ABC News Update: Death toll expected to rise after partial building collapse

Plus, Britney Spears asks for an end to her conservatorship and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs says it’s “important to understand” critical race theory.
26:30 | 06/24/21

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Transcript for ABC News Update: Death toll expected to rise after partial building collapse
Good morning I'm Dennis Tito thanks for streaming with us in today's update we're following the latest on the deadly partial building collapsed near Miami Beach. At least one person was killed and officials say the death total is expected to rise. As search and rescue operations continue. First responders rescued 35 people from the part of the twelve story Condo that remain standing. And pulled two survivors from the rubble but the number of people missing is still unknown if officials have set about family reunification center nearby are asking for those looking for loved ones to call 305. 6141819. For information. We're also learning the White House is monitoring this situation as it is in touch with local officials to provide a needed assistance along with FEMA. ABC's Victor canto has the latest on the search for survivors. Caribbean. Buildings all want little or are exhilarated master. Total burden handle. Overnight survivors pulled from the rubble after a deadly building collapsed in Surfside Florida. I've never seen so many activists. Police in my life all at once. The entire building completely gone in the back towards the side. Miami Dade fire rescue sing more than eighty rescue units responding working to rescue people trapped in the twelve story building at least one person is dead. The village. And I looked out the window and you didn't see that was like a store for something coming in and what happened when the dust cleared the back after the bill Lear back two thirds of the real it was gone. In the sporting officials saying that the rescue efforts are ongoing Carly search and rescue operations are continuing based on the Intel that we have. The mayor of Surfside on scene this morning sing fifteen daily units were evacuated ten people were treated on the scene. He feared the death toll could rise. I think the building was substantially. Fall no reason for not to be in the real heartbreak for me is that you know we had the dogs out there this morning looking for people feeling fine in the rubble. What. To street. And Victor has been on the scene there in Surfside Florida all morning he's live with us on the phone now Victor what's the latest there. They're going and we actually get your quick look at our quarter we weren't initially work. First few reasons and it actually a pretty bad storm rolling through Serb side right now as well you can only imagine sort of complicated he. So intense search and rescue operations happening here. So. Half of this building collapsed in the middle of the night just before 2 AM. Approximately 65 units just gone the way the mayor Surfside described as we're that they just. Pincay you know at least one person is dead at least ten were treated are missing they were of little hole some 35 people from the structure. You from the rubble. We're waiting don't work find out just how many might still be trapped in the rubble by an. And major what do we know about the building itself. I know they're still trying to figure out how many people. Are trapped and they know how many people were inside to begin with. Not yet we haven't got that number but the mayor searched but did say that there's really no reason to look you got the building wouldn't be coal. At that time so cute incredibly concerned he just think at the debacle it's going to release. We also just heard from governor longer than it is not too long ago he said it'd take. Really really tragic situation that he's hoping for the best in terms of additional recoveries. We are bracing for some bad news just given the destruction. But we're seeing dial. We know the building managers said they and they will leave the building was reasonably peaceful. And the mayor of Miami Dade County said there are 130 units roughly in the building and that half of them. Collapsed or were going to be watching that closely. A mixture any idea about what caused this yet. Not yet one of the first things that we've heard who witnesses it all grew old carpet where go to that it gun under. The that there are so pretty happy with luring caught in that would double click other Kirk a building. Under current premier search site about suddenly like yeah but we have buildings in this area under all the time there is. He can't think of a reason why this would have happened the building itself it's a little bit older it was built in 1981. Hum what you got a lot here in Surfside acute it. In older population. Is home to a lot of older buildings. It would go when you go to people who won't concur a quieter way of what we're going to be. And I know that you mentioned their fears of a secondary collapse would have officials said. About the stability. The rest of the building the part of the building that still standing at this point. I think we were being kept distance away because it's still could entirely come down yet firefighters or in they're doing their got to go do this we've seen little. You know. Get close and he used so little ladders to pull people from balconies we've also seen the scope. Door to door in incredible. Response here in Miami Dade fire rescue league ordered but they're getting assistance. Between every single agency within the area I sure that's what I've ever or like this you've got people saying that it reminds. Nine elevenths. We have those firefighters putting their lives on the line right now no doubt in so many people. Crossing fingers in sending prayers for there safety during this rescue and for the safety of those people still inside Victor komando. In Surfside Florida thank you Victor. And I want to bring in Nicholas Balboa who actually witnessed the collapse he says he was walking his dog near his home in search sad when he felt the ground start to shake. And Nicholas thank you for joining us I'm sorry. For what you had to witness today and obviously what happened there answers sad but tell us a little bit about when you first started to notice that something was wrong. Yes autumn yet I I'm actually I'm I'm visiting trucking firm in