening combing a light skinned black while I don't like Aaron they like yeah. I just fine. Normal woman and a woman who had a mother that I always said. You should never lose your power. Which brings us back to conquering did cello. House sweep the same. Thanks again Sheila Johnson for all your time well before we go to night in the image of the day a reunion fifteen years in the making. Also thanks to a migrant shipped. That man Charles Spencer adopted this cat named brandy but one day he left her outside and she never came home. Well a few days ago. Randy was reported as a stray and taken to an animal care center in Southern California she was malnourished and weighed this initiative when she was akin but we're told much. She's eating now and she's starting to gain weight. That's our show for this hour stay tuned to ABC news like more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm sure does thanks so much for Surrey with us a great weekend.

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