ABC News Live Update: Biden admin. to reunite 4 families separated under Trump

Plus, the FDA is set to decide whether to approve the Pfizer vaccine for children ages 12 to 15, and mourners gather for the funeral of Andrew Brown Jr.
19:25 | 05/03/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Biden admin. to reunite 4 families separated under Trump
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for streaming with us in today's update the FDA is set to decide whether to approve five vaccine on children age twelve to fifteen. As early as this week. The move comes as a CDC reports daily vaccinations are down 22% from just three weeks ago. Some vaccine sites are now offering incentives to entice people to get vaccinated while others are trying to make it more convenient. Last night the Milwaukee Bucks upper Kobe vaccines to fans already attending their game in stadium. The Biden administration says for migrant families separated during the trump administration will be reunited this week. The government released and it limited details about the families but we know one mother fled Honduras with her children and another came from Mexico. This is the first big move from the administration's family reunification task force. Secretary of Homeland Security on it under my orcas says this is just the beginning. And mourners gathered in Elizabeth City, North Carolina for the funeral of Andrew Brown June year. Reverend Al Sharpton is set to give the eulogy at an invitation only service for the 43 girls shot to death by sheriff's deputies. Yesterday loved ones and supporters march to a public viewing and memorial service that sparked the eleventh straight day of protests in Elizabeth City. The mayor has imposed a nightly curfew and declared a state of emergency but so far the demonstrations have been mostly peace. And the conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Shelvin for the murder charge Floyd has put the future of policing in America back in the spotlight. But what do law enforcement officials have to say on the topic NBC's Jane Orman sat down with all aren't well for law enforcement officials. From around the country to discuss what changes they think policing needs and how to rebuild and reestablish trust with the communities Acer take a look. I don't see the towns where the police come and give their right just urgent justified shoot doesn't mean you always have sued. Do you think police officers licensed in the way that they're professionals are licensed. Could help some of these issues. Actually do what is sorely want to our morning ends us ones were terminated or decided to resign and would turn it. And they can. The next county or an excuse Audi or eight minds. And tired or animals. His didn't she. I can suspend our ability or hate your way or been a police officer. It is a privilege RI. Each station certification process. Under house GO easy to hide and that lead to national database yeah. Other videos. And police incidents that it really straight people the most is when someone is shot dead as they're being our police searched training. Who shoots don't want to add their. Fleeing Vietnamese fleeing felon. The deal that Slade Allen. When Al good or thirty years ago so the Supreme Court does support. And anyways you. More icy tricky things are enforced officers is. Second moment where someone me just pointed it Donahue. Or there perhaps pointing at high mountain sometimes. Ends you the idea that we are seeing every zany yet received ass camera angle and always. People are more likely should be stopped. Searched. Arrested and killed. Police how are you address whose racial disparities. Equally. One thing that we learned in Camden was so we had very high low trusts. The city hits 96%. Art. Results of mistrust what is sure. Created 3040 years ago. Police violence we will it was in the nation's lowest dangerous city. How we transitional. Which we have abandoned our traditional pools are hand costs are you can boss. It's changed our energy from warriors guardians. We owe our highest engagement or enforce. And the paradox existed wherein. The people who were the greatest victims of weeks. Also the same holds symbolic summer why don't some. More honest and Haiti or. If this idea that's behind. A lot of them crush it defund the police which on the surface a lot of people you know are who. We need police officer doesn't make sense when we're talking about reinvesting and immunity. Got this is essentially what. You do it very successfully and here are saying. Seven years later were. There was a significant reinvestment into the shoes. I would treat ten officers were Norwegian girls. In my car. Positive factor was evil incarnate in the line and investment and T use. Weren't getting to levels investment in me lots of. All eyes are very high population and use and we had the highest rated he's my eyes can't we were in order. Our communities organizations are school districts you create. Programs cherished our kids out of criminal justice system and our incarceration rate for juveniles has dropped by over 50% in the last 45 years. Houston we have a crisis intervention saying we actually part clinicians trained. Collisions docked there ride without police officers and they respond. Are these mental health issues and no oil cars used. And as well airs we're doing with our home was doesn't always were are police response. Where do you hope to see it fractured and police know it's just causing eagle and situation saying can we processional way. First do no more piracy as you all and president at all we forget that people are people need help in. Just because he committed crime doesn't make him a bad person. We need to humanize. Our entire process and it's seen people in our communities is as humans we have. Or beat. Custodians and guardians of our unity and when asked like guardians bet that a little bit. We have to protect the community literally or acts and starter. Our thanks today Norman