Accused Cop Killer Eric Frein Publicly Taunted After Arraignment

Eastern Pennsylvania residents relieved after 48-day manhunt ends.
8:12 | 10/31/14

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Transcript for Accused Cop Killer Eric Frein Publicly Taunted After Arraignment
Very sorry. Right now are are used to own bags. Firing back at the fugitive and out captured cop killing suspect to terrorize to Pennsylvania community by evading arrest for 48 days. Hello everyone I'm tie Hernandez in New York Eric freed was caught last night in an abandoned airport hangar. And today he was arraigned in court bringing relief to residents in Eastern Pennsylvania. And he's Narsai Gonzales has more and joins us now. For the latest problem arson. High tide after not entering a plea during his arraignment freeing him out here and was met by a line of people. Who pay to see first hand the man accused of causing so much fear here for so long. Sorry stone faced and silent accused cop killer Eric Green as. Who read out of court. Heading to prison. After 48 days on the run. One of the FBI's most wanted accused of shooting to Pennsylvania State troopers last month killing one of them. Finally caught last night. Corner outside an abandoned airport hangar by US marshals police say he had a weapon and Pamela nearby but surrendered. Peacefully. This was not a result of a tip for a sighting this was a result of the ongoing pressure put on now offering by law enforcement. Brings booking photo showing cuts on his face police say he suffered during his nearly seven weeks hiding in the densely wooded Pocono Mountains. All the while eluding the hundreds of officers hunting for and and putting entire communities on lockdown. So happy they caught him the manhunt ending with relief and symbolism. Greene taken into custody wearing the handcuffs. Belonging to the trooper who's accused of killing. We find some comfort. As a community that we are taking these next steps. Towards justice. And freeing faces a list of charges including first degree murder the district attorney here says he plans to pursue the death penalty. Tied. It. It's thank you for that. And for more on the latest on trains arrest in court appearance I want to bring in ABC's time the Imus was also. In Milford Pennsylvania on talk about that her walk there are a lot of people from the town. A lot of insults being hurled what worries your impression from Napa flock. Tied. Tied the best way to describe it is he was something mean evil if you will with the angry villagers assembled to almost still the man whose first through town it happened just behind me right above those steps right Daryn as he's on more c.'s story he stood up on the steps for what seemed like an eternity. You know we we shattered up questions to him but as soon as we start asking questions the local residents here drowned this out they sorted screaming at him calling him like Carol we're seeing. He was nothing like a real soldier they screamed a lot of profanity at him but power was mostly what we heard and it lasted for a long time probably at almost thirty yard walk. Back into the squad car people screaming the entire time but also. Applauding the state troopers and the other local police officials that we're here because they finally captured this person who really had terrorized this entire community. Todd. And how we know that as we're watching a picture of this whopper one more time that he's actually been shackled in the handcuffs. The police officer that they yet that person he was it is accused of killing. Yeah that's right. Not only that he was not only shackled with those hang cups of the trooper that he allegedly killed he was also taken in the squad car that was the same squad car. As trooper Dixon the person who who died who was shot at out of nowhere. Pretty impressive pretty symbolic moves and gestures from everyone here. And I guess the troopers about this I said you know he is today kind of a surreal day. Is it somewhat bittersweet yes you captured this man who really took this entire town white hostage but at. At the same point you lost one of your own and they said that's the exact feeling they have their they're happy they got this guy out of the woods but the same time one of their own is now dead because of it. We also saw throughout the walk. His demeanor very very stone like did he maintain that demeanor in the courtroom no emotion. Thai I was to shouted ten questions at him. Various times when he first arrived and then when they later took them out ice cream did you do it I screamed did you shoot that trooper I screamed are you sorry. Every time Eric free could clearly hear me he made no motion made no eye contact stayed stone faced the entire time. While in court they actually walked him right across from me he was probably about a foot away from me he looks very gone now police that he looked healthy but to me he looked very gaunt from the photos we have seen. Very in depth looks like someone who's obviously missed a lot of meals and then he had all that damage on his face they see that he fell asked about this because a lot of us did. Thinking maybe there'd been a struggle when they took him down. The police said numerous times he had those injuries while he was on the run. This was no no way done by the marshals who took him down yesterday but clearly big bruising on his nose and the left side of his cheek. Now after this. Seven weeks hunt for this man he was found in an airport hangar how did police get to that. Plays it was is based on its hit or was this just part of their search for it. Yet how you would think it would be a tip or maybe somebody spotted Eric fein but. Police are maintaining this was just an average grid search. This was a daily routine they were trying to fall. The marshals in this case had that your read a search you just happen to be their lucky day that they would search that area when they went to the abandoned hangar they noticed a man. Hundreds of yards away from the hangar in a field. They looked at him it was era frying and it took him down. Without any type of struggle he surrendered peacefully. But he did have some weapons back at. At the hangar we're told he had some knives as well as a long gone and we know this man it was very very accurate sniper. His father telling that to police that he usually never missed a shot. At this point we don't know many of the his planning this I given out by prosecutors in that courtroom can you tell some of the things he searched and his computer allegedly. Yet this morning we got our hands of some court documents including some of the affidavits. And the criminal complaint in the last page had some really fascinating details months ago we're talking back in May. Eric freed allegedly. Looked on the Internet he did Internet searches for things like. How to survive a man high police swat tactics cashing food. All kinds of different things that would leave she'll believe he had been planning this for months they also said they were able to make a DNA match with some sorts of some different items they found at a campsite. During their search able to link them to those items while he was on the run and then of course that Internet search those various Internet searches for Vieri. Very suspect terms including police manhunt swat tactics things like that that he may have had to read while he was on the Ryder before he was on the run I should sack. And Tom what's next for free and and a steady did not have an attorney yet in that courtroom for this preliminary appearance. That's right he would not have an attorney president the judge told if you want it to you could have a court appointed attorney. The next hearing which will be really his preliminary hearing this was up a preliminary arraignment as what they call is preliminary hearing will be November 12. At that point we'll learn more about possibly he wants to enter a plea or not. You know the big headline came out yesterday when prosecutors said they will seek the death penalty in this case tied. Thank you Tom ABC's Tanya Imus in Milford and and you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring this story for exclusive updates on the go for now contact Hernandez's name.

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{"duration":"8:12","description":"Eastern Pennsylvania residents relieved after 48-day manhunt ends.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"26606882","title":"Accused Cop Killer Eric Frein Publicly Taunted After Arraignment","url":"/US/video/accused-cop-killer-eric-frein-publicly-taunted-arraignment-26606882"}