ABC News Live Update: Tiger Woods ‘awake, responsive and recovering’ after car crash

Plus, Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine to get emergency use authorization this week, and protesters gathered overnight after a grand jury decided not to charge officers in the death of Daniel Prude.
29:42 | 02/24/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Tiger Woods ‘awake, responsive and recovering’ after car crash
Good morning I'm Dennis Tito thanks for streaming with us in today's update Tiger Woods is a wave responsive and recovering from surgery after he was injured in a serious car crash the car rolled several times off a highway first responders had to remove the windshield and pulling out. We have new details this morning on his injuries. Also ahead Johnson and Johnson's single dose vaccine is set to be just days away from approval. What you need snow about the potentially game changing shots as vaccine makers say they're getting a major boost for manufacturers. And on track to deliver enough doses for every American adults by July. And hundreds of people took to the streets overnight in protest after a grand jury decided not to charge officers in the killing of Daniel fruit. The unarmed man died days after officers to spit hit over his head in kids into the ground while he was suffering a mental health crisis. We have the latest on the fallout and what his family and the New York attorney general are saying this morning. Bellini again with Tiger Woods waking up in an LA hospital after a serious heart. Crashed tiger was driving when the car rolled off the highway leaving him with multiple leg injuries. First responders pried off the windshield of pulled him from the wreckage no one else and was involved in the crash. Now NBA star Dwyane Wade who was with woods just one day earlier. Is one of countless people offering him prayers and wishing him a speedy recovery chief national correspondent Matt Gutman has more. This morning authorities he Tiger Woods is lucky to have survived that wreck that crushed his car. Overnight hours after being rushed into emergency surgery on his right leg tigers team confirming. He's currently a week responsive and recovering in his hospital. The 45 will golf legend involved any single car rollover accident just after 7 AM near Los Angeles on Tuesday. No skid marks no break in so apparently the first contact was with the center median and from there then cross into the opposing lane of traffic. Hit the curb hit it three and there was several rollovers during that. Process first responders say they had to use it acts Andy pry bar to yank out the windshield and pull -- to safety. It took that record group 3540 minutes to get the vehicle. Out of the building about 140 feet into the mangled but ours the pledge but every so night clouded in the use of the crash was so loud it woke wrong. In this area very loud I don't always. N Helsinki what was sentenced. Deputies say that would seemed lucid and calm they also say there was no weapons of impairment but that will be part of the investigation. Net surgery doctors inserting a metal rod in the gulf great Sheehan. Which suffered multiple communion to fractures needing his bones were shattered to splinters. Screws and pains now stabilizing broken bones in his foot and ankle and another surgery to relieve dangerous pressure and swelling in his muscles. It's very fortunate that mr. woods. Was able to come out of this life. Woods it just started to rehab from his fifth back operation speak about his comeback to CBS's Jim Nantz tiger. Seven weeks from today final round of the masters. You going to be either. Scott also. I had to get their first we like you a lot of it lot of space on settlement of our surgeons and my doctors my therapist and the picture that I do it. I don't correctly and this is going back I got ESPN reporting that on Tuesday. Which was apparently headed to issue to join future hall of fame quarterback. Drew Brees and just one day before the crash which was seen on the green with former NBA star Dwyane Wade I say. The goal is not called the witty but governed solely to go by with his guy right here men. On T and T overnight wait says. Shaken by the news so soon after sharing the links with woods I picked up the golf club like meaning in a black community because the tiger wouldn't. I got an opportunity yesterday to get out there and you know he taught me a few things woods won his first major toward a minute 21. Eighteen. Now tied for the most PGA wins over 820. Clear for the ages but a person. Who sometimes seem troubled in 2009 after allegations of a cheating scandal broke he smashed his SUV near his home in Florida. And his marriage fell apart. I am deeply sorry. From my irresponsible. And selfish behavior. Dating 2017 while dealing with pain and multiple surgeries he was found by police passed out. Behind the wheel of his car and arrested on a do you like Joseph march. In other no I didn't have enough. It's because you're you're stuck in the road. Within 2019. M unbelievable comeback. Tiger would win his fifth Masters Tournament celebrating with his son. No with the future of the gold star in question messages of support and pouring in including from close friend and competitor Justin Thomas. I mean I am sick to my stomach. You know it hurts. See one here so you know my closest friends in an accident and Madison is a very. Very early this morning the hospital revealing more about that. Emergency surgery that tiger were under way. Yesterday apparently they inserted it brought it into his shattered his lower leg area answered that they shin bone they below its Kabila area. And