ABC News Live Update: Unrest after grand jury decision in Breonna Taylor’s case

Plus, Sen. Mitch McConnell responds to President Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transition of power, and some seasonal jobs may help those unemployed by the pandemic this year.
11:01 | 09/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Unrest after grand jury decision in Breonna Taylor’s case
Good morning I'm Diane Maceo thanks for streaming with us in today's update senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is responding after president trump refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power after the election. The sooner boost. McConnell treated this morning that there will be an orderly transition just as there has been every four years and 1792. But just forty days until the election president Chavez also pushing unfounded claims that voting by mail leads to widespread fraud. Voting is already under way in some states. And some encouraging news for teachers and parents the Washington Post reports researchers at the university of Minnesota have found little evidence so far that the corona virus is spreading inside schools. Researchers at the university center for infectious disease research and policy safe unlike college students. Coleman nineteen outbreaks among children have not been as prevalent as was feared. They say it's unclear how much of that is due to policies like mandatory mask wearing. President trump and the First Lady were wearing their masks when they paid their respects to late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg this morning. Many in the crowd booed the president as he stood outside the Supreme Court. President standing right by. Ginsburg casket where she's lying in a pose in a statement the president praised Ginsburg for her brilliant mind and powerful defense. Thousands of mourners have filed past her casket to honor the legal icon who died last week after 27 years on the court. Tomorrow justice Ginsburg will become the first woman and the first Jewish American to lie in state at the US capitol. I had to for burial in a private ceremony next week at Arlington national cemetery. And now to the unrest across the country following the grand jury decision in an Rihanna Taylor case. Protesters took to the streets in several major cities after the grand jury declined to charge three officers in Taylor's killing. One officer was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment for firing into a neighbor's apartment. Last night's protests were mostly peaceful but things didn't turn violent in Louisville where at least two officers were shot. ABC's Trevor alt is there in Louisville with more Trevor what's it like they're right now. Well good morning Diane I think it could be described as a bit of an eerie calm right now very peaceful morning so part mobile but those huge section. Found that are closed off to concede the police presence behind me and tonight once again just like last night eight. Citywide it is going to be kicking in and around 9 o'clock there were reports. Thousands of people out here in mobile last night. After that curfew kicked in the protest did largely dissipated and again that was also after those two police officers were shot here. It's a staggering almost historic level of tension in removal and there's no signs of this unrest slowing down anytime soon nine. And Trevor what do we know about the officers who were shot and how they're doing. We'll police tell us that neither of those officers suffered life threatening injuries one of them was shot in the abdomen and to go into surgery the other one. Was shot in the side again that's a police chief saying that. Neither of them are at risk of a dying as of right now we do know. That one person has been arrested in the shooting 26 year old Lorenzo Johnson he's going to be charged with multiple counts of first degree assault on a police officer and also wanton endangerment which of course is the same charge that that one officer was charged with indie drama Taylor shooting incident as well nine. French ever calls for a smooth milk Travers thanks so few and the rest of the city stay safe tonight. And for more want to bring an ABC contributor LV LV granderson it. A leap thanks your being here you know this is a moment of racial reckoning in our country we've seen these protests across the country for months now. What is this decision mean for this movement. Oh well it means that there's still a lot of companies to be darned there's so many disturbing elements in this case you Gergen breed your records show. Are just a girl to the ball but I think overall what are shows. Is that there is a legitimate reason why the didn't seem to destroy you minorities in particular and all imports. I don't know how you can look at some of the evidence such as an ego all. Are being made soup Rihanna and sports Fran if you purchased saved Rihanna went aboard trucks and it. Arm and survived. Why do you need to do better at it everything you do it was just our arts are you were right because you're trying to urban tracks and you see things like that makes it very difficult to ensure that students had been server will be served. And and now the I know there's so much to unpack with this one but. Is there anything particular that you think makes this case such a flashpoint. Their outlook. Doesn't retreads for example we are pursued or worse partnered with sparred and should do. Com and why is that important because you've been happened in March in other words all but certain question wasn't are important to approach serves to get. If you're following proper procedures were important here are your. Back in March because we're trying to cute what rating with. That leaves that are Gregory disturbing about this it's as simple fact that. We