Actor Kendrick Sampson speaks out on being attacked by police during protests

Kendrick Sampson, “Insecure” and “How to Get Away with Murder” actor, talks to ABC News’ Matt Gutman about the Black Lives Matter call to defund police.
8:06 | 06/04/20

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Transcript for Actor Kendrick Sampson speaks out on being attacked by police during protests
It seemed like a moment of greets a high ranking LE PD commander walking with protesters gathered at LA mayor Eric Garcetti still. It was after curfew yet police at no measures to clear the crowd. As we're walking back with that commander trying to talk to him like lives matter organizer and actor Kendrick cents and jumped in to break up the interview. On Saturday is one of the hired Donna Hedrick they've. That we are not marching with the belief that is not what we organize the what do you think this happened guider. We had to go on here recently circle back to stands in to hear what he had to sit. Tell me why we UC. Of that commander from the police walking with some protesters and making any state. That's not what you're about that is absolutely not what I'm about we don't want anybody to take a knee. And he does not help me heal from the wounds that face not. Second time. Saturday it has not helped my boy who. Acts and broken bones in his skull. Right now because they named a Kahan and at its head with a rubber bullets and sat him directly did not help this Bordal martz as. It did not help the swelling on my arm does not help all of the time and my. Open to that needed it we went that are not. It does not help the 601 people that have been murdered and the police and LA county. Years ago it's Lacey got an office does not help you Lacey. Hold cops accountable. It does not give our communities the resource is that they actually need for mental health care over legal hold and not calling quickly. Finding the police. Is antithetical to that movement they are doing anything they're standing behind chief Moore who literally just said yesterday that looters have on their hands the blood of sorts Floyd. Eric Garcetti stood behind and he did not denounce it and I am saying that the act. It's up up up parks it's every time. Some PR to make them look good and I don't want to see. I don't want that associated with I think it's absolutely disgusting and I think every single one of them that marched. Global. Peers. I will all of the action in the police department. I'm. A the lot of officers need or taking out the pulpit that is large. Do you get it so every. That. It's a lot. If they act it's. It's like Donald Trump walking towards lights Maine and then get this saints weeks. Voting system white supremacist scene police seep from the sixties that from 67. That was an enemy to the civil rights movement who went eight Sobel white supremacist. Quoting him saying when the buildings aren't that when the voting starts the shooting starts calling for violence and murder a black protesters okay. And saying that he's Dennis in the military game. That is the same. As yesterday. Just yesterday basically what they would they arrest after all how many hundreds of people yesterday and on Saturday. This same police department iris place seven under Friday night when he 700 people of the same people that aren't resting protesters. That allowed you saw this they allowed this to go on very very nicely right they'd they'd be allowed us to be out there on the we wanted to ask art. Here's house. Right because I'll bet brutality and heart of the mayor's house. They don't get it anywhere else that would get anywhere else would include about it marks the Carolina. Anywhere else it would have been different because we tried to march the Beverly Hills. On Saturday and that's where I got hit seven times were I was targeted where other leaders were targeted of people that they thought would lead as well targeted. People that they didn't even know what have broken bones and all kinds of brutality and trauma that they are not ever going to be able to hear from and that was that act. I know you don't want me to Cust but that it. That. I bet that our opportunities. And LA knows it LA knows nothing else they know that the opposite did you then we'll see that doesn't say no I did not give me hope what would give me hope is that they decide to give us that money. They inflated buds it. To care. CS late catching OK that would give me about what gets me halt its. Thousands of people that were out here before that little bit haven't met little PR moment happen after we ended. That thousands of people that we're calling for deep funding the police and care for our community care over pat. That's what gives me hope that what gives me hope is this Odyssey poor aunt Ida B wells and all of the liberators that came before us. That's what gives me hope Larson. That it would halt its claim lie in Houston that the police chief development talking about he understands doors plug because as murder. A because he was caught up in his mama. What have you done police chief what have you done to pop out the corruption in your own department. People. Killed it's claimed the middle of April in the middle of may in Houston and what about those folks. What what does the corps Robb seen. It is happening in your own department you can't just call out that the murder of doors because you want to separate is that itself from that there has been a concerted effort. Nationwide for police departments across the country to separate themselves from George what because they know how powerful this movement. They cannot separate themselves in the same system we need a new one that actually cares. The that marching alone can create. No no this work happens every day marching is yeah I'll. Okay marching is what we when we sell our numbers in the streets. But this movement happened every single day organizing bolts making sure that we do interviews like this making sure that we're texting people calling people telling them to vote Jacki Lacey out. Telling them that that we need to pay attention to the budget calling on make it's that where boating in the proper. People with their ideology. City. And the police commission. That we do. Every single engine and you've seen this is the culmination of decades of war. And financially support of our liberated. This and it's of hard core amazing black. Folks that based on real oppression and violence and called for the are. People like tires. At the marching with you and I haven't done the full count but it's been like dozens of miles over the four days right and they can do it in Hmong but you know the entire. We're already tired the problem is that we're tired of dying. Still we will finally energy to do whatever we have to do. And it's we are tired of dying. I will be damned if my nephews and my nieces and my future children are killed by police I am ending days. IA and standing with the greatest all over the country and we together not me by myself not me at all. Us together collectively are going to end its wind we fight we win and we are gonna continue fighting. And sure enough Sampson was again on the front lines today. With many hundreds of others protesting outside Elise hall of justice. Yeah but did better than this system. Without so let.

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{"duration":"8:06","description":"Kendrick Sampson, “Insecure” and “How to Get Away with Murder” actor, talks to ABC News’ Matt Gutman about the Black Lives Matter call to defund police.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71061920","title":"Actor Kendrick Sampson speaks out on being attacked by police during protests ","url":"/US/video/actor-kendrick-sampson-speaks-attacked-police-protests-71061920"}