Albino Lobster Caught Off the Coast of Maine

Lobsterman Joe Bates catches what experts say is a very rare occurrence.
1:19 | 09/06/14

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Transcript for Albino Lobster Caught Off the Coast of Maine
It's a -- -- out of a caught it and its oil and I've ever seen lobster and jealousy Scotto. -- -- scientists say what happens once in 800000008. Blight lobster -- off the coast of Rockland. It's got to be a survivor I mean. Because of his collar -- and you know that the bottom of the oceans obviously directed I would think he really stuck out. He and his friend. -- is lobster is the second albino crustacean come to -- apple has lobster company in the past week. Say all -- a different. And now shades of blow yellow as soon spotted. And but -- pounding and they have been as the -- one you can. -- -- says he even named his lobster Ronald after President Reagan. Losers of five learned in to use -- -- wouldn't want to hide. And I mean that a good way -- A lobsters color is determined by pigment in the -- -- -- CDs lobster turning red no boiling water for them. Instead a cushy home at the aquarium. Pretty. Whereas. Plan omens -- we're gonna say again anytime soon at least I don't believe -- -- -- see another one other than us.

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{"duration":"1:19","description":"Lobsterman Joe Bates catches what experts say is a very rare occurrence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"25314267","title":"Albino Lobster Caught Off the Coast of Maine","url":"/US/video/albino-lobster-caught-off-coast-maine-25314267"}