ABC News Live Update: Tiger Woods is 'awake, responsive and recovering' after crash

Plus, February is American Heart Month, which raises awareness about heart disease, the No. 1 cause of death in the U.S., and Johnson & Johnson vaccine expected to receive authorization this week.
21:00 | 02/24/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Tiger Woods is 'awake, responsive and recovering' after crash
Good morning I'm Dennis Tito thanks for streaming with us in today's update Johnson Johnson is on the verge of becoming that there. Vaccines receive emergency use authorization in the US the single dose vaccine is expected to be authorized as soon as this Friday. The company now says it's ready to deliver twenty million doses by the end of march. Johnson & Johnson their vaccine was found to be 85%. Effective in clinical trials for preventing severe illness. And the company says its 100% effective at preventing deaths. Pfizer and the Daryn are also now pledging to double their production rate telling congress. They're on track to deliver a combined 600 million doses W west by July. Protesters took to the streets in Rochester New York after a grand jury decided not to charge police officers involved in the death of Daniel route. Crews unarmed and that is experiencing a mental health emergency when police but this bit tight over his head and came into the ground until you stop breathing. He died days later. Your Judy generalization James whose office took over the investigation. That our office post presented the strongest case possible. But couldn't convince the jury that the officers had. If prime. Lawyers seven officers suspended the footsteps. As says they were following their training that. And today president Biden will sign a new executive order aimed at protecting supply chains for things a computer chips. Critical ingredients for medicine and rare earth materials which are used to make things like Smartphones. In order mandates at 100 day review of the supply chains. And is part of an effort by the administration to avoid shortages of these kinds of products in the wake of the pandemic. And are learning more about the extent of Tiger Woods' injuries after he was in serious car crash. First responders had to pry the windshield off to pull woods from the wreckage after his car rolled off Los Angeles highway. Leaving him with multiple leg injuries act tuchman is in LA with the details. This morning authorities seek Tiger Woods is lucky to have survived the wreck that crushed his car. Overnight hours after being rushed into emergency surgery on his right leg tigers team confirming. He's currently a week responsive and recovering in his hospital. The 45 year old golf legend involved any single car rollover accident just after 7 AM near Los Angeles on Tuesday no skid marks no break. Deputies say they would seemed lucid and calm they also say there was no weapons of impairment but that will be part of the investigation. Net surgery doctors inserting a middle rod in the gulf great Sheehan. Which suffered multiple community fractures meaning he's bones were shattered to splinters. Screws in pains now stabilizing broken bones in his foot and ankle and another surgery to relieve dangerous pressure and swelling in his muscles. It's very fortunate that mr. woods. Was able to come out of his life. Woods it just started to rehab from his fifth back operation to speak about his comeback to CBS's Jim Nance tiger. Seven weeks from today final round of the masters. You going to be either. Scott also. I had to get their first meal and a U a lot of lot of space on settlement of our surgeons and my doctors my therapist and the picture that do. I don't correctly and this is only back I got woods won his first major porn minute 21 there. He's now tied for the most PGA wins over 82 a player for the ages but a person. Who sometimes seem troubled in 2009 after allegations of a cheating scandal broke he smashed his SUV near his home in Florida. And his marriage fell apart. I am deeply sorry. From my irresponsible. And selfish behavior. Dating to when he seventeen while dealing with pain and multiple surgeries he was found by police passed out behind the wheel of his car. And rested on a DUI charge. In other no I didn't have enough. It's because you're you're stuck in the road. But then 2019. An unbelievable comeback. Tiger winning his fifth Masters Tournament celebrating with his son. Very early this morning the hospital revealing more about that. Emergency surgery that tiger underwent. Yesterday apparently they inserted you brought it into his shattered the lower leg area answered that they Sheehan bone baby let's Kabila area. And pins and screws into his ankle which currently have to be stabilized there are additional procedures done to relieve. Precious that this was a significant. Surgery now interestingly LA county's fire chief told us that. When he first arrived on the scene it seemed to tiger tiger was tried to extricate himself. From the vehicle he realized the crash was bad. Who was lucid he was calm but it may not have realized at that time the severity. Is injuries Diane. Mac tuchman thank you for that an earlier today are chief medical correspondent doctor Jennifer Ashton discussed Tiger Woods is medical condition. And what his recovery process might look like. In what more can you tell us about tiger's injuries and the surgical procedure. We'll rot in prison all this is what it falls under the umbrella on major trauma so in general a patient in an accident like this would be going immediately to the operating Rome. With multiple teams of surgeons orthopedic surgeons lake lead vascular surgeons trauma surgeons. On the attack have thee is this hardware put in the leg it's called an open reduction internal fixation so. A ride goes into one of the long bones in this case it sounds like the tibia. And and screws and K is in the smaller bonus to stabilize things we also heard in Matt's piece. An additional operation to relieve pressure that's something called compartment syndrome where there can be. Very dangerous and significant swelling in between the muscle and factual planes. In a limb. So this is a major surgery it's a major trauma it's a major injury and we're well aware of the