ABC News Live Update: Presidential debate commission promises changes to next debate

Plus, the COVID-19 death toll has exceeded 206,000 in the United States, and Alexei Navalny gives his first interview after being poisoned.
22:38 | 10/01/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Presidential debate commission promises changes to next debate
Good morning I'm Diana fado thanks for streaming with us in today's update Boston is causing pandemic reopening plans. As the city moves into the red zone the highest risk level for Covert nineteen. True the mayor stern warning to college students. Also ahead thousands of airline workers are out of a job this morning following massive layoffs. Put many predicting the industry won't recover for years what this means for millions more jobs worldwide. And the future of air travel. And Russian opposition leader Alexa and a volley gives his first interview since being poisons. What he's now saying about Vladimir Putin's and returning to Russia. But we begin with the race for the White House after 73 million viewers watched the first presidential debate. The Commission on Presidential Debates is now promising new rules to maintain order next time. Terry Moran has more on potential changes and why they could put the debate in jeopardy. The president's debate performance has sparked a torrent of criticism that even his most ardent allies have struggled to contain. And Republicans on Capitol Hill are now distancing themselves from the president after he failed to disavow a far right fascist group the cowboys. Saying this instead try out of my life. Stand back and stand by the Senate's only black Republican Tim Scott of South Carolina calling on trump to explain himself. Picking his book he should relatively good sort but it didn't speak. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell stopping short of directly calling the president out but clearly siding with Scott. Page it was unacceptable. Not to pin down white supremacist. And so I do so and the strongest possible way. Trump tried to walk back his comments claiming ignorance even though the proud boys were clearly describe to him as white supremacist during the debate. I don't know what the frat boys we've got to give me definition does that really don't know who they. I can only say that this dad that let law enforcement do their work. But when our Keira Phillips pressed the president he's still failed to denounce the group. The premise that they clearly love you and support you see you welcome that what the law had ordered to. They have very important part it's a very important part of my camp could you denounce them dean can now point is that any form why he thought. People any of that gap that the down. At a campaign stop in Ohio Joseph Biden issued a clear condemnation. My message to the proud boys and a regular white supremacist group fears cease and desist. That's not who we are this is not. Who we are as Americans in the wake of the bedlam and riker that dominated the stage and Cleveland is nothing Smart about Egypt would usually I don't know many are questioning if the first presidential debate of the year will also be the last to the moderator Chris Wallace struggled to control the chaos throughout the night gentleman is. I hate to raise my white spirits as a youngster I understand you've agreed to the two minutes so please let him out but he's now telling the New York Times the debate was. A terrible missed opportunity and saying. I'm just disappointed with the results for many but much more importantly I'm disappointed for the country because it could have been a much more useful evening that it turned out to be. The Commission on Presidential Debates is now promising it will change the format of upcoming face offs to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues. And hammer and joins me now from Washington Terry what kind of changes is the Commission on Presidential Debates considering. And what are the campaign saying. Well it's a big job isn't enemy now was total bedlam and chaos in that debate soon. The Commission on Presidential Debates which is a bipartisan group they've been doing this for thirty years to try to bring order to that chaos they've decided. They haven't decided but they're talking about giving the moderator. I switch. We could cut off the microphone of a candidate did interrupted repeatedly or otherwise. Violated the agreed upon rules moderator Chris Wallace who has UC has some regrets. Does that might be dangers how to ask a moderator to silence the candidate of tens of millions of Americans as very difficult. And the Washington Post is that when an analysis that debate candidates interrupted ninety times in ninety minutes. And Donald Trump interrupted 71 of those times and they have their work cut out for them and the trump campaign is already saying they will not accept. Any changes to the format it'd been agreed upon the Biden campaign saying they'll take a look at what the commission comes up when. And the president got a lot of criticism even from his own party for that stand back stand by moment at the debate when he was asked to denounce white supremacy. He walked those comments back debate yesterday as we saw on your package also said stand down and let law enforcement do their war how is that moment being received. What you could see their top Republicans at taking their cue from the only black Republican in the senate since got to South Carolina. Aren't satisfied at this point with the president attached to my they have wherever the Republican plant that