extend. Had. Happen to be you know walking out Mevorach we have brought along Tom you know. Storms there are relatively common here we don't get somebody storms in the deserts are thought initially beat under Oregon you know though the sound that I heard it first this was possibly storm rolling and you know I felt the ground shake it uses you know one of those storms are just simple powerful arm but it was an about until. Thirty seconds to a minute later on it happened again. Com and that I clearly that it's a signal need to like that something was great exceeded that ceiling in the ground with so much significantly. Like in a stronger. Com is the rest of the building followers are are brought mine my dog back upstairs. I'm went back down and I can CD. Dell de plume of dust and debris that was you know rolling now arm you know through the court or the buildings. Along so you know I rushed down the street on asked you know fire and emergency crews were we're coming to the scene. Bomb but it does he look I couldn't get a a vantage point. So they they were moving people back. On but he was at that point I'm excited suited to go around us lead the back of the building arm of one of the important apartment complexes nor of that building. Armed and walk along the beach to see you thank you get a better view on site was able to to see. I'm much better I could see exactly what happened. On there wasn't anybody back there as far as police or fire presence. Armed there were some onlookers. You know that we're standing back there but our myself and another guy we we decided city get a little bit of a closer look. Arm you know as we got closer to the building arm we keep your somebody screaming. And yelling and making noise also Wien we got closer. On and I could make out the you know that the boys are sounded like a young boy on you know he is in screaming. And you sticking his hand up shooter rubble. Com you know so we were able to see him so didn't certitude to trying to you know get access to home. I've seen in can be helped whom because there there was nobody back there armed. So who we weren't able to do it arms and unfortunately I was in I was in sandals at the time is she trying to climb that in my sandals was. Was difficult by you know he was just saying please don't leave me don't leave me don't leave me and are you natural male who were right here who won't leave you. Our and that's when I tried to signal a police officer fired you know fighters there to get over there. Way a police officer who came over and each unit declined he was able to get a you know. And is able to see and own you know he he said that the boy said he was ten years old and that he was buried under there and he was with his mother. You know who apparently it was 63 so. Aren't I wasn't able to cheer her her wasn't able to see her arm on Mike ever knew was able to see him. But you know I hope that you know and pray that she's okay armed and that you know she. She isn't one of the either fatalities in situations mine markers and Margaret Cho. And Nicholas we've seen a video surfaced now of a young boy being rescued from the rubble is at the same boy that you found last night dated. Yes it is how did you feel when you finally saw him pulled from the rubble and you saw that he at least apparently is going to be okay. I mean he's completely lake. Just guardian Angel I mean given the circumstances in the destruction and where he was. All he came out unscathed so she was very very lucky and I hope that that luck you know passes on to his mother arm because I couldn't imagine. You know what he's gonna go through and the six variance. Yeah our hearts are going out to so many people. And in that building and so many people outside you we did speaks to another man who had three. A family friends inside the building and hasn't heard anything from them he doesn't know there OK he doesn't know if they're gone so it's a big waiting game. For a lot of people and I wonder necklaces you talk to people in the community thank you so there were several people out there kind of watching this happen 'cause everybody reacting. I mean kind of the way you get anxious united redirect their horrified arms shocked. Angry that. This happened that means something like this shouldn't happen these these buildings German is to stand up to hurricanes and storms and such you know they're made out of concrete. They stationed just fall apart in his achieve you know it wasn't just little Armenia and the entire backside of the building you know well. So clearly you know something's something's wrong it's just it's horrifying you know. I know people want to do more people are asking you know what can I do what I do and you know quiet. I commend them you know I wish stagnant of the police and fire crews would would let us help more on but I understand you now that is it becomes a liability and a risk. Armed and masked that's their job and you know we just you have to try sentences to do their job and to get these people. You know their their concern right now that a secondary collapsing the part of the billion that's still standing is unstable so understandably they're keeping you and other onlookers out. For your own safety but I'm sure that little boy in so many others are so grateful for the fact that you were there at that moment. To be able to call attention to the fact that he was okay get rescuers there to pull them out safely at Nicholas Balboa. We appreciate your time today thank you so much for telling us your story. I keep your time. And now to America's top general firing back a Republican lawmakers criticizing the military's diversity efforts. General Millie is responding to GOP congressman who slammed the Pentagon's top brass. Over the race curriculum that West Point chief Washington correspondent and John correspondent Jon Karl has latest. On Capitol Hill America's highest ranking general wading in honor and emerging culture war I just your responding to Republican congressman. Who slammed the Pentagon's top brass over the curriculum at West Point. Accusing the academy of embracing divisive theories on race. Point 21 class in particular the seminar that over a hundred cadets attended titled. Understanding whiteness and white rage. Taught by a woman who described the Republican Party platform as a platform of white supremacy. This is going on at West Point as we speak to our future military leaders