Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: Turning back time

Restoring Apollo's historic mission control.
2:46 | 07/10/19

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Transcript for Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: Turning back time
And polar Lander and more. All. We're. Liftoff on Apollo eleven. I'm David Curley the fifty years since the landing on the moon is being marked. By a remarkable restoration. Come on the go ahead we'll. Mission control or as he astronauts called out Houston. Where engineers and flight directors sweated out the details of that first landing on the moon cap or stay for you ought. Gene Krantz was the flight director on duty for the landing. And fifty years later has returned to a completely restored mission control. This is the same as it did different what do you think the people that lived here and worked here the room talk show. And now you can remember they also they kept made. With five million dollars the consoles are rebuilt. The projection screens showing a map of the moon and the 1960s. Props. These were the actual products the mission control engineers used. So she was able to find this on eBay knew in a box. This is the rocket copy body and even the Kremer and me down the cops that were up here that's amazing. The carpet some of the chair fabric no longer available so they were made special for the room. The effort was to make it feel or make it look just the way it was as if all the controller just got up and when I'm break. Overworked properly record twelve I want our entire cargo flights barely an hour ago for site where ago. There was real drama here as Neil Armstrong took manual control of the lunar Lander. His fuel is running low the call out from Houston. For their new generation when they want him. What do you want them to take away just stunned you know the what these what these flight controllers were able to accomplish the land. Via the spacecraft on the surface. The golden gate near the ankle are planned at. Rocket going tranquility we copy on the ground he got to fight forgotten about that blew a break and again back a lot. You know this room is beautiful because there's no shades agree. It's black or white its goal or no go the frame a mind. That was established within the people in this room the standard of excellence. Discipline morale toughness confidence commitment teamwork. Whatever you launch a crew we're gonna bring them back and that was we live by that matter and recruit wherever launch we got home. With this restoration on the fiftieth anniversary visitors will now get an up close look. At that excellence and accomplishment born within these four walls I'm David Curley.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"Restoring Apollo's historic mission control.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64226587","title":"Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: Turning back time","url":"/US/video/apollo-11-50th-anniversary-turning-back-time-64226587"}