ABC News Live Update: CDC issues new Thanksgiving travel warning

Plus, thousands are expected to line up for Thanksgiving meals at food banks nationwide, and President Trump invited Michigan lawmakers to the White House in an attempt to refute his election loss.
21:18 | 11/20/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: CDC issues new Thanksgiving travel warning
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today's update the new warning from the CDC about Thanksgiving as millions are expected to travel for the holiday. And the breaking news this morning in the race for a vaccines doctor Eller and joins us live from. Also ahead attempting to overturn his election laws president Chavez pressuring local officials to subvert. The elections we have the details and the response from some Republicans. And the front line heroes are front and center at the Latin grammys. They have pit bulls game nurses police officers and firefighters and rock star status. We begin with that new warning from the CDC the agency is now urging Americans not to travel for Thanksgiving or spend the holiday. With anyone outside their household. The US broke more records yesterday with nearly 183000. More Americans testing positive cash. And more than 80000 hospitalized. The good news is Pfizer says it will request emergency use authorization for its vaccine from the FDA today ABC's would Johnson has. The latest. This morning the CDC urging Americans not to travel for Thanksgiving and to celebrate only with people in her own household and people. Sounds sad you know gather at Thanksgiving. And reach out their tree your funeral and New Year's Day in that league way to put it. But at this point we really have to be honest. Hospitalizations on the rise in all fifty states nearly 81000 patients being treated a new record. The White House task force holding its first press briefing since July blaming the weather in part to surging numbers. Isn't buyers increase so rapidly because there was an unusual cold snap that began in the northern plains and went down through the heartland. Where and in the end of September beginning October large number of people moved indoors. Doctor Anthony found she promising help is on the way and reassuring Americans that vaccines will be saying the process of the speed. Did not compromise at all the safety. Nor did it compromise scientific integrity it was actually in dependant body. The people who have no allegiance to anyone not to the administration. Not to me. Not to the companies that looked up to date there and deemed it to be sent. Still seems like this increasingly common across the country. Massive lines for testing this one in Orlando. California governor Gavin Newsom issuing a 10 PM curfew for more than 94%. Of the State's population in hopes of slowing the spread. Frontline workers like icu nurse Sarah grew by house guest fearing what comes next. Pleading with the public to do their part we can all be here arms despite doing one little thing and that's just wearing a mask masks still a point of contention for some like restaurant owner Barry counted who may close his doors have forced a mascot in Kansas. Every individual. With liberty. Should do that on. And come shrewd. Choice. It for some there was no choice only loss Ike Kelley army John. A nurse for 38 years who put off retirement to continue working through the pandemic. Only to lose her own battle with the virus. We're going to. She hears that message it's really a plea. We're a mask. And trouble. The White House corona virus task force is also revealing more about their plans for vaccine distribution saying they have the infrastructure in place. To be able to deliver a vaccine to the entire United States within 24 hours of authorization. Before shots could be going out by late December. I am. And I went Johnson thanks for that and despite that warning from the CDC millions of Americans are still expected to travel for Thanksgiving weather is in the air or on the road GO Banesha as has the travel forecast Forrest good morning Jia. Hey there Diane even before the CDC's guidance not to travel next week AAA was already expecting fewer travelers on the road. Did last year take a look at this because they were expecting about 48 million on the road that is down from 55 1000000 now this morning triple A is changing. It's June. Telling us that number may be far lower after the CDC warning. Took away anticipates at least say 10%. Drop in trouble that is the largest one year decreased since the Great Recession in 2008. Now major airlines are also already seeing a spike in cancellations for people who had purchased those holiday flights. They sue ward now anticipating more cancellations let's look at the numbers last year over the full eleven day Thanksgiving travel period. TSA screened more than 26 million people. This year they expected to be much lower with the busiest day topping out at about a million passengers that is far less of the busiest day last year. Nearly three million passengers. Now what did you bought a ticket and it wasn't responsible. No problem you'll actually still can cancel that flight because airlines the major airlines have actually. Waive those three games CB go ahead and cancel that ticket and you can get a credit for. White and you don't have a deadline to do that at any time even on the same day but instead. Diane. Right you Benitez forests in New York City thanks GM much. And joining me now for more on all of this infectious disease specialist doctor Todd Halloran is here good morning doctor Eller and I wanna sir this new emergency guidance from the CDC here urging people. Not to travel for Thanksgiving or share the holiday outside their household. Was this morning inevitably going to be issued around the holiday or is this a sign of new concern. Will. Good morning and I think this is sage advice really mean you know look we've reached we're seeing more cases than we've ever seen before the death tolls rising very soon were going to be he went from wanting to get out to 2000 deaths a day what I mean by she is we are going to surge at half staff Andy Andy is inevitable because remember in cases from three weeks ago. Shaw is just today so we're just going in the wrong direction I think the CDC is basically saying we limit our mobility to ease into things travel and gathering. Obviously if you're going together people from outside your home team try to keep it outdoors as much as possible injury indoors opened those windows when you're traveling in a car perhaps our own opened those windows is Welsh key to masks on its physical distance don't have everyone around one table space the table so more than sixty