family's response invokes the January 6 riot at the US capitol. But I do think it's important actually. For those of us in uniform. To be open minded and be widely read and enhance its military academy is a university. And it is important that we trained and we understand. And I and I want to understand white rage and I'm point. And I want to understand it so what is it that cause thousands of people to assault. This building. And try to overturn the constitution of the United States of America what caused that. I want to find that out the general went on to say there's nothing wrong with studying controversial ideas in fact it's important. I've written policy time I've read I've read Karl Marx I've read Lennon that doesn't make me a Communist so what is wrong. With understanding. Having some situational understanding about the country for which we are here to defend. And I personally find it offensive. That we are accusing the united states military general offices are commission noncommissioned officers of being quote woke or something else because we're studying some theories that are out. I general Millie said it would be an especially bad idea to censor the study. Of America's troubled history on race he said understanding that quote matters to the discipline and cohesion. Of this military Diane. All right Jon Karl thank you. And support is pouring in for Britney Spears after the pop star testified that her court ordered conserving or ship. Is abusive and needs to end. When we come back what she's saying about how much her life has been restricted for the last thirteen years. And what's next for her case stay with us. Welcome back support is pouring in for Britney Spears after the pop star addressed the court calling for an end to her conservative ship. Britney unleashed call on the conservative ship abusive and telling the judge I want my life back kitty heart -- is in LA with more. This morning an enormous outpouring of celebrity support for Britney Spears. After standing up for herself in court. Fighting for in home to her conservator ship spears telling the judge by phone I'm not here to be anyone's sleeve. Her newfound strength applauded by other ninety's female pop icons brain. And civic britney's friends and slumber party collaborator to not show yeah. It's. Holes C tweeting I admire her curry speaking up for herself. Spears saying it for thirteen years her father has been given way too much control over her finances. Under light. Down to the most personal details the 39 year old saying she wants to get married and have another baby but claims she isn't allowed to remove her birth control implant. Lillie cardiac Sheehan tweeting no one should be treated like this stay strong queen you deserve better. Rapper Missy Elliott praying for Britney on Inkster Graham to get control over her life again. Even your next Justin Timberlake calling on the court and her family to literally is how ever she wants to lit. Timberlake rating after what we saw today we should all will be supporting Britney at this time. Adding no one should ever be held against their will. Or ever have to ask permission to access everything neat work so hard for. Earlier this year Timberlake publicly apologize to spears after fallout from the documentary framing Britney Spears suggesting pain later in a band light. After they split. Including his post breakup music video for his hit Crimea river. Now Timberlake saying regardless of our past Gooding and bad and no matter how long ago it wise what's happening to were he's just not right. After spears explosive state mean an attorney speaking on behalf of her father. Saying he's sorry to hear is daughter is in so much pain mr. spears loves his daughter and misses her very much. Diane Britain's explosive statement and her honesty were met with shock. And resounding support as that news came out of this courthouse from US to Brazil and Argentina the calls to free Britney had been talk of social media that number one trending topic. More than a million tweets joining a conversation about Britney. Britney said after so long being silenced she wanted the world to hear her story here's or proof Dianne that the world is listening. Sure is kidding hard time thanks for that let's go to Sirius XM radio hosts an ABC's contributor Mike muse an ABC news legal contributor channel Lloyd. For more on this thank you both for being here Shana ops are with you Britney. A lot came out of this hearing she lets so far as to say some of those involved in her conservative ship should be in jail. She described being forced to tour are being forced to work seven days a week ten hours a day. And being forced to have an IUD even though she wants another child so. What are the most important points that she brought up from a legal standpoint. Well from a legal standpoint there's concern leadership her senate which means she's unable to secure her physically her the ability to close take care of herself to make decisions about that is clearly Britney is taking steps to say that she is capable and that she and the ability to make decisions of purse and she wants those. There's also concern British ship the state which essentially means that you're unable to shake a share up your financial. Which she is also saying she wants the rights should you now. As well and that she wants an act without having to submit to another mental about it should. So how likely is that part of it because she stressed that several times that she wants the conservative ship to and and she wanted to end it with out a psych evaluation she seems to indicate. But indicates yet Wright says that she's heard of other cases where that's happened do you think that's likely to happen in this case. What you're gonna see is that let me be easier to bypass when you talk about conservative ship a person action because that person just passed that they're able to secure themselves can close themselves to get results of the doctor and teacher some sense shtick conservative ship or the state which of the finances. Typically that's where you seen the mental capacity to enable someone to take share their financial situation action that they're not typically subject to undue influence workings of church I think you'll see a lot valuations coming to that portion of it and conserve your ship. And Mike the whole world is familiar with Britney Spears is voice at this point but she sound very