look at the great friend who hired shots. A home. The reason Margaret chase was dropped wasn't because prosecutors interchange hearts. Strategic opportunities admitted the evidence or grand jury they regard to submit ports shall sit Barrett. It is our armed. It's so easy for shooting which was he thought he was particular house because he didn't order has been mentioned and Granger dirty the judge truck. The plea to charges because we were trying to sue Rell wrote you know who beat him. Prosecuted for attempted murder they're just only things the brunt of it through so disturbing and or debris and I'm. In particular as a black woman Saturn and lifted up is also important because of every cent to see it. And on what happens to black and brown man. When souls say her name to rally cry embryonic they're in particular is really important because it reminds. Us that this just isn't it or. Expects man which affects women as well. And rent LV granderson we appreciate your time this morning thank you. Or it's our pleasure. And with millions of Americans still out of work a number of companies are planning to add thousands of jobs for the holiday season in some employers say. Many of those jobs could turn into permanent positions here's ABC's chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis. This morning with more than 29 million Americans currently collecting unemployment benefits. New seasonal jobs more important than ever Macy's exclusively telling GMA they will hosted national holiday hiring event on September 29 to fill 25000. Full and part time roles at their fulfillment satirist. Across the country for the holiday season. Wal-Mart announcing plans to hire 20000 employees at fulfillment setters as they prep fur an increase in online shopping this holiday the retail giant hiring for a range of roles with hourly wages up to 23 dollars 75 cents. FedEx says it plans to add more than 70000 workers and you PS which has previously offered permanent jobs to a third of seasonal employees. He's looking to add another 100000. This holiday. Much of the hiring happening now for rules that lasts three to four months so do you find a seasonal Diego. Job seekers can apply directly on employer web sites or use a free online job search engine like indeed it glass store or linked Denton. And the trick to making that seasonal. Work permanent is having a conversation upfront with your hiring manager let them know you're intentions. That you'd like to stay on for the long haul asked them if there any specific criteria things that you would need to live up to. As a seasonal worker in order to guarantee your longer term employment. Obviously make sure you do those things. And wanting to keep in mind about this year which is very different from seasonal hiring in the past is that a lot of these jobs. Can actually be done remotely I've seen a number of customer service manager positions where you could do that from home you can apply from home you can speak to your manager from home and you can actually conduct the job from home. And the other big difference this year will be out workers. Previously Black Friday was the big reason for a number of retailers to staff up because it was all happening in person. This year we'll look very different it will be re mote. And if you are willing to work hours for example overnight hours because of social distance saying well you might have an even better shot at getting a job. Right now. Diane. All right ABC's cheap is a correspondent Rebecca Jarvis thanks Rebecca. I wanna take a road trip but are concerned about stopping in corona virus hot spots. Well there's an app for that ABC's Kenneth Bowen has that story and more science and tech headlines. In today's tech bytes Google Maps of pro avenue feature focused on the pandemic. Mr. color code it later that gives users credible information on curb in nineteen case counts and trends region by region. Gould says it will help people make more informed decisions about where to go and what to do. The way for Apple's iPhone twelve may be over soon and the launch event is reportedly set for October 13. With the actual devices available on October 23. Apple is expected to unveil important new models including out smaller version of summer calling iPhone mini. Connolly that's a sixty foot tall 25 tonne robot that's been under construction near Tokyo for six years. It's made of plastic and seal and just move for the first time the robot it's meant to resemble a character in the hit seventy's TV show. Hopefully it will be a tourist attraction goes deer tick bite the Diane had nothing scary about that little robot. Right back to you. I would definitely keep Michael of that thing does randomly started moving when I was expecting a Kennedy thank you. And a programming note with just over a month until the election ABC news live is launching a new political show. But will unpacked the issues impacting people across the country I'll be co anchoring with ABC's Terry Moran. Your voice your vote the breakdown starts Monday September 28 at 3 PM eastern. Right here on ABC news life please join us. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diana Zeta thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live this year for you all day with the latest news context and announced.

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{"duration":"11:01","description":"Plus, Sen. Mitch McConnell responds to President Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transition of power, and some seasonal jobs may help those unemployed by the pandemic this year. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73221704","title":"ABC News Live Update: Unrest after grand jury decision in Breonna Taylor’s case","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-unrest-grand-jury-decision-73221704"}