should be done. The but the best advice is to to keep the bowl small. And that you partially answered this already and that answer but I how do you balance. All of this with pandemic fatigue but more importantly without basic needs for human contacting a loneliness has consequences to. It really does and I can tell you personally I'm really feeling and not just couldn't demonstrate achievement is condemning resentment I think many Americans and people around the world really feeling that fuel a few ways to really. Content combat can demonstrate she is number one be hopeful. Okay actually teens are common these are just couldn't seem these vaccines Blu-ray this will likely be the weight and this index which insight I know is just around the corner for most Americans but we will be seeing most Americans won't be able to be vaccinated by 2021. Other things we have to think both self care are okay she and Angel cast lead kind of seemed to versions that are better shooting and Andy and Andy -- I think these are ways and also we want oh and the sort of you don't didn't you know my eyes social media and things like. Commotion gets more anxious a boat combo the pandemic these things are really accelerate condemning should she yen and waste huge sort of combat. Now you brought up the vaccine to let's go their Pfizer's says they're filing for emergency use authorization. Cheat day. They expect the first patients could receive this that for the end of the year what does the timeline look like on this right now. I can't tell you how excited I in the Balkans so Julia he's supposed to Mitterrand in December 8 to December 10 let's assume that is going to be yes because we know the because she is high and you know we haven't heard any safety issues so the safety should be excellent so you can imagine the distribution we've heard is going to and immediately probably within 24 hours of them Dee Dee UAE. And just given so. You can think that there will be a lot of people it can get vaccinated by mid December on average takes about once a 22 weeks probably before really developed an immunity in our body so buying New Year's there will be many people in the United States debt. Start to and to build immunity but not enough it is going to be able to really Erdogan Democrats not gonna help them until 2021 remember we probably need somewhere in the average of fifty percentage. Of Americans Choo get this guy seemed before we can probably really see a change. Significant change in her this does this you know viral play. Until that point chief operating officer of operation warm speed said today that they have about forty million vaccine doses stopped childish. And are ready to distribute based on a if people actually get them. It's a great point to a vaccine doesn't stabilized its its vaccination does and so you don't know what we're talking about here is availability. Which we know we we just Schroeder takes shots ability. It remains to be seen you know hopeful that the infrastructure has been put in place. We know that the companies like Pfizer and Durham have done a lot of war two really that may does help it it is smooth the way is possible and then the last thing. Does acceptance how we need public acceptance and I really hope. Armed do we we can to put our faith in the scientists. And and in the volunteers. Are going into these remember we're talking about tens of thousands of people nearing the hunt. 100000 people duties pastry trials are based on who participated in these studies so how. You know I I actually eight will be the first person standing in line to get this vaccine is good I'm eligible and I hope you will be true. And I am I personally can say that I well I trust you and the many other experts like doctor asking who have been insuring us that this is going to be shades but before we go until we need and Euro some. Welcome go on not getting and I do wanna you and your question definitely got from Twitter one person asks if masks and social distancing work why is there a second wave. And why haven't the number of deaths exploded like a number of cases yeah. That's very important angle as well as the number one even if we all male student in the United States there's still warned his second wave because we change the masks I think we're doing better masking and published you also know there is on even masking we've seen BioWare want to note that the states and communities better. They're done the most asking top 1010 how blessed case is who masks are working they're not. 100% how the masks and Indians who studies these shows 70% reduction but still amassed a reduction in the cost of reason we don't seem masks alone has masks with physical distance change the vandal nation is still importance and are there are. Doctors should end in vaccination will just be 11. Other additional factor we have to it is it's like a war you don't just in the army and army navy air force Marines we have to attacked this virus are all fronts. And another tutor are once you know can we call this wave a second one or is this a continuation of the first wave. Or is there no wave because we never side are down to zero. It's such a good question I'm not gonna give you exactly answering always or some people call this term we can I think that's where you are in the United States where you are in the world I can tell you in Massachusetts -- image does feels like a second wave we had this spring waved and things really went below point the summer and now of course there it is urging a gash in other parts of the country does need to third with what's really important the most important thing is no -- waves were and how quickly we can crushed his virus we have to schlep in the current again otherwise we will be it is very possible to weaken leasing over 2500. Deaths a day that. His column in if we don't change things. All right doctor Todd airline we appreciate your time in your advice as always any of you have questions about the that you wanted to try to answer here on the show you can sent me on Twitter at Diane Armas data we will answer as many. As weak shot and with Thanksgiving less than a week away food banks across the country are trying to keep up with demand and many are already facing long lines as roughly twenty million people. Currently filing for jobless claims in the US she ABC's Marcus Moore is a food bank in Arlington Texas with more on this market's good morning. What I ended morning the people who run the food banks across the country say the need for food is enormous and all you have to do. Is look at the line of cars here in Arlington Texas the families that have lined up to get meals for Thanksgiving. They expect. Thousands. To