different. Than usual yesterday what did you make of that. When I made that Diane was ad that was someone who has been in pain for a while mentally. That means that as someone who is fighting for her dignity. And that was someone who was fighting for humanity out which you heard her voice was character. And what you heard her fight was despair and desperation. Pushing through people that she kept saying maybe not believing her maybe think she was making something out of nothing and really trying to clean B for the judge to release our diet imagine. Having to plead in front of a judge to get your own humanity in Dayton Indy Mac from your father has put you in this legal tracking where you feel like you can't survive. To the point where you are being regulated with an IU DE when it comes to your reproductive rights and Stanley planning. For me that was what Daphne you know the whole ordeal is troubling but the idea that a conservative ship this legal matter and sound as the lawyers out I don't know wanna talk about those are the things that I don't know how a legal document can control this individual from her reproductive rights in Stanley planning. That is their right at every woman I'm every man to do you infrared that I felt troubled by and that and then what was soul. Erie Diane was how she compared her experience. It's a sex trafficking. That what's shocking I think that our gave the nation pause. In terms of how she felt that it was that extreme to sex trafficking and bat an eye and the idea when she said. She's been working sits at age of seventeen whether or not you think this can services as warranted or not. Whether or not you're a fan of Britney Spears but that you much are you to be MA performance. You are can recognize that I've been working since I've been a teenager and I'm an adult and I still had people that I have to pay and I didn't choose. On payroll were added getting a stipend that would make anyone. Unstable and so what she garner yesterday with empathy are from the American public. The shot at tonight's point in her testimony was very compelling for those of us on the outside of the law but how tough is it for a judge not to decide. How compelling it is from a legal standpoint and how reliable britney's testimony is given the reason she was put under this cancer or shipped to begin with. I think you're gonna see that the judges look at issue the allegations that she gave during her speech and her testimony and there are some disturbing things stated it means some of the people that are working for the conservative ship are in shape your concern British so there is kind of cyclical questioning that we have had we have to examine she did she mean this isn't measures and these measures being ditched. I think you're gonna start to the court comb through whether or not it was NASA's web parent not the concern at your ship or person is still needed and what lap. You're gonna see the judge should objective. Entities such as the ex mental evaluation. Studies to see all these happy. Value weeding through this time bush they're going to be looking to that however it going to garner some question and short judge's mind now that Britney at detainees. Amazing allegations against these individuals. As to how much they can be relied on whether she needs to bring in independent. Entities a look at these different I think we're gonna start to steal a lot of that starting processors to the court system with this. And channel we also heard from Jamie spears through his attorney saying that Jamie sorry to see his daughter and so much pain he loves his daughter and misses her very much. So are things looking for Jamie at this point if he face any legal repercussions here. She Harry is an ass out so that's not. A new issue now in this case the conservative T Britney is asking that it not be him as a concern or she so that is gonna go into consideration for the court as to whether they meets independently finds another search parties to handle this particular Patricia. And Mike were seeing a lot of support for spears now Justin Timberlake was just one of many celebrities. But tweeting that base of corporate Ian want to see her get out of this so. How do you expect that she'll come out of this whole thing regardless of the court's decision here. I think she's gonna come out of this knowing just how much loved she is I think wing you heard her car yesterday is as if she has been isolated. From the world as if she's not just think she's been seen her or could be believed. I think win on this is said and done and are the league or documents clear I think she's gonna recognize that. Not only does her fans allowed her but she's garnered new wave of support outside of her traditional fan base. That is rooting for her and wants to see her get back to her south whatever that is in whatever shape she has evolved into. And it very healthy and in good mental and emotional space. Hot to where she can continue being a great moderate your children and if she chooses to be a new mother to a new child. I think people are going to be rooting for her to come back. And I think seeing that overwhelming support. Was really tremendous to see and to watch and I think Diane does it take this a little bit further. I that I think we're gonna start seeing conservative (%expletive) being judged differently. I think it's time for our nations are probably take. A consideration. Well what is his conservative ship Brittany has a star power and the megawatts to bring this to light. But I'm thinking about during her testimony at how many of those individuals don't have that voice don't have that star power don't have that money don't have that finances. To be able to fight for their dignity Q&A fight for their humanity. What a Bob Dole is right and should we be looking at conservative ships. As a whole to make sure there are some safeguards in place to where someone else doesn't have the power that Britney Spears had as. Is being taken care and as well managed and well sought after. That was actually something out mistaken about at the conclusion of her testimony yesterday I think we need to examine alum it. More. Right Mike news satellite great to have you both thank you. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. I'll see you back here at 3 PM Easter with Terry Moran for the breakdown. Six if everybody.

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