pins and screws into his ankle which currently have to be stabilized there are additional procedures done to relieve. Pressures of this was a significant. Surgery now interestingly LA county's fire chief told us that. When he first arrived on the scene it's in the tiger tiger was trying to extricate himself. From the vehicle he realized the crash was bad. Was lucid he was calm but he may not have realized at that time the severity. This injuries Diane Ryan Mack. Tuchman thank you Matt. And USA today national sports columnist Christine Brennan joins me now from more Christine cover tiger for a long time you know him better than most. Do you think he'll come back from this not even necessarily as a golfer but just as a person. And I remembered. Count Tiger Woods out of any. And I know people are wondering about all day and it was their chance he could returns. Of course I think that's the wrong question to be asking you know let's hope there's a chance that he can ma and so that he is able to kick a soccer Rollins is starters damage and watch his son Charlie play a round of golf and yeah that's that's where tiger is right now it he will come back. With rehab and whatever he can do with a vengeance test that's tigers is drip and he is focused. He is a perfectionist. And we must act. Develop in front of our eyes and over the last 25 years or so Owens and that won't change. The question is what is he coming there are you gonna come back to golf or is he going to come back. Oakley to a normal life and I think they're right now that should be conversation. About getting back to some sense of normalcy. But tiger will throw himself into this as he is armed himself and everything has done 100. Percent you know yesterday we were talking about the crash and another commentator add on. So that he has nothing to his golf fans at this point is he has left his legacy I'm regardless and as you said you know we can't. Count him out he has made it amazing comebacks of orbit if this is the end of his competitive golfing career. Talk a little bit about that legacy that he leaves behind. What's extraordinary tying and it you know Jack Nicklaus Tiger Woods' agent can't as the greatest all time. And he would be remembered aqueduct in nineteen masters in almost eight years ago now the first time it has started his son actually be at the eighteenth green watching him win melting into his arms in a big embrace after right after you won that masters and each that was improbable victory because just two years or that was that Eli that urge you rush and that that did dreadful dash cam video is Friday asked. And course the mug shot so that was when he seventy memorial weekend and then. That you years later is when in the master. This is that that happy ending. What we checked out now of course is something in his own troubling and concerning and and US that's for tiger of course she and his family. Org all and then you know he he's still is 45 so there's no there's this second or third or if that number tiger is whatever that I'd be. And one would assume and I'll Foundation's charitable work as well as well as his kids show. I'm I. Questions as you mentioned you know clearly this is our premier. And it you describe some of his challenges and it but every single one people really rallied behind him in just root. For that come back I'll be it's a golfer just for tiger in general but. On that no we've seen so many people reaching out on social media offering him Freres offering support for his family wishing you missed eighty recovery. Why do you think he's had such an impact on people. It was really one of the first not the First Act a person of color. And to play golf and certainly to explain below in late and you broke barriers and that was riveting. And because he was your. When your soul winning the masters in 1990s. And a career that started early putting his shoe was on the Mike Douglas show any golf ball. And I know that Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart watching him. As a net national audience is amused and delighted to see this young year old hitting golf also. He's been in our consciousness and in the national spotlight his life. And I think that we have been. Awed by his is probably is right. Is. It just absolutely competitive nature and has this strive for perfection in everything he does. What is art are on the golf course and tiger but also only has ever been more on tighter when a message that is for young kids. And whether they're studying a record are acting and school player whether they're athletes and and so I think the combination of great yes. And also be the uniqueness. Of an unwilling minds tour. Tiger Woods crash landed in and that's where analysts and took about her and I think a lot of our results anti parents and I hate I can do that you just a glass ceiling an island I'm gonna join you whether it's young woman of color on a buoyant color. Of course or. Our even just women in this order golf the opportunity did you something that basically. The message of Tiger Woods and is fresher Christine Brennan thank you so much. Diane my pleasure thank you. And now to the latest on the pandemic more than 44 million Americans 13% of the country have gotten at least one vaccine dose and we could reach 240. Million doses by the end of next month meanwhile Johnson and Johnson's single dose vaccine is expected to be authorized any day. In the pilgrim has the latest. This morning US vaccine supplies getting a major boost. Manufacturers now doubling the rate of production telling congress they are on track to deliver 600 million doses. And up to backs Nate every US adult by July. Are