ABC News Live Update: Millions travel for Thanksgiving despite CDC warning

Plus, President-elect Joe Biden’s transition is underway despite President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede, and Meghan Markle opens up about her miscarriage.
10:39 | 11/25/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Millions travel for Thanksgiving despite CDC warning
Good morning I'm Diane estate and thanks for streaming with us in today's update despite warnings from the CDC to stay home tens of millions of Americans are hitting the road for the holiday and air travelers are already breaking records during the pandemic take a look at all of these flights over the US this morning. The TSA reports nearly five million people have been screen since Friday. This as the daily death told from Kobe nineteen tops 2000. For the first time since may. Now doctor Antony strategy is making a final sleep before the holiday GO Benitez has the latest. This could be one of the busiest travel days of the season with the air travel is already breaking records during the pandemic more than four million people hitting the skies since Friday. Now TSA administrator David koskie telling ABC news he expects even more traps. Go between 900 and a million passengers. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. And that probably the busiest day of the entire weekend is going to be the Sunday that were. Turned TSA lines have long been considered one of the riskiest parts of flying so many people packed together touching those billions. Koskie tells us this week TSA has opened more lanes the whole idea is to allow passengers to social distance. While there queued up for TSA screening with Thanksgiving around the corner testing sites across the country have cars lining up for hours as families hoped to test negative. Before gathering together. But earlier this morning doctor Anthony felt she urged Americans to stay safe and stay home this holiday season the sacrifice now could save lives and illness. And the make the future much pride as we get through this let me get through this. Vaccines are right on the horizon. If we can just hang in there were a bit longer. And we know about 48 million people are expected to drive this holiday instead of fly and if you're doing that the CDC says the U should travel only with the members of your household. And that you should go head and make as few stops as possible to limit exposure. Diane. Good tips GO thank you. And the presidential transition is officially under way president elect Biden's team is now in touch with every federal agency and Biden will soon start receiving national security briefings. Meanwhile we're learning president trump plans to fly to Pennsylvania today. As he is still refusing to concede defeat White House correspondent Rachel Scott has more on that from Washington Rachel good morning. That's good morning sources are telling us this morning that president trump is expected to travel to Pennsylvania to meet with and he ample. A Republican state lawmakers we're told that this is being pushed. By the president's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and that overnight close aides of the president trying to convince him out of it president trump. Has still refused to concede election that heat loss and this all just be first show the president and his allies have lost thirty cases in court. A Pennsylvania judge throwing out their case there for a lack of any credible evidence Pennsylvania has RD certified Joseph Biden's victory. And the transition is now fully underway it took sixteen days but Joseph Biden's team is now in contact with every single federal agency the president elect said the chief the staff from both administrations are now in tax. He's expected to receive those national security briefings. Very soon and also his team isn't touch with a operation warp speed I'm plans to roll out of rotavirus vaccine when it is made available. The president elect wasting no time he unveiled his first cabinet picks. Some historic choice is there meanwhile president trump was back at the White House feel that he announce a last minute news conference at lasted 64 seconds. He took no questions anything reporting cameras touting the stock market that he insisted would crash Joseph Biden were elected the reality is the stock market just hit that new high. Wall Street analysts said the transition helped fuel it. Diane. All right Rachel Scott force in Washington thanks Rachel. And the duchess of Sussex mangan has revealed that she suffered a miscarriage. In New York Times ST she details a devastating moment sharing her experience in hopes of helping others here's James lawman with more. Overnight Macon the duchess of Celtics opening up. She's revealed heartbreaking details of experiencing a miscarriage. Writing in renal data for the New York Times. Losing a child means carrying an almost unbearable grief experienced by many but talked about by feud. The duchess of Sussex describes the moment in July while carrying some cheap when she says she felt a shall cram. Realizing that she was losing her unborn baby I knew was I clutched my first born child but I was losing my second. How was later I think in a hospital bed holding my husband's hand. I felt the Communists have his pomp and kissed his knuckles went from both coaches I try to imagine how week he'll thanks for asking. Not many people last