ABC News Live Update: Honoring life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Plus, 25,000 National Guard troops are expected in D.C. by Inauguration Day, and reports of a potential round of presidential pardons from President Trump with only two days left in office.
28:08 | 01/18/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Honoring life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us on this Monday as we honor and celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In today's update we're seeing new images of the storming of the capital with the mob searching for the speaker of the house. 25000 National Guard troops are expected to be in DC by inauguration day with at least 21 states activated National Guard troops to protect their capital. Here with a commanding general of the DC National Guard is saying this morning. And just two days left in his term there are no reports president trump could issue 100 pardons on his way out of office. And we have breaking news overnight about the president's legal team why his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani will no longer be representing him at his impeachment trial. Plus the latest on what to expect from Biden's first 100 days in office. And the growing concerns about vaccine shortages across the country how Biden is promising to speed things up. As hospitals struggled to keep up with the surge in -- nineteen patients. But we begin with Joseph Biden's inauguration now just two days away. 25000 National Guard troops are expected in DC to protect the incoming president and his inauguration. And police are posted at state capitals across the country to prevent possible unrest. Chief global affairs anchor Martha Raddatz starts this up with the latest on the security front. This morning the nation on high alert that nation's capital near locked down. Barricades sealing off huge sections of the city security checkpoints scattered throughout and harm National Guard troops surrounding that. Capitol building. This weekend thousands more guard troops arriving at joint base Andrews. 25000. Expected to be in place by Wednesday. A military force five times larger than that Iraq and Afghanistan. As the threat to this city remains hot. Overnight the secretary of the army saying they are screening troops for any possible insider threats. It's the unknown we've also been vetting them through the FBI. We're continually. Going through the process and look taking second and third looks at every one of the individuals signed of this operation. And now this disturbing new video shot by The New Yorker magazine's loop locals said. The angry mobs storming that. Capital and rifling through papers in the senate chamber and dubbed the hunt for officials. Have. A lone police officer urging the crowd to clear the chamber. Jake and jelly leaving an ominous note for vice president pants. So I matter of time. The writers urging. More violence. This morning the FBI investigating. Whether Pennsylvania woman who they say stole a laptop from speaker Nancy Pelosi office. Intended to sell it to Russia. The FBI issuing a report saying that some insurrection is set up communication mechanisms in advance using amateur radios and encrypted messaging applications like signal to communicate. Using masks to conceal earpieces and microphones. The report clear there was pre planning involved in the Ryan's. New details also about the threats and political leaders during the riots a witness alleging in an affidavit that Dominic Mazzola also discussed how he and others. Would have murdered House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and vice president Mike Pence if they had gotten the chance. In court papers and interviews at least four pro trumped rioters have said they joined the march that spiraled into violence in part. Because the president encouraged them to do yourself. How serious is our country gonna take domestic white extremism. And I think what we saw here last week is that I. I don't we didn't take it seriously enough. Already at state capitals across the country small protests mostly peaceful but in Lansing Michigan a confrontation. Michigan National Guard troops and state police coming face to face with more than 100 protesters. And counter protesters. Selma. Carrying weapons. 21 states have now called up the National Guard but here in DC there are so many. They hope they have planned for any possibility and they are now rehearsing. Possibilities Diane and I. Martha Raddatz in Washington thank you and earlier today major general William Walker the commanding general of the District of Columbia National Guard spoke to Good Morning America. About the heightened security. Can you stirred up by seeing what the current threat level is do you have what you need in place to counter. Morning spouse are. I do believe we -- everything if I can first say happy holiday for doctor Martin Luther king and please allow me to say. How proud I am of the almost 25000. National Guardsmen who have come in from all fifty states and territories to help support the Secret Service. And the police departments the with big peaceful transition of military power. Good morning sir good morning thank you for that's your niece and also the question was do I have enough yes sir I believe we do. Yeah and then tell us what the role in National Guard unit is going to be to say they're going to