and those officials for that conversation and amid this national discussion on the future policing a group of bipartisan lawmakers. Are also not trying to craft a compromise on the capital to get the George Floyd justice in policing act passed the senate. Former NYPD chief of detectives Bob voice mark Claxton retired NYPD detective now with the black law enforcement alliance are here for more on this topic thank you both. For being here I wanna start by just first getting your thoughts on the conversation. That we just heard mark what stood out to you from some of those suggestions made. What stood out to me is that it get a group of professionals Lou really discussing. How do you go about re imagining police. Reallocate resources as enhanced. Community relationships. Developing programs outside of traditional. A police and responses for non. Traditional. The incidents he utilization of mental health professionals. They spoke about Boys and Girls Club so what's interesting is that you have it and the practitioners to professional practitioners. Telling you battery imagination does not only. Possible. But necessary. And and mark I'm curious this is a discussion had a with higher ups in these departments and and they know they're on television having this conversation. What happens behind closed doors when officers are talking about everything that's going on how did those conversations sound. Conversations sound just like the conversation is just sort of played the difference is that too often what happens is new and toxicity. Within the policing culture. Tries desperately to quell those conversations soon. To really push back. Against the idea. Or perform changing. Of the involvement. That's wind we you have the opposition is not necessarily from the practitioners to professionals. It is gives from the unions and those people who are interested in maintaining the status quo which is has proven to be Grasso affected us. And Bob I'd love your take on that and also I wonder with so much attention on Derek showman is guilty verdict. Could missing an opportunity to improve things how can police take advantage of that. Are they got a guy is going to be able to thank you people we see now is that what happens elsewhere around the country affects us here here in new York and also everywhere. So what happens in Minneapolis what's happens in Aurora Colorado effects us is how people deem how they look at us. I long held that we needed social standards across the across the nation so these things we see something they make sense and Ali. 222. Awesome policing but also civilians as well this he was topic. All leases it is are terrible. But the fact that matter is there's a lot more work please do good job of these things. So look at expanding concept you do your jobs you do this no portion of talking about a total transparency and accountability to these things are important. I dig these two bills in Washington crucial cross to go forward and I think the one of the house George Floyd justice bill. Policing and also the justice act by Tim Scott and senate. I think big emerge and come together and and find some some solid policy based on common sense and not knee jerk. So Watson's got as good for the greater go CB did some great things in the George for little bill nobody should be doing Joseph calls anywhere in this country makes no sense to me at all. And Bob Hope racial profiling get everybody. Bodies bobbing cam so it's sort of increases transparency these things make sense. President has called for May 25. 44 coming together of all wool or is abortion these big compost this legislation it needs to get done. And mark of course these problems don't apply specifically to people of color exclusively to people of color but we do talk a lot. About systemic racism not just in policing. But an everyday lives so if this is some thing that's so ingrained in our culture how do you change that among police. You change your virus. Appreciate the dynamic in the paradigm in which these professionals operating and you do that of course legislation is a minor part of back. But more or less addressing and dealing with the and acknowledging the culture that exists. And I have to go back to that it because it's important to realize. We have submitted to get the substance of legislation on the books. We have been huge department. Some birds and if your rules and regulations. For example choke holds. Advantage so calls excerpt but NC get to the point where. You kind of mediate or resolve the conflict between toxic culture and legislation or rules or regulations. You find yourself in this constant babble. And these states is far past aren't that we begin soon really had an old open arms discussions about the role that race please. In policing in the criminal justice system and then take steps to move forward. And the last point is. Dozens of policing act maybe of us are very supportive of the stock to certain as progressive present these to be. But I think. Portables are people who strongly believe that this should be noble negotiation from that position because it's not a sparkle and super liberal progressive minded Billiton is. At any negotiation just weakens it. A Bobbie most police officers are honest hard working people so what can be done to make it easier. For adventure report people breaking the rules without being targeted themselves. Well isn't only CB do that for us all reorganization should have a mechanism. In place to track and monitor problematical officers and interpret Deb Richard can't get free trends are Barack. DNA should be held accountable or. Another big issue is what I can only job. We were taught to stop all of our problem four losing used to blow hard but what are you there's going to be. That's underway now which should have been part of a long while I'm it hasn't been. So we see now we want people will cause they will be held accountable if they don't. So most things we'd go a long way to to change that