time okay. Reveals that this moment from last year's tour of Africa with Prince Harry and coupled with beating the intense media scrutiny holds an important lesson for them. Sitting in a hospital bed watching my husband's heart Parikh as he tried to hold the shattered pieces of mine. I realize that the only way to begin to heal is to first to ask are you okay. Is very usual members of the royal family he say I penned about. Experience has now passed nice to take anyone's. Say pest known unsafe painful. The ducks are sharing their experience to help others just as Cristi Teague and until legend documented their experience with pregnancy lost. Sharing these pictures on social media to help millions of others who've been through similar pain. Designs for the people that were hurting and that John was very uncomfortable. Taking that the Megan's Obeid also applies that lesson of recognition in caring to a world turned upside down. This Thanksgiving has you pound for a holiday unlike any before. Many of us separated from our loved ones and learn six ged divided and perhaps struggling to find something. Anything to be grateful for. Let us commit to asking others. WOK. In the article mega describes how she and Harry discovered that inner rim of a hundred winning. Ten to twenty of them will have suffered a miscarriage this is so common she wants to end the stigma. We send Harry Harry a very fast. Diane we sure do Jane's another reminder that you never know what people are. Going Terrence sometimes it's worth asking if other tomorrow and ask yourself the same as what I'll. Aren't turning out to a bizarre discovery in a remote part of the U Todd desert a mysterious metal structure is foundering helicopter survey of big orange she. And no one seems to have any idea where it came from and how it got there is Clinton's and Al. Big stars like a good sign find movie did an area of Utah people actually called Mars of the earth and private explorers go down to investigate the alien life form wildlife officials minding their own business counting bighorn sheep from a helicopter last week. Looked down and spotted this. The crew landed the chopper and began to investigate finding a shiny triangular mono and standing about two earthlings high solidly mounted to the rock. Once the crew members notice is the model it points toward a split in the canyon walls perhaps suggesting the alignment might have some type of Stonehenge like significance as his while there are many questions visitor wrote art installation of practical joke. And most importantly how do they didn't hear. Course it didn't take a look for social media to conjure up series about alien invasions you can go down there are nervous like they can get fellow artists who another dimension or something on closer inspection is definitely. Are human made object and and placed there by a idea. OK so maybe it is human but you can't help be reminded of mystery model lists in movies like 2001. And a rival. When the chemical composition of desperation of this unknown. As for the location Internet sleuths quickly jumped on the case combing flight radar records and scaling satellite images user Austin B grant claims the monolith is here. Halfway between Kenyan lives national park and Moab Utah comparing old and new images he says it appears it showed up sometime between August 2015 and October 2016. Or could it have been here even longer based. What has made out of date could've looked like that even you know fifty years ago or are prepared. Hundreds of stratus for now officials say they won't pinpoint the exact location say they're worried inexperienced strikers might get lost. Straightened and did not be one of the most remote areas in the lower 48 states. And there's a lot of country out there union needs canyon country we don't wanna. Definitely don't want our helicopter going out there needlessly. Mom because people are trying to find something that we told them. In the meantime officials remind people and aliens it's illegal to install structures art. Without authorization on federally managed public Williams no matter what Clint. From. Now officials tell me they may eventually reveal the location of this monolith but for now they're going to try and keep it a secret. And since it lies on federal public lands it'll be up to the US government to decide whether it's days or gets torn down and course. The biggest mystery here is. Who did this and how did they do it that is all under investigation but as they used to say on the X-Files. The truth is out there Diane. Klain we expect you to find out for us the whole team here is dying with curiosity over this story clean and well. We expect Tuesday on the banking. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm diet and Zdeno ABC news live this year for you all day with the latest news context. An analysis us evacuate 3 PM eastern. The breakdown see them.

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{"duration":"10:39","description":"Plus, President-elect Joe Biden’s transition is underway despite President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede, and Meghan Markle opens up about her miscarriage. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74404163","title":"ABC News Live Update: Millions travel for Thanksgiving despite CDC warning","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-millions-travel-thanksgiving-cdc-74404163"}