be there to assist. Law enforcement are they trained for policing activities what can they do what can't they do what are they trained for. So we're trying to principally for civil disturbance we've we. Practices the yearly we re here we rehearse it when we get here. So we are to back off layered protection for the Secret Service the capitol police the metropolitan. Metropolitan police department and United States park police so we are. Part of the layered defense to ensure that the bubble. The bubble that will be around the vice president. And the the vice president elect and the president elect so that we can have a peaceful transfer of power we do this every four years. Not in this kind of four so now with these kind of numbers. Not now with these kind of numbers from the but I would tell you that we've had close to 101000 in the past. Tell me this kitty army says could guard to put in the capital be screened for possible insider threats cannot be done this quickly. We have the technology. We we do that every four years as well so what happens is they're screened before they leave their state and it and what it is. There's a credentialing process so they're screened in and repeatedly screened. It's a very are actually put on the children what are what does that entail a I think you have to pull somebody off. What what does that entail are they asked if they believe this was a legitimate election questions like that. No it's all about this secured there of the background soared a regular background ground trip check. Is enhanced. Would more school more screening more details. And it's layers so the FBI is part of it the Secret Service is part of it and and once they are. Certain that the so there's no insider threat than that soldier the Guardsmen are retirement. Is given a credential. What does it say eighty about the situation we're facing today that soldiers have to be screened for an insider threat. Well what we already screened them to join the united states military you go through. A series of well above background checks though. There because every Guardsmen every military person is screened to make sure that we know are. Soldiers and airmen. So it's just another layer and then a layer on top of that just to be absolutely certain but everybody joining the military do screened in and and for an event like this. You're screened out. Our young sir. Major thanks for your time this morning. And I thanks to George of that interview we will continue to bring you updates on the heightened security around the country ahead of Wednesday's inauguration. And the House of Representatives could send the senate the article of impeachment as early as tomorrow. Having the president's senate trial could begin as early as Wednesday inauguration day. Senior White House correspondent to city of Vega is in Washington with the latest on that. This morning president trump on the verge of his second impeachment trial but his defense still in disarray his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani spotted at the White House over the weekend. Said he was working on the case but overnight Giuliani now telling ABC news he won't be on the president's legal team after all. Saying his role in the rally before the riot makes him a witness he was among those who with the mob into a frenzy before they storm the capital. XX. I'm the two lawyers who led the president's defense during his first impeachment. Also aren't expected to represented in this time and that clock is ticking with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expected to send the article of impeachment to the senate any day now he's impeachment trial could begin as soon as inauguration day. This was the most serious presidential crime in the history of the United States of America the most dangerous crime by a president ever. Committed against the United States. Democrats need at least seventeen Republicans to vote with them in order to convict the president. Their goal to block him from ever running for office again but allies like Lindsey Graham pushing for the senate to dismiss the case. Impeaching him. After he leaves office is now Ari unconstitutional. From a Republican point of view it would destroy our party pres. Then trump remains isolated inside the White House his final days in office spent mostly alone. Described as a pariah in Washington he's livid and for going all the niceties that a sitting president usually extends to his successor a morning greeting at the White House not happening. Saint for a shared limo ride in fact president trump is refusing to attend the inauguration altogether. The first president in more than a 150 years to do so there wasn't even a phone call to can gradually Joseph Biden instead trumps will leave town early Wednesday morning hours before the swearing in ceremony the send off exactly what president trump wanted. He'll be surrounded by uniformed military at joint base Andrews. There will be a military band kind of red carpet flanked by troops as he boards Air Force One for the last time. There may even be an air force fighter jet flyover just as he heads to his new home Mara Largo. In these final days president chuck is expected to issue a flurry of pardons and commutations potentially. More than a hundred of them SL Parton. Also still remains a possibility even though his lawyers have strongly advise against it and privately. Some