show up here today for these meals and a gives you a sense of the need not only here in Texas what really. Across the country. And there are many families here who are seeking help. For food for the very first time. And I wanted to see what we saw last week in neighboring Dallas were there were cars lined up. Or as far as the eye can see much like we see here this morning and even more striking images from from New Jersey. And these pictures. Really illustrating the accelerating pace of hunger across this country. As job losses mount and also as unemployment benefits begin to run out and Diana wanted to share with you. Really incredible. And heartbreaking numbers about need feeding America food bank. Says that they have seen a 60% increase. End of the need for food at their food banks and they are saying that fifty million people could face hunger this year all because of the pandemic. And this crisis that's unfolding here in this country and that includes. Seventeen million children and as the reason why events like this are so critical at a time when families are struggling. And they need help. But Diane what I have heard from people who were on the food banks across the state of Texas and in other areas. Is that these long lines they did not expect them to disappear. Any time soon Diane. 60% increase and a need for food at food banks Marcus Moore those numbers are staggering thank you for showing us that story. And president trump meanwhile has invited Michigan lawmakers to the White House in a bid to reverse his election loss which now even some Republican lawmakers are speaking out against the president's actions. As courts repeatedly dismissed these baseless claims of voter fraud our senior national correspondent Terry Moran has the latest. It's come to this president trump is now trying to use the powers of the presidency to take the election away from voters in key states. And get his Republican allies to decided instead he's back in top Republican lawmakers from Michigan to the White House for a meeting later today the invitation comes as the president's legal team openly pursues an astounding new strategy convincing several Republican controlled state legislatures to ignore the voters in their states. And instead choose electors who would vote for trump when the Electoral College meets in December to finalize the election. This is an outlandish last resort for the trump campaign as it suffers defeat after defeat overnight Georgia announced the results of its recount. Reaffirming that Joseph Biden warned flipping the state. Red to blue and in courtrooms across the country at least sixteen of the president's lawsuits have now hit a wall good afternoon. In the hot seat Rudy Giuliani the president's personal attorney he sweated through a ninety minute press are packed with baseless and bizarre conspiracy theories members of Trump's own party and the team's tactics senator Ben SaaS urged Americans to focus. And what they say under oath. Observing that before the courts the president's lawyers have repeatedly refused to actually alleged grand fraud because there are legal consequences for lying to judges and senator Mitt Romney a frequent trump critic tweeted. It is difficult to imagine a worse more undemocratic action by a sitting American president all of this as the country's just crossed a terrible milestone. A quarter million American lives lost to the corona virus 171000. Since the election. President elect Joseph Biden called out trump who can't seem to face the public remaining out of sight and refusing to cooperate with the Biden transition team. It's gonna put us behind the may ball. By a matter one for more. And that's why it's probably would be lost as a consequence that I can't tell you. I'll reminder Joseph Biden won Michigan by a 150000. Votes into what president trump wants here is for those local lawmakers to declare a quote. Failed election even though. All of Michigan's 83 counties have certified the election and any wants them. Just a hand the state to him in the Electoral College. Terry Moran in Washington Forrest thanks for giving up on the Terry. Cash and just one week from Black Friday the CDC is also warning shoppers to avoid crowded stores but retailers are offering plenty of deals online ABC's chief business and economic correspondent Rebecca Jarvis. And latest good morning Rebecca. The decorations and lights are out but the shoppers are planning to stay in this your Adobe predicts that online shopping will top 189. Billion dollars up. 33%. From last year as 60%. Of shoppers say they plan to do at least some of their holiday shopping. From home this year and 41%. Say they won't be hitting the stores come Black Friday. What are retailers doing in response will they are offering a number of new services target says its curbside pick up service. He's up more than 700%. As shoppers take advantage of that new option. And Wal-Mart. In a bid to get more consumers interested in shopping in their stories and dotted line is now offering a new service where they we'll hang your Christmas lights. For 129. Dollars for a single story home. 199. Dollars per accuse. Die out. Write a little less working around the holidays Rebecca Jarvis and you. She and a few more things to know before you go Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are celebrating their 73. Wedding anniversary today that's the longest royal marriage in British history. Buckingham Palace here is sweet picture of the couple looking at a card made pipe dream they're great grandchildren prince George princess Charlotte. And prince Lilly was after all those years together the couple have four children eight grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. I'm very happy anniversary to the queen and Prince Philip. And it's almost Thanksgiving but it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in New York City Macy's and unveil their iconic holiday window display this year. It's dedicated to her first responders the essential workers and marchers for equality the message for the year is simple. Thank you. And speaking of front line workers they were front and center at the Latin grammys last night. Get fully placed his fans with nurses. Police officers and firefighters take a look. People said it was an honor to work with them and said that song titled I believe that we will win. Is the most important of his career. And that doesn't fit his ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo remember ABC news live is your boy you all day with the latest news context and analysis we'll see you back here she had 11 AM eastern with your latest updates.

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