back issues that tiger has had so what kind of impact could this accident have on the rest of his body. Well one of the things we're taught an orthopedics is to always look at the joint either above or below where an injury is so when you talk about the back to you always have to consider. They hit and the lower leg. Now there's a lower leg injury which then it just in isolation has the potential to affect they hip and back so. This is something where the teams of orthopedic surgeons possibly with additional surgeries. And physical therapists and pain management specialists. Will be having their hands full for sure to tune for anyone going through major accident like this what is the recovery process line. You know Robin after a trauma and again that's what this is. Trauma surgery. Man accused from we measure the recovery in. Baby steps so we're talking about the next hours days weeks and months and there is the potential for this type of injury to have lifelong manifestations but every patient is different. And their pre existing or pre accident condition. Is it. Very important as to how they'll do in the future. Our thanks to doctor Ashton and to Robin for that interviews so many. Pulling for tiger's recovery here and the latest updates on tigers condition will be here throughout the day on ABC news lives. And February is American heart month raising awareness about heart disease the number one cause of death in America. Heart disease is responsible for one and ever reached four deaths in the US. Now in new ABC news live special takes a closer look at how you can keep your heart healthy and avoid becoming another statistic. We've got a preview of tonight's special where actress Susan Lucci opens up about her own heart health. And what she wants every want to know about early diagnosis and intervention. I could not push this up I couldn't deny. This pressure. I was very surprised to be at the hospital Emmy award winning actress Dellucci were bailing her help heart scare and hi I'm Susan Lucci I am an actress yes and and I am a heart survivor. State. I am and I I'd resume in very good health and always had been. Negative but even. In fact idea advanced by Harper's bazaar to do layout with no type jobs in debating this it was just got scary to heat. Forward and I are. The first incident I had was at the beginning of October and my husband Erin a restaurant. I felt this slight pressure on my chest high brush it off it was nothing what the second time it happened was a couple weeks later and I remember thinking. To I have. I knew for autonomous revenue for on and you might just what. But the third time it was. I was in of the. Routine and I felt what I had heard a woman describing a TV interview what she had felt was like in our attention pressing on her chest. And in fact that's what I was feeling. I was scared at the same damn I couldn't believe it. Dixie then relay is an extension came into the hospital Friday night the artery that Susan had been involved in her problem was caused the widow maker because. If you have a blockage in that artery and that artery wooded close it would cause a significant amount of damaging to be a fatal heart attack. Hearing that I had a nine U percent blockage in my main artery and a 75% blockage in the adjacent artery. But not cholesterol but it turned out to be a calcium blockage. Which Susan's case to procedure was very complex. Optical coherence tomography or OCT. Is a game changer in treating coronary artery disease OCT lets me figure out exactly a decisive stent in both branches. And exactly where to place them and get the most. Optimal long term result. It's completely mine but to me how wonderful is sciences. I was released by new next. And as I was leaving the doctors had to me how important it was that I went to the hospital and that no one needs to divert. If they simply packed. On Anderson missed. I came out of the hospital. Knowing that I had a mission. Hey everybody it's national Wear red day. With the American Heart Association I've had the opportunity to get the message out to women to put themselves on their to do list. To listen to their bodies. And if their bodies are not behaving. In a way which is normal for them. To act on their symptoms. And family history is very important my dad who I adored he was Perry athletic. But he died of heart disease. If Susan didn't come to us when she had their pain I suspect she would have had a life threatening heart attack at some point in the near future. It took a long time for it to sinking. The gravity. It's very lucky very grateful. Very great song. Grateful indeed and you can see the people special ABC news live presents prescription for health. Your heart and you tonight right here at 8 PM and 10:30 PM eastern. And during his first week in office president Biden formally lifted the ban on transgender people serving in the military so how much of things changed for LTV TQ military members a decade after the revealed. I Don't Ask Don't Tell we'll hear. From a few of them just after the break. Welcome back in his first week in office president Biden formally lifted the trumpet administration's ban on transgender people serving in the US military. This morning we're hearing from those who continued to serve even as some top military leaders wanted them got. And we examine what life is like for LG BTQ service members a decade after the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell your seven door. Navy petty officer first class Brock stone takes pride in his family and his fight I really big about. You're jumping in Meriden and doing what he's done stones a highly trained cyber analyst at the forefront of evolving threats to national security. I am here today because I want them. I am part of my. And in 2017 he joined an ACLU lawsuit against president trump. To allow transgender service members like Kim to keep doing their jobs. What did years and always stay. I mean what does that tell me that tells me I'm not. That tells me that I am not our respects she. As well. Weird. Something out there and an ordinary eyler. Who is just purity to a job. Late last month president Joseph Biden ended the trump policy starting a new era of open service in the US military but now trans