ABC News Live Update: Trump signs controversial executive order on COVID-19 relief

Plus, a fire rips through celebrity cook Rachael Ray’s New York home overnight, and violent looting erupts in Chicago after an incident involving a man shooting at police.
6:22 | 08/10/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Trump signs controversial executive order on COVID-19 relief
Good morning I'm Harry L rash F thanks for streaming with us in today's update controversy over president Trump's new executive orders after he went around congress. Trying to extend unemployment benefits. One of the orders for vice 400 dollars a week for the unemployed down from the weekly 600 dollar benefits that expired last month. And other suspend payroll taxes for people who make less than 100000 dollars a year. Democrats are questioning the legality of the president's swift actions and blacks in the administration. For not doing more. And a fire ripped through the celebrity the homeless celebrity cook Rachael Ray in upstate New York overnight raid her husband and their dog reportedly made it out safely. She has been filming for talk show from there during the pandemic is no word yet on what caused the fire. And violent looting erupted in Chicago overnight after an incident involving a man shooting at police. Hundreds of demonstrators swept through the magnificent mile an upscale shopping district including stores in clashing with police. Videos on social media show crowds breaking windows and entering shop Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot address the situation this morning. We are not going to let our cities be taken over by criminals and vigilantes no matter who they are what they're doing. This is a time for us all to stop and we will do just that. More than 100 arrests have been made for a number of charges including looting disorderly conduct and battery against police. And Oprah is joining that call for justice in the death embryonic Taylor the local put up 26 billboards one for each year embryonic Taylor's life to amplify her story. And demand that the police officers who killed her while she slept in her apartment. Be arrested Deborah Roberts has the story. If you turn a blind eye towards racism you become an accomplice to it. Powerful messaging appearance Alderman Louisville, Kentucky in part thanks to Oprah Winfrey. And so credible it. The media mogul and her team launching a billboard campaign demanding justice for the Rihanna Taylor. The black Kentucky resident and EMT worker tragically shot to death during a no knock police raid in March is that Leon is devastated mother recently she earned her pain with me in an interview. I. The new billboard a copy of O magazine. The first time in the publications twenty run that Oprah isn't gracing the cover. We arranged and over or issue about how to use are a us justice. Our. Separate. Out EC EU. Do you use our farm and it funds our guest at. 26 billboards one for every year at Taylor's life. This signs urging onlookers to call for the rest of the officers involved in Taylor's killing him referring. To clean up. Because social justice organization. Had recently held a rally he'd be honest case in the spotlight. Yeah. Hello people I'm index he realized that we don't lose all of them really yeah. The incident sparking outrage around the world amidst weeks of ongoing protest against police brutality and racism. Activist athletes more for food court action. We will say her name. Sandra bland. Down a Jefferson. Dominate grammys selves. Embryonic Taylor for 26 seconds but eight she was when she was killed. Our thanks to Deborah Roberts for her reporting in protest over Taylor's death continued daily in Louisville Taylor's mother to make of Palmer says that she draws strength from them realizing that she's not alone. In her English. The popular video sharing haptic top could have another new suitor the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Twitter. Had preliminary talks about a potential combination with the Chinese owned company but it's unclear how that deal would work and any agreement would face significant regulatory challenges. Twitter declined to comment on the report the trump administration has ordered companies to stop doing business with tick tock within 45 days over security concerns. Mostly due to its Chinese ownership Microsoft had been rumored as a front runner for any deal and those talks. Are still ongoing and now with the rest of today's tech headlines here is not close our hot Deke. Since today's set by the Amazon. Possibly coming to a mall near yield the company has been talking to the biggest mall owner in the US about converting some wall space is. It to Amazon's fulfillment centers the Wall Street Journal reports it's not clear where or how much space could be converted. Apple's low low as one of the most recognizable in the world but that isn't stopping the company from trying to force. Meal preparation company prepare from changing its logo apple claims for payers pair. Logo is too close to its own and could cause some confusion among consumers. Finally just about everything is customizable on the popular video game animal crossing new horizons. The hope now does it take that one step further with an online petition calling for more diverse hairstyle choices it's already has about. 40000. Signatures desert that bites aerial back to you. None at thank you so much and we have breaking news right now less than a week after that deadly explosion rocked the city of Beirut Lebanon's government has resigned following a weekend of protests several cabinet ministers. Have now stepped down today more than 200 people were killed and not explosion and more than 5005. -- thousand were injured. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Arial rat chef thanks so much for joining us and of course a reminder ABC news line is here for you all day long with the latest context and analysis. Up next that the best and GMA. Have a great one.

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"Plus, a fire rips through celebrity cook Rachael Ray’s New York home overnight, and violent looting erupts in Chicago after an incident involving a man shooting at police.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72284191","title":"ABC News Live Update: Trump signs controversial executive order on COVID-19 relief","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-trump-signs-controversial-executive-72284191"}