culture is as quarks and he's been charged. He's being you need to be Powell towards exemptions. I'm Bob boys mark Claxton it's always great to have you both thank you for being here. If you've ever wanted to look like someone else or something else that is your than ever thanks to augmented reality and something called space tuning. But while the trend may be fun isn't healthy we'll take a closer look after the break. Welcome back to ABC news live update our phones have spent a lot of time scrolling social media during the pandemic and playing with filters and fancy effects. That all your appearance can be a lot of fun. But is it healthy area Russia takes a look. And they're not real and but they've never looked more like a lightning. They can be reminded. Sometimes the big scary but often times beautiful. Hammer films are powered by augmented reality court they are at their fingertips at millions of people give us that polished look. Some now asking our filters creating a work standard of beauty. Recently a car dash scene Stanley controversy sparked a national conversation. I non filtered photo of Chloe Kardashian in the leaked to the public. Then the predictable pattern of harsh critiques and comments followed. Days later Chloe took to Graham life showing off her body while lamenting the pressure she fell to always look a certain way on line. I have an opinion about click ration and the the leaked the bikini photo. With nearly half a million followers tick tock sensation ten feet is known for her unvarnished opinions and say she prides herself on keeping it. Real earnings this is filler underwrite speller eyelash extensions I am someone younger on the Internet should and it totally skewed. With my sentence. Confidence DT please completely lost touch with what a real body in a real face actually look like. I do you feel like we're losing touch with what reality looks like and it hurts me because I feel like the reality is you'd have thought it was cyborg is. How you manage and house technology edge allegro already getting there a point where we're expecting people to look as un human as possible. These facts even from some of the simplest filters are astonishing he's still there is can go from that cute. The suites. To be ridiculous. But are they creating a false sense of what we should actually look like this. Lenses and filters like these are available on most popular social media platforms and snapped chat to in mr. Graham. Users can now virtually applying makeup or enhance their appearance. I don't tried to blow. All her guitar because I don't want to she and so Morris. Man while a top they are artists went viral for his grinch filter but even with his quirky creations this one called Patricia. His line of work also comes with pressure to meet a certain demands of the number I'm saying you know solo. I'll say they're Trenton. Social psychologist Aaron vocalist and beauty filters can be alienating and create a sense of unattainable perfection. Getting used to seem themselves wait because doctors are so grace now. And experts say what starts out making you feel good to an end up being damaging to self esteem and we also gonna solve esteem boost other people's reactions. The American academy of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery cautions while beauty filters can be fun. They've also contributing to a surge in demand for cosmetic procedures from 62% of plastic surgeons reported their patients wanted to go under the night because it dissatisfaction with their social media profile. 57%. That their patients wanted to look better in sell these on social media the association warns if the results don't match that of a beauty builder could trigger body gets more via. I get a lot of young girls and my GM's butt and my young I mean like thirteen 1415 inch. Started to Sharon's meeting couldn't post a photo of themselves or video to their in your stories are grinch or and you weren't such immediately out a silencer on. We reached out to snap chat a leader in AR filters to see if they had any guidelines for usage the company saying it rejects any lens is that many 'cause medics surgery. They spoke which owns mr. Graham telling ABC news we know people may feel pressure to look a certain way on social media. So we'd ban affects that clearly promote eating disorders or that encourage potentially dangerous cosmetic surgery procedures. If people CD sellers on the times they don't know where. Like. The standard. He even on TV even went out filters model Naomi is no stranger to fighting preconceived beauty standards. Last year instant Graham apologized for mistakenly flagging her semi nude image because I automatic censoring algorithms recognized her curvy body. Differently. In an industry known for air brushing and touch ups she says putting these powerful tools in the hands of users as young as thirteen can be as slippery slope. They can just changed ever they want. You know I mean I'm just continued to change things yeah are not a leader in the. For men while growing his platform means harnessing the opportunity to educate. I'm game or knowledge to sing didn't strength pain and instead of having them he feels are now we gonna. These learning feel terrible event these games on the he's got. They're tied to your children who you cannot disregarded it is affecting other key and how a night. How might affect the people that you love around you but you just haven't talked to them around and meeting closed the magazine and we can pass a driving past a billboard but we are honored sounds. And knowledge times and aerial rash asked ABC news New York. Our thanks very out for that report and that doesn't that is ABC news live update and then Maceda thanks for joining us remember ABC news like this your story all day. With the latest news context and analysis. I'll see that's your 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the breakdown.

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