service members and their allies are wondering how quickly tolerance will take hold in the ranks. Whether the policy of inclusion will be permanent. I'm not worried about being able to be done it's a question about if senior generation. On hand and start to embrace this and shattered way I think it'll move along. Retired general James Cartwright former vice chairman of the joint chiefs says there are lessons to be learned in the decade since gays and lesbians began serving openly. You're being. Ask a live a lie. And that wires. That was a ticking time bombs that broadest where we were when we came to repeal. In 20102011. Car right helped lead the ground work for repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. Over concerns from some of his peers. And assimilating openly homosexual Marines into the tightly woven fabric of our combat units. Has strong potential for disruption at the small unit level in your view was. With zinni that borne out the studies were all. All conclusion that one there was no operational impact contract it was just the opposite now just say could there were issues. You know incidents no that would be wrong or were and signature. Seated at an operational in act. That turned out and not. A nonissue there. You can either how the career that you committed to what to do. Or you can be honest and you could not have. Retired army lieutenant colonel Todd Brazil who is gay says the end of Don't Ask Don't Tell vindicated military values of honesty and integrity. In May 2010 from a base in Afghanistan Brazil pender riveting anonymous essay that went viral and helped change minds. I want to tell the guys I eat lunch with every day about my partner he wrote at the time. I've become so good at this lying game each set my soul. Oh that little pour out my heart away. It made it real for people Ullman told. Seven months later they gave ban was lifted in for the decades since there's been no going back and I'll tell you that makes. My seventeen years under Don't Ask Don't Tell. Fuel held a lot or lighter. Knowing that we have generations now born or that it that it won't impact the success of that transition cleared the way for President Obama and twenty sixteenths to allow openly transgender troops for the first time. Your country needs you your country wants you. An estimated 141700. Trans service members were an active duty or the reserves before trump took office. The majority were transgender women less than a quarter transgender men. They've served in all military branches in war zones for years and soon lieutenant colonel brief Fran will bring her expertise to the new US space force. We're in the Pentagon I work or a new boss and I won't admit I was more I was an ardent. Months later he retired and books or eat our meager as any you know what. You broke my area. Jack I need to work. And getting big chart on every aids you smashed my Asian. Who NY transgender person. Fram is the highest ranking openly transgender officer in the Department of Defense it helps lead a growing network of trans active service members called Sparta. One thing I can point to is it I held command positions several others have as well. And the challenge there is not just about me but about bringing people along and being able to do this from a position. Even higher visibility. Chief petty officer melody stack power Virginia the senior enlisted leader in her navy unit says visibility is key don't wanted to things that. Leaders CE. Is. Sailor doing her best to be excellent. Sailors. Answer to all US is due fact that I'm chance at least instinct thing about your were worried about brass worried violence. It may always V. You know something in the back my mind. And certainly you know in an eight. In the junior ranks and people are still developing that network and don't necessarily out that. Same mobile support structure they may be more concerned about it. Groundbreaking new research commissioned by the Defense Department finds LG BT troops face an elevated risk of harassment and abuse. Over 80% out of RG BT service members have experienced sexual harassment. Compared to about 50% of non onto eighty service members is a really important first step is just trying to understand the lived experience is an LG BT service members of that we can shape. Services and programs and resources around what Cheney. Eighteen countries including allies Israel Canada in the UK have allowed transgender service for years it could be models for America. Those key studies back top independent research in the US was found allowing transgender troops has minimal impact on readiness and health care costs. My do you think that. More time that passes. Winds. A group of people being visible and demonstrating today. Our first class citizens. Just like their ears just like everyone else harder it is to quit the toothpaste back in the tube and reversed those gains. Today 66%. Of active duty soldiers sailors airmen and Marines say they are comparable serving with transgender peers. Is the issue of open transgender service saddle. I'd like to believe. That after four years of this administration. The concept of military service without transgender people will be just as unconscionable as it is without. African Americans without women without lesbians gays and bisexuals. But we're not quite there yet we're still at a place where a new administration. Could flip the switch and return. To us being banned from service. For at least the next four years that switch is on acceptance allowing transgender troops a chance to be their best selves. And show how they helped lead the country stronger and safer in the process in the community at large it and certainly my soul com. It has been released. I'm still here and are donating order for as you Bullard daughter in ordered his who have been around for centuries. For ABC news lied on Devin Dwyer in Washington. My thanks to DeVon for that report and that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane estate at thanks for joining us. And remember ABC news live is your free all day with the latest news context and analysis of see back here at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran. For the breakdown.

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