Republican Party has no platform they stand for nothing. Except Donald Trump and what he wants. Two nevertheless there are serious criticisms of him at the in public is so much McConnell saying I can do it unequivocally without. Candy we easily and all I condemn white supremacist and the president just seems to have trouble doing that he'll do it. But given away that he rips into everybody from Joseph Biden to the media anybody takes him on he has a full throated clear as day condemnation. It is a marked difference how he talks about whites of her. Thanks hammer and in Washington thanks and Terry and I will be diving deeper into. The issue of race and policing on your voice your vote the breakdown at 3 PM eastern. Right here on ABC news lives. At ABC news has learned the CDC has stopped releasing new health guidance about the corona virus. This as the death total in the United States it's more than 206000. Hospitalizations are on the rise and 24 states in the number of daily deaths is up in twelve states. Stephanie Ramos is in Wisconsin where they are seeing a rise in both categories. This morning culprit nineteen cases although price in the Pacific northwest and midwest you're Wisconsin. More than 20% of tasks are coming back positive. The state reporting more than 2000 pieces a day hospitalizations. In Green Bay are on the rise this department is near capacity. As you can see oh looking around. Patients and most of these rooms Covert Israel. With more than 200000 deaths here in the US twelve seats are reporting increases in Dili fatalities. In North Carolina. Nineteen year old tabbed to Ralph A basketball cleared died from cold with complications. His parents say she never displayed any symptoms of the virus. You embarrass it might not see you might not have symptoms. I don't know what to induce someone else we are painless Ater but it was. It was he just lets one of the very unlucky ones and now fears of a surge moving to parts of the northeast. Researchers from policy lap at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia projecting an increase. In transmission risk across much of the northern US in the fall. The sudden rise in test positivity rates could mean that the negative consequences of cooler temperatures are taking hold sooner than researchers anticipated. Citing community fatigue with mask wearing and social distancing the researchers adding. These predictions are subject to change if people modify their behavior. In Boston the rising infection rate leading officials to Paul's of reopening plan. Ball since may your appealing directly to college students in the city. We want to be here. You want to be treated as adults. Twelve and acted it. There's no reason to have parties were asking you to be responsible. And to this morning ABC news learning the CDC stopped releasing new health guidance about the cult of nineteen pandemic last week. A senior spokesperson for the agency says the CDC has rigorous systems in place to ensure that all scientific information it shares. Is both accurate and has been believe reviewed by subject matter experts across all relevant disciplines within CDC. Prior to public dissemination. My thanks to Stephanie around us in Green Bay, Wisconsin for that report. And the economy continues to take a hit jobless claims are down from their peak. But still higher than before the pandemic started. This says the airline industry is laying off and for allowing tens of thousands of workers. Many of them say they're unsure if he'll ever be able to work in the industry again GO but he tennis has more. This morning more than 40000 airline workers are out of a job fur looter laid off. Federal funding ran out at midnight. Past October 1 my features like a big black called united flight attendant and that hollow flew her last flight just two weeks ago. I how I James Dobbins so I have been asking myself like what you do when you lose your dream job where you go from there and I don't have any answers right now. And thousands of other flight attendants will be on reserve but not getting a regular paycheck. Back in March the airlines received 25 billion dollars from the US government now other asking congress for 25 billion more. Snake Kelly always CEO of airlines for America which represents the major US airlines. To those who might be sitting at home and saying I don't plan on traveling anytime soon why should I care about us what do you tell. I would tell them that we power the economy this can be significant reductions in service. Better get affects so many communities not only small committees in the medium sized and large as well. And when are people lose their jobs on the line there are other people who support the industry that also lose their jobs. In fact it may now be harder for you to flying certain flights some small airports won't have any commercial flights at all American alone is canceling flights to at least eleven American cities. And it's unclear if this means some flights will be more crowded. My heat bet there's no guarantees in the future that. We won't be able to come back that lifepoint changer that I would be able to continue to do that self. And the recovery won't be easy air travel was still down about 70% compared to last year we may not even see pre pandemic numbers until 20/20 four. Diane tough hit for all those workers you Benitez of the party of course thanks GM. And Russian opposition leader Alexa and a bombing is speaking in an interview for the first time since being poisoned. And he says Russian president Vladimir Putin is to blame ABC news foreign