currently are on track to deliver the first hundred million doses of the vaccine. Do you know march we anticipate that I'll get up to thirteen million doses a week I didn't march. Now Johnson & Johnson on the verge of becoming the third vaccine to receive emergency use authorization. Releasing. Authorization could come as early as Friday. We're prepared. To ship immediately at an emergency use authorization. I am nearly four million dollars or. The single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine was found to be 85% effective in clinical trials for preventing severe illness. And claims to be 100%. Affected. At preventing deaths even against the highly contagious south African beer yet. All three vaccines help the body developed immunity to the virus that causes cove in nineteen without having to get the illness but there are differences. Unlike its studios counterparts the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine doesn't need to be frozen for shipping or long term storage. It's known as a viral vector vaccine it uses a non replicating version of a harmless carbon cold. As a vector a carrier to deliver instructions do genetic material that prompts your body to Mel immune system defenses. This ramp up that we're seeing from vaccine makers is what needs to happen for them to meet that deadline of 600 million doses. By the end of July Diane. And even pilgrim at a Tina vaccination site in Brooklyn thanks Ciba. And this morning a major step toward vaccinated the world Donna has received 600000. AstraZeneca Doe's is from coal backs a pact by the World Health Organization bagging ruling has the latest from London. Maggie good morning which countries are getting the vaccine through coat that don't call backs trying to. Hey Dan good morning a gag Donna like you said is the first country this is monumental news today the code access. It's not going to be the last country tomorrow Ivory Coast is set to get their first dose vaccines we also understand that. Several countries in Asia Afghanistan Pakistan Bangladesh the bulk is all set to be heard this first wave of vaccine deployment shutout and a rejected his first country that is slightly small church thank Kovacs initially promised but they say that this is just that but getting there reiterate that expect a huge role in the next couple months in total there about 92 countries Kovacs says according to be giving these vaccines you all lower and middle income countries. And it is going to be two billion doses explained accordion to that you're at those numbers are staggering clearly this is. But Arthel largest global vaccine campaign ever seen. And Maggie and he spoke with one of the people who worked on this global vaccine roll out. How does he feel right now seeing those first doses finally delivered. Yeah he's that it is just fantastic news so which Brandon Lockheed the policy advisor at one campaign they've dedicated all their resources as fast action took comebacks are raising money for this global fight against the pandemic to get governments on board investing money she paid no he said yes the initial roll out has not been perfect music the fact or even talk about this right now just. Early a year into a pandemic we RD have vaccines in lower income countries that is a huge a deal tickle. It is you teach you heard. Just how impressive. I regret passivity did in terms of what really matters to and saw a short some truckers are. I'm absolutely deserves either records that paper start to materialize we can't understate. But I just inequitable distribution is the moment. And there isn't really massive or action that ring sort of put things. In angers veterans and order yet accidents where it needs to be in no written there's. Should as a Brennan broke down some of those numbers stressed he says at that the current number is up vaccines in countries that wealthy nations can -- say every single member population. And there weren't still in more than one point two billion doses left over so and now branded and the one campaign other campaigns as well XY developed nations are linked to donate money to fund things like comebacks but also donate. Some of the excess vaccine so this is going to be a huge push we're gonna see more of going forward and. Thank Maggie really forests in London thanks Maggie. Let's bring an epidemiologist and ABC's medical contributor doctor John Brownstein for more on this doctor Brownstein why is called acts as vaccine distributions on or. Yeah I mean this is really great news and he opens a this point in over a hundred countries that have yet to receive a single dose of this vaccine yet know that he's roll out in this country is incredibly fast so called sister being credible or make sure that low and middle income countries are getting their hour. This is a sign that the rule out is how the article still aren't aren't it's an amazing example. Other countries are going to get our. Local candidates are glow launch an effort to get out of the end Aaron. These vaccines have called it is include Baxter incredible job lead yet it's about. And Johnson and Johnson's immersed an emergency use alternate excuse me emergency use authorization. Could come as early as Friday the company says it can deliver twenty million doses by the end of march kind of impact that have on our backs. Nation rates. Again super exciting news you're working. Pop music. Kobe Bryant right now teachers actually release briefing document data is very strong JJ vaccine provides us I think he across demographics and area and chose rights and protection of parents. Game out he would acting as he reviewed is consistent. With what team