have said that they will quit if he decides to go that route but Diane we've got a new poll out the chosen a majority of Americans strongly oppose. A self pardon by president trump 68%. Say that as a move that they do not want to see him take Diane. Tonight it just seems to say they get thank you. Thank Pamela Harris will resign from the senate today she prepares to preside over it in her new role as vice president. Harrison president elect Biden will be sworn ended just over 48 hours. In a ceremony unlike any other in recent memory. And then the real work begins senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce has the details Mary good morning. We'll bandits is going to be an inauguration like we have never seen before Joseph Biden and come on Harris will be sworn in the morn MD National Mall there will be none of the packed crowds were used to no big parade and none of those fancy gala that happen every four years and of course there will be no involvement in the handoff from the outgoing president with trump. Simply refusing to participate but Joseph Biden and Connell heirs will still take the oath of office in an outdoor ceremony front of the capitol in fact need to act same spot where just two weeks ago that mob a violent trump supporters stormed. The capital and there will be a big historic first Connolly Harris the first woman of color to be vice president we'll be sworn in by justice Sonia Sotomayor the first woman of color to serve on the Supreme Court and then a teen is eager to get to work Joseph Biden is planning a flurry of executive actions this is really meant to shock the political system much of them will be aimed at undoing of many of president trumps most controversial moves. So among other things Biden will be rejoining that there is climate accord on doing this so called Muslim band and also getting to work on his priorities in the first 100 days including mandating masks. On all federal properties and during interstate travels of requiring mass where he can then of course he has those big ticket legislative items to get those things done like that massive stimulus bill he's been planning and immigration reform all of that is going to require action from congress. And congress of course is likely to be consumed at least for the next several weeks. In the senate trial of president trump Diane. Had a lot going on their neighbors in Washington thank you and ABC news we'll have complete coverage the inauguration of Joseph Biden and Pamela Harris this Wednesday. That starts at 7 AM eastern right here on ABC news lives. And the nation is hearing 400000. Americans lives lost to the corona viruses with growing concerns about vaccine shortages in the US. When we come back having incoming administration is hoping to speed things up. Welcome back to CDC now reports out of thirty million cull that vaccine doses distributed in this country just more than twelve million have been administered. The American dental is now more than 397000. California alone. He's approaching three million total cases. But at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles now mass vaccination site. Organizers say they expect to run out of shops by Wednesday ABC's Kinney hard time has the latest. This morning America's hospitals are in crisis struggling to keep up with this surge of patients. As a nation nears a gut wrenching milestone 400000. Cold rejects. Now hope is on the horizon. Mass vaccination sites popping up across the country from Florida's hard rock stadium to New York City feels. Even Disney blatant all those can be put in place but they're useless unless they have something to. Administered with a crippled roll out plan appointments are overbooked and many sites say no quickly run out of doses. Thousands of Americans just can't seem to get that prime shot in the arm. Eight insect is very disorganized but some kind of making an appointment. If you can stand here 34 hours to get him and then you might not even get it. In Houston officials weighing a choice between maximizing single day vaccinations. Or conserving supply and I said. Man. You know if we do 5000. That means we're not gonna have enough for the next week but he insisted. How does not vaccine this week. We can no federal stockpile Pfizer and a Daryn both shipping out about two million doses per week. The government pushing for at least fifty million to be distributed by the end of January but there's a lot of ground to make up. So far only about 31 million have gone out we're inheriting a huge messrs. shake. But we have a plan to fix it with the turn of a new administration just ease away Biden steam promising to speak out the role. We have looked carefully and we are confident that we have enough vaccine is for the 100 million doses over the next 100 days. Ayman that is what the president elect has promised it will be a hefty left but we haven't and I asked to do that. The every day told me not American lives in Southern California the latest prisoner of the pandemic Orange County sports field hospital opening today. Do you teach you extra beds for publications are now available at seeing Jude medical center. Fight against the virus. Nowhere near over thank can only imagine every day if not every hour there's the a different concerns at the top of your last at this point in the pandemic what's keeping you up at night. Vaccine rowing out fast enough and