correspondent Ian panel has more from London in good morning. He had good morning gas masks rise Alexa and a volley speaking out for the first time in an interview. He spoke to the German magazine Dennis Spiegel. In which he says that Vladimir preaching which responsible for his poisoning just a reminder that no brownlee is Russia's leading opposition. Activists. He's a man whose penis goal in the side to the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin for many many years he's been arrested multiple times he's been in hospital before now. He was traveling on a plane from Siberia to Moscow when he suddenly parallel. I'm was admitted to hospital the playing fools to make an emergency landing fees and now in Germany where he is recovering. And I see say this is his first interview. Big keys did not commit preach in the being responsible for the creme and hitting back saying that that accusation is completely baseless. Kind is an insult to the Kremlin but and Lexington avowedly saying the feeling of being poisoned from German science aside tens party says nobody chuck. These deadly nerve agent. It was like being gates with a nuclear bomb he says he is recovering he says he expects to recover at least ninety to 100%. And that he goes back to Russia he was asked by the interviewer why would you go back to Russia. Diffusing the chromium poisons you he said I'm not afraid. These are my hands still tremble because I am mom while not because I'm afraid that if I don't go back it means of Vladimir Putin will of one. Diane he said he did not want to give that gift to Vladimir Putin in panel in London for us thanks again. And we turn now to the west where at least thirty people have now lost their lives in those deadly wildfires firefighters are trying to get them under control. Before dangerous winds and returned to northern California. It's a range shot is in Napa with mourners during good morning. Good morning Diane over two dozen major wildfires burning in California right now across in Napa and Sonoma counties over a 140 homes look just alike this once burned to the ground. Easy to stairway behind me at once like to a home. Now swallowed by flames fell over 22000. Structures are threatened by fires all people have been evacuated can no longer get into their homes. Because it fires incredibly fast moving just over ninety bridge over 50000 acres still only 2% contained. 200 miles north of us in Shasta county and is on fire took the lives of four people Johnson this week. Bring the total number of lines Lawson California. To thirty people Jospin this year now that fire also over 50000 acres large only 7% contained. And now there's fears it could combine with the obvious fire just west debate that what is nearly a million acres a large. The largest wildfire in California history baca here at the blast fire it is expected to meet a very very tough day for firefighters. Red flag warnings expected back out here this afternoon. Diane arranged on northern California thank serene. And for more on when these fires might let up and what can be done to help prevent them in the future let's go to our chief meteorologist ginger Z ginger good morning. I think and I wish I had different news but the immediate future looks pretty bleak especially in Napa Valley where that glass fire is still burning us talking to a friend yesterday in Rutherford an even though she's not mandatory evacuations. They had to leave because the smoke so thick and so let's focus in on the Bay Area. Especially there ignore it where those red flag warnings are still up at night it's really difficult because the relative humidity drops to below 10%. That means very dry conditions and in the winds can gust of forty miles per hour until very hot during the day with the San Jose still but 97. Till you're gonna have a problem there until Friday that's when those red flag warning start to lift and we see a bit of a shift in the wind and that's gonna help air quality too likely. Excessive heat warnings in Southern California so the bobcat and other small fires. That are burning going to be really tough to fight any Long Beach was a record 105. Does excessive heat warnings are gonna stick around for a day or two with things are gonna start to improve by the end of the weekend temperaturewise that this whole ridge that's been in place. Is going to just from just give up just a little from north to south but not as much south you can see Palm Springs attached hottest summer. On September on record Burbank dropping only 92 but Sacramento gets a good fifteen to twenty degree drop its. We also have to talk about this because we've been talking about how at stake this season has Ben right. Three point nine million acres burned just to give you perspective. Our previous record of acreage burned was one point eight. Million so now we're talking about. Less than every more than half. Two times it's really really big numbers and the next natural question is what. Is the caught us and this is on the hit and it's not too late that is what we do tonight. On the ABC news life here with Lindsey Davis I do an environmental or climate story every week and this week. I'm going to be fact checking and giving some context to the climate section. Of the debate now kind of moderate at moderator has not asked a question about climate change in twelve years of presidential debates so we were grateful that it happens. But it quickly could learn a bit more wildfires was hit pretty hard and I think climate change related to wildfire is important so listen to Daniel so. I think this is really