that the vaccine prevents severe illness and death. So excited to ask vaccines in the next. But initially did it does is will be millions right. After authorizations of the Omar to release later this summer or we're excited about this vaccine of course is that single song doesn't are freezing so we're thinking it's at especially for those that are had to do in this document right for them and worth. This rural communities. Don't have to answer chains aren't as she so I think. I don't this vaccine mixed incredible news. And doctor fox he has of the CDC should release more guidance for people who are fully vaccinated. What's your advice about group in terms of where they can go where they concede that thing. Yeah I know I think this is a great point because if people we see his eyes and we call our COR does rage vaccines are a 100% effective answer you can't do anything you know you're still be GT just the messaging using real beach county. Where my. We get this vaccine because there's not lot of incentive. He imports of some guidance or aren't changing right this idea after seeing your clothes and you are acting all doses of the vaccine of course. Other guidance as might change your worst idea about rap travel between troubled reactors aren't you well you've had a vaccine you don't have to do that already you don't have. I think that the you're all he or she is getting together with her and so you're gatherings. People that are needed. I mean I don't want to see my parents right now. I think ultimately speaking we don't get back to ease the kinds of things are doing. Doctor John Brownstein always great to have you thank you. And if you have questions about Kobe you want our experts answer killed greeted tweet me at Diane Armas it I'll ask as many as I can write here on the air. And this morning the house Appropriations Subcommittee will hold a cheery on the wellness of capital employees in the damage to the building after the January 6 attack yesterday Capitol Hill security officials faced questions about why they were so ill prepared cash and offer their firsthand accounts of what it was like for officers that day. ABC's Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has the latest. This morning as a new round of testimony on the deadly insurrection gets under way. Three men who were in charge of securing the capital that day say they did not see the chaos coming. None of the intelligence we receive. Predicted what actually occurred who we got was a military style coordinated assault on my officers. In a violent takeover of the capitol building former capitol police chief Steven son who resigned after the riot. Along with two other officials in charged said he never saw the attack of that scale coming. And those former security officials appeared to put the blame at the FBI. And at times each other son claiming he never saw an FBI bulletins in the day before the riots warning that right wing extremists were preparing to wage of quote war. In Washington. The fact that did not get to key leaders. In those sergeant of arms word they. I capitol police chief is of course very disturbing have really on both and. But critics of those capital security officials were forced out aren't buying their excuses saying there was a wealth of evidence point to the potential for significant violence. And that the warning came as Washington was bracing for massive truck rally. With thousands of angry protesters flooding into the city. Oppose Biden being certified by congress as president all this is authorities continued their race to arrest and apprehend the criminals. Who unleashed the care that day more than 230 people have been charged so far. At least none of them former or current law enforcement officers including former NYPD officer Thomas Webster who prosecutors say summons a pure rage. To unleash violence on a couple to police officer with a metal pole. Those former security official squabble over why the National Guard presence was a bigger at the start. And why it took them so long to get here Diane. ABC's Chief Justice correspondent share Thomas thank you. And here's some other events were watching in Washington today at 2 PM eastern the Senate Finance Committee will review the nomination of hobby ever Serra. To be secretary of health and human services if confirmed he will become the first Latino to lead the department. Also at 2 PM eastern president Biden will meet with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to discuss US supply chains. An at 4:15 PM eastern president Biden will sign an executive order on the economy. Ahead of an expected Friday vote in the house on his nearly two trillion dollar code relief package and a lot of our breeze mother has filed a lawsuit one year after her son was shot while jogging in Georgia. When we come back what his family says the investigation took so long. And the allegations of a cover up by law enforcement stay with the. Welcome back pro tem. Stressed such industries in Rochester New York last night after grand jury decided not to charge police officers involved in the death of Daniel true. The 41 year old was experiencing a mental health emergency when police put a spit code hood over his head and pinned him to the ground until he stopped breathing. ABC's Stephanie Ramos has the latest from Rochester New York Stephanie good morning. Diane good morning hundreds took to the streets last night here in Rochester. Demanding police reforms and justice for Daniel crude after the grand jury decided not to charge. Those seven Rochester police officers involved in his death. Take a look this was the scene last night protesters chanting. Holding