people not getting ahead of it. Diane zawahiri Dodger Stadium this is one of those mass vaccination sites that's opening and they say. Isn't about 121000 shot today it's like a good idea right but it's about doses that you don't happen organizers here say. They think they will run out of shots by Wednesday the shortages the frustration confusion we hear about it happening all across the country. And now Jill Biden is promising men in his first 100 days of his presidency his goal is to deliver. A hundred million doses of the vaccine doctor Anthony found she is saying that is absolutely doable keep in mind we've got two more vaccines in development one with AstraZeneca the other with Johnson & Johnson. And those could be going before regulators for approval in a matter of weeks Diane. And I KR tongue in Los Angeles thank you let's pretty ABC news contributor infectious disease specialist doctor Todd Halloran for more on this now. Tucker I wanna start with what she's Caylee just left off on over there at Dodger Stadium that's just one example of by the CDC's numbers we have roughly twenty million unused doses in this country. And it you've got Tiger Stadium in LA one of the hardest hit areas in the country saying they're gonna run out what's going wrong here. Good morning Diane yeah I mean this is a major issue we're trying to get more back. Vaccine distributed more vaccine in the enclosed administration get out. I mean I do think that president Biden's plan is a bold one I think it is doable but I hardly think of the pneumonic piece the key is production. I.'s investment in people can supply chain in more clinics the ease expansion. XP and those priority groups like we've already heard of deceased communication. We have to provide a singular message and the key is education we wanna really try to tackle the though they're vaccine hesitant to try to answer their questions we get more. I mean so far in it did just seems like they're a lot of things that are falling through. The cracks hopefully they can fix that but. They admitted that daddy talking and get better and I we hope so let men. A grim note unfortunately death toll in the US. Right now is on track to top 400000. In the next few days what does that number mean. Two US someone who works on the front lines of this. I'm Diane when I walked through our intensive care unit later adjusted before you step down I remember that it took. Four months from the first day up in the United States to reach that Britain 100. 2000 person doubt. Binge this January this month we will likely see 100000. Deaths in a single month. Remember the US for every word just around the world one is from the United States that easy staggering number. It pitcher is the good news is though it -- are finally seeing. A decrease in daily cases in the US in the same for the seven A averages for test cases hospitalizations. And deaths so we think are we finally making progress in flattening the curve. I think it's too early to tell and I don't I want to give you better news you'll remember something. I don't even think we've seen the peak number of deaths from the New Year's Eve celebration that's probably gonna be home over the next week. What I'm seeing it. Is we're being hit by tidal waves and what you did you just reported yes it's good news but it still large waves it's still winter the virus loves to spray indoors we have pinned and exhaustion we're hearing about more periods that are more contagious I'm afraid the darkest days are not over yet. And California health officials have called for Pozen distribution of a particular lot. Suddenly Daryn as vaccine over concerns of allergic reactions one clinic reported. Up to ten reactions within 24 hours how concerned should we be about that. Well I think it's concerning it also shows that we are. You don't we're not trying going to endanger people we see something missing the issue we're gonna pods and we're gonna say OK let's not use death. Outline yet which by the way were over 300000. Indeed shots from an outlawed so we're gonna talk dear we're gonna see what's going on a cluster of ten. In a small number of patients down. That's a lot remember the risk of allergy or severe elegy supposed to be around 100000. Cuts like these needs be investigated further and I think we should pause. I injections from that specific life. Ring doctor Allan thank you as always. Teacher Diane. You two in countries around the world are now enforcing cove in nineteen protocols for anyone traveling from the US one American teen was even put behind bars for not. Properly quarantining Ginny Norman has more on that. Then this morning Skyler Mac. The eighteen year old sentenced to two months behind bars in the Cayman Islands for breaking quarantine rules is out of prison and back on American soil. Tyler they feel pretty in the. Thank alive and well yeah eating. Mac travel to the Caribbean island November 27 and per island rules com was required to quarantine for fourteen days but after two days in isolation and a negative Colvin test Skyler removed her wrist monitor breaching quarantine to watch her boyfriend a professional jet skier compete in a race seen in this video posted by event organizers. Both Mac and her boyfriend 24 year old van. And after a legal back and forth the couple was sentenced to two months in prison or. Alternately serving 32 days behind bars. First call I think this