speaks to our own counter to do believe the large he effects in just a few degrees of forming have been. Certain sectors I think the wildfire crisis in California and other parts of the west is one of these places. Where the impacts of seeing any criminal and more rain are not in criminal at all I think a lot of folks have correctly characterized the wildfire situation in charge ten years in California bush as a step changed. Com the new normal that the new abnormal because it still appears to be getting worse clear and stabilizing at this point. As important as it is to note that they heat dries out the foliage and that prolonged period is related to climate change. One of the other major problems is forest management so when president trump talked about that he is right. They have to change the way they manage the forests. It does not mean cutting down forests it does not mean Ray King the forest for coach means essentially emulating. Natural fire process inspire fire in itself has not inherently bad thing some degree or another and so excluded from bodies ecosystems completely true to bar that really the goal is to reintroduce it away. Intrigues because it now expertise is Christchurch. You urban areas that produces these assets. They 'cause he's choking smoke storms and urban area. And that's just it it's a complex issue climate change. Forest management but there's also sustainability and the Wayne me build and where we build and that's something else that we will be addressing in future it's not too late segments I hope you'll watch tonight. And for now had back to Diane. Thanks ginger and you can your genders full report tonight on ABC news live prime at 7 PM eastern. The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Miami Heat 116. To 98 in game one of the NBA finals last night Anthony Davis led the lakers with 34 points in a dominant performance. While the heat was hampered by injuries. And like past finals the crowd was full of virtual fans including DJ Khaled former President Obama. Our own Robin Roberts and TJ Holmes who has the highlights. James with the steel Roosevelt Davis Cup but this time available finish to a brilliant. Dominance is over in his tenth trip to the finals. Deeds goes inside. The three time champion James the trial all sorts want to sit. Using all his talents on the teen he took his talents to back in twenty tin. The Miami Heat the lakers overpowered. The he's been maintained as much as a thirty point lead during the game. It's unbelievable watching him. This lead his career is still dominating and still putting his team in position to win at all. We owe so much more work to do the job is not done. We're not satisfy women women it's that simple and. Milan share from a lakers in game one dominating all in front the most star studded crowd including NBA legends big names. Really big names sitting shoulder to shoulder virtually. Former President Obama. Should a message thinking first time poll workers. Yeah David tonight. McCain the geared to push and pull the pope's who volunteered as poll workers it's the importance of neglect. It's not one of those things you think about but it deserves a remodeled for democracy. Unchanged at least wondered. The fans in the virtual stands in those at home she watched the lakers cruised. Could it be Davis knows the series won't be easy. It's ending a four reasons. Want to win this series become champions we adequate data from the start. We have to remember the NBA finals now getting under way some four months later than originally scheduled lot of people never thought and we would even get to a game one didn't know the bubble would work well. The bubble did work the way it was supposed to and now got game one and the K and came to coming up Friday of course on babysit. Fans were definitely excited to you see that TJ Holmes thank you. And a few more things to know before you go officials in Washington State have confirmed three new sightings. So called murder hornet's. That frees the total number of sightings in the area to twelve the hornets were first spotted in 2019. They get their murder hornet nickname because they decapitate honeybees critically affecting agriculture. Scientists are now setting traps and hoping to track them back to their colonies. And if you think your subway sandwich comes on read a court in Ireland begs to differ. The court ruled what the food chain serves does not meet the legal definition of bread because it has too much sugar in it. A subway franchisee had raised the issue to the court claiming that Brad. Qualified as staple food which would mean it would be exempt from value tax in Ireland the Irish Supreme Court ruled otherwise. And firefighters in the west have gained some extra force thanks to a new crew member. Navy Oda yeah. Five year old boy and his grandmother in Oregon donated a Star Wars toy with a note that read here is a friend who are you in case you get lonely. But the firefighters now ring baby and everywhere they've fight fires with it and they bring in the helicopter. And they document his travels. In of FaceBook group full of heartwarming messages. The boy's grandmother says it's a miracle how one small gesture can create new wave of kindness. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us and remember ABC news light is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis we'll see you right back here at 11 AM eastern with your latest headlines and at 3 PM for your voice your vote. The breakdowns. Stay safe and stay with us and thanks.

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