signs every block lives matter outside the police station we were there wouldn't tell you it was. Mostly peaceful and annexing group marching down the highway shutting down traffic. No arrests were made. This case dates back to last year crude and unarmed black man suffering a mental health crisis died after being in police custody. Did approve Stanley says big cold I want one last march to get help for the 41 year old officer's finding him naked and bleeding. To serving police body camera video shows officers covering crews had with its feet hood later pitting him to the ground before he stopped breathing. Group died seven days later the medical examiner calling for its death a homicide. Now the New York attorney general it to to James announced a series of changes to police procedures she also says that the placing of the spit hood over prince head. Added to his stress and agitation. They can't conclude if it directly contributed to his dad but they're asking the state to consider other alternatives. The Justice Department also announced it will review the New York attorney general's report into the death of crude to determine whether. Further federal response is warranted died. Stephanie Ramos thank you and the mother of a model. Armory has filed a civil lawsuit accusing local authorities are protecting that three men involved in his death. Armory was unarmed and jogging in Glynn county Georgia when he was chased and fatally shot a year ago. Incident captured on camera now his family says there's a reason it took months for the suspects to be charged. She doesn't Sonny has story. This disturbing cell phone video that shows the last few moments of the monarch Barry's life. Was recorded on the day he died one year ago but it would end up taking more than two months. Before the world got to see it this morning the 25 year old's family says there's a reason why the investigation move so slowly. In a multimillion dollar wrongful death lawsuit. They accuse their local police and county prosecutors. Of trying to protect the three white men charged in the young man's death. Gregory meek Michael former police officer is 34 year old son Travis and their friend and neighbor William Roddy Bryant all three year pleading not guilty. It was years you've been and I in his Texas. And the Los who's seeking to meet their goals. It'll all go out. On GMA three the young man's mother says it's a struggle. Getting through the pain. I'm trying to think about the good news. We share in there but that's what basically expected to him in the lawsuit the family accuses the Glynn county police department of criminal and negligent action. Saying that they failed to properly investigate the shooting. Or arrest the Mike Michaels and Bryant until months later. After the video became public our own. Man Marbury Stanley in France mark the anniversary of his death. At his great Monday night he was unlocked animate Michaels told police. They were trying to make a citizens arrest thinking he was the person seen in surveillance videos walking to a home that was under construction that was down the street from the home Travis make Michael. It is still not clear if this was him and the owners of that home saying nothing was taken and they certainly didn't ask for the neighbors to kill anyone. In their lawsuit the family underlines the actions of one of the local prosecutors who initially wrote that the shooting was justified calling their son a quote criminal suspect. State investigators who took over the case and quickly issued murder charges are now investigating the same prosecutor and another. For their handling of the case. Diane attorneys for the men charged are sharing statements one saying that his client acted with in the law. And another accusing the victim's family and their lawyers that searching for deep pockets Diane. Our breaking stories Steve since Tommy thank you. And an investigation is underway in Texas after semi truck collided with a freight train carrying coal and gasoline. The crash sparked a massive explosion when we come back the latest on how it happened. And a few more things to know before you go the FAA has issued a new emergency order after part of the united jet engine caught fire. And fell apart shortly after take off. Following triple sevens that have that type of engine were taken out of service after the incident. The FAA now says US airlines can take steps toward getting those planes back in the air if engine blades Hassell specific type of inspection. NTSB's early reports as a damaged blade shows signs of metal fatigue in that incident that happened over the weekend. An investigation is also underway after a semi truck collided with a freight train sparking a massive explosion in Texas. Eighteen Wheeler was driving through a railroad crossing when it struck the train carrying coal and gasoline forcing eleven train cars off the track. One train car right behind the fire was carrying so fury acid amazingly no one was injured. And US mail trucks are getting make over the Postal Service has announced a brand new look the most dramatic change for the trucks in three decades. Naturally the Internet has some thoughts on the new designed one Twitter user rights the new tracks look like they're straight out of the Pixar movie cars. Up to 165000. New trucks allegedly hit streets across the country by twinkling tree. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Dennis Tito thanks for joining us. And remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis we'll see you right back here at 11 AM eastern. With the new updates basic.

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