says she was in trouble and her boyfriend called on the authorities were topping the heard all these kids that you could probably hearing because simply stop he met with her please only met with her. And I'm like. That she knows better now her grandmother speaking for the first time since the team returned home a free woman it's the biggest relief finally slipped. Through the night. And it's kind of hard to fall asleep when someone you love so much you know that they're not sleeping and that they're uncomfortable and as she is she's tough girl. Is she had to be scary. Her fairly certainly relieved to have her back home safe and Skyler couldn't stop smiling when I asked her. How it feels to be back home we spoke with her about that day that has certainly changed her life in one thing Skyler and her grandmother made clear. Skyler made the decision to breach quarantine and Schuyler needed to face the consequences. Dianne from mentioning Norman thank you know. And hundreds of thousands of holiday packages still have not been delivered. When we come back to new warning about cameras trying to take advantage of those silly news. Welcome back we are getting our first look at Russian opposition leader alexion of Olney since he was arrested after returning to Moscow. This video posted on Twitter by his attorney shows and a volley in a court hearing inside the police station where he's being held. He says the hearing is illegal and makes a mockery of the Russian legal system. The bombing was arrested upon landing in Russia for the first time since accusing the Kremlin of poisoning him. Officials say he's being held for violating parole from a 2014 conviction. The chop administration condemned the arrest and the incoming by an initiation. Has called for no bombings release. Thousands of holiday packages meant to reach homes by Christmas are still waiting to be delivered now some scanners are trying to take advantage of those delays. Here's Becky Worley. This morning an agonizing waiting game countless shoppers still waiting for packages they ordered ahead of the holiday season according to postal workers in the Philadelphia area hundreds of thousands of boxes just sitting inside processing and delivery senators. As seen in this picture obtained by the Philadelphia Inquirer showing a facility just a month ago employees telling the paper centers still look like this now. I've worked for the Postal Service for 32 years and we've never seen anything. On this level on this scale and in the history of the time that I didn't there. The unprecedented backlog expected to take weeks if not months to be sorted out. The employees of the Postal Service are doing everything within their power we will clear this matter we will get these packages delivered just know that the people that are moving this mail are doing everything within their power. To get it done. Employee availability and Covert safety precautions made it worse and not just in Philly according to ship matrix a company that tracks packages. More than a million packages of the estimated three million shipped this unprecedented holiday season or delayed across the country for more than thirty days. Now the FTC warning about spammers taking advantage of the delays sending text messages like be as saying you're being reimbursed for your delayed package you just need Dick click on the link. This is really aren't ready now especially wrap. Holidays and people are expecting a lot of packages the FTC saying these Phishing scams aren't easy way for criminals to ditch your personal info CD RE your security measures make sure you are downloaded an updated. Nation are not. According to the FTC if you receive a text or email at the lake. Don't click it instead logon dear count when you bought the item and file a complaint toy you can call the shipper and ask for a refund Diane. Good tips Becky wearily thank you. And a few more things to know before you go a very happy birthday to the one and only Betty White who turns now 89 years old yesterday. The golden dollar run on Twitter it's my 99 birthday which means I can stay up as late as I want without asking. She also announced the re release of her 1971. Talk shows series the pack set the show featured white and her celebrity friends. Just talk about how much they love their pets and love animals in general. Happy birthday that he. And it had up inauguration day major Biden was honored in an in Doug duration this weekend. The former shelter dog was honored on Xoom yesterday would speeches and a performance by Josh Groban. Has more than 101000 people watched. The event raised over 100000. Dollars for the Delaware humane association where major was adopted. Major Biden will be the first rescue dog to ever live in the White House. And today is Martin Luther King Jr. day is marked today the Biden Harris team will be participating. In national day of service and also holding an event to honor Martin Luther King junior's legacy. United we serve will feature diverse lineup of entertainers speakers and story's some participants include aloe black reverend doctor Bernice King. And more the event will air at 8 PM eastern at. I didn't inaugural dot org and on the inaugural committee's social media platforms. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis I'll have another update for you at 11 AM eastern.

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