Aftermath of Thomas fire in Ventura County, California

ABC News' Marcus Moore is in Southern California, where the Thomas fire destroyed more than 60,000 acres and first responders continue efforts to contain the wildfire.
6:32 | 12/06/17

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Transcript for Aftermath of Thomas fire in Ventura County, California
The good afternoon I'm Marcus Moore wit ABC news here in Ventura California where we have been following the devastating fires that have been burning here in. Southern California we are in the Nob Hill estates neighborhood. Which is on the eastern edge of inter which is a city of about about sixty miles north of Los Angeles about a 100000 people live in this city. This is one of the hardest hit neighborhoods you seen this home absolutely leveled. And this not the only one that back when you look around here it is just breathtaking. It's also heartbreaking when you consider that these are people's homes that have. Burned and you see cars like this. In the middle of the street the says she'd be the tires have exploded the shell of the vehicle is charter look at the interior there. There's nothing there but the flames of the seats. And what's ironic perhaps about this as you see this vehicle is burned out but the house just behind it. Appears to be unscathed. And that's one of the things that we have seen here in this neighborhood and it's so many others where there are some homes that appear to be untouched. While others have burned out completely. I'm one of the major. Actors that some impacted this fire I've been the Santa Ana winds and when this fire started on Monday night. Those winds are picking up embers and those embers were just flying through the air and they would get on the ground and you see bitch. Our ground here right outside this house the house right now that you see to my left it appears to be fine in front. I don't know what it looks like back behind it but this is one of those examples of a home that made out okay. But then. Just behind you on the camera would pan this way. Here the home. There's been flattened and it's actually. Still smoldering there. I did concede a member of fire department. Putting water than doing what they call the overhaul process that's when they put water on a structure that's that burned and are trying to put out hot spots. Because these these fires gets so intense so hot. It's a real possibility that they could flare back up again you've probably seen that we'll fires in your community back home. It's all firefighters who are professionals experts at what they do. In the process of putting water finding the spot that Mike Blair backed up. Just trying to mitigate. Any other damage that to mitigate the damage that's happened here they keep it from spreading. Interestingly. The firefighters who you see here there from Grass Valley Kalla. Roy which is in the Sacramento area. They got here last night around 6 o'clock its all they. I'm nine hour drive. Home. To make it here. To help in the recovery and also a help of fighting this fire so. So many agencies so many firefighters from across the the region here in California in various states. Have joined them to help. And it really is just. That's a terrible thing to see here. Especially when you consider. Into people's homes. Come. Got to tell you. Pictures. Video. Oh does it absolutely. No justice. Army cannot smell the smoke. That still in the air here from. You can't fill the boot that the heat from some of the material the bid that still warm that could burn again. Rome and it's also. I think so difficult to tell through through cameras. Just the emotions calm that you get when you get to a neighborhood like this. And then this is not rubble this is not brick and mortar this isn't Stucco. Bomb to someone's hope. These are their memories. That. A number of cases have been been lost in somewhere in this those tools tangible material objects have been lost but they still have. You know those memories that they. Can hold onto I remember the good times and certainly. No one expected this. All this week there have been reports of the strong Santa Ana winds that dry air that low humidity. And that's. Terrible combination. When there is a risk of fire and we've already seen that and this is the this is the end result a home it's been. From what I understand from locals I've spoken with here. Spent three decades says they've had a fire. This massive. And I was talking to a fire captain earlier this week he told me that the Thomas fire which is the one that there has been burning here in Ventura county. It's the fastest moving fire he has seen in his entire career. And he's been doing this for quite awhile solid gives you a sense of how unprecedented this is for people here. Home. And while it is heartbreaking without a doubt. I've met people who. Are still holding onto that thing. They know that this has happened. And they're doing whatever they can. To recover. And keep moving forward and if it includes the folks like you see here the gentleman in the gray shirt. The stated Kerry and and to the right that's his daughter. And the other gentleman on the left that's her boyfriend. They have been here today. Sifting through this house this house belongs. To David's parents has that is 84 years old. And his mom also lived here that built this house in 1989. And this is what it looks like now. Oh. They've been sifting through some of the the rubble that's left and they actually were able to take a look at this. This is some of what they been able to salvage some. Here. We've got. Feels like an ornament of some sort. The porcelain. Flower. Looks like a ring here. Some sunglasses. And a shovel to totally objective ransom was what they found. But what is perhaps the most. Poignant thing I think the they've found is look at this. This Davis moms rosary. A one of the first things. They found when they got here to the house they found it in the backyard I believe. Now home what was the backyard. And into a symbol of the faith especially in the time of of uncertainty in the time pain.

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{"id":51633712,"title":"Aftermath of Thomas fire in Ventura County, California","duration":"6:32","description":"ABC News' Marcus Moore is in Southern California, where the Thomas fire destroyed more than 60,000 acres and first responders continue efforts to contain the wildfire.","url":"/US/video/aftermath-thomas-fire-ventura-county-california-51633712","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}