ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Apollo 11 Astronauts Land on the Moon in 1969

July 20, 1969: ABC News Special Report on the first moon landing.
12:01 | 07/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Apollo 11 Astronauts Land on the Moon in 1969
The lunar module eagle touched down at 4:17 PM eastern time in the afternoon the plan had been asleep for hours before emerging from eagle for that moonwalk. Commander Neil Armstrong has it been secretly expected to do change the plan at the last minute. This is what happened shortly before 10:56 PM eastern daylight time last night. They look like and I believe that it was. I could see these little bit different. A bit but where. Or give up a lot but we're me. They're really I think you're coming down a lot of now. I. Back up about. And I love you are a good data quick peck up. I Buick up really. I woke up. It this group you'd better have. 11 quick look like and put the auto photography on the frequent traveler. Now back at the political. Peter Lim put the only. Both analytical. And all abilities but the current period. Very very I have great initiative put good at almost like order. There's ample amount. A Clinton. All program. I haven't read I don't think. Opening up. Google are and a daughter. I could pick up politically we might cope. OK are and defiant move. Like got other local communities. Poland as part of our group. Point Calero. All broken up here. A kind of occurred. To me. I am. Campus political. Go through paperwork upping. A lot of pretty. Rock sample got your car club oh. A lot of good people ethical in the cookbook. And for. More than two hours millions of people all over the world watched as the astronauts somewhat of a comic has always been. Completely professional and over their actions but in their messages. Back to earth. Moved around a little as I save millions watched it with the exception of those who were denied permission by their governments. There were a very few. And also those who happen to live in various parts of the world where there is no television. Millions watched as man not only walked but jumped collected rocks and set out scientific experiments on loan. Amelio quit arguing and I believe I cook. The male was refute them blue. We're getting a particular. We could get a bad on alien Dave be moved by both built big government bill reveal. Group. Very critical eye at good ample a couple of. The moonwalk continues the astronauts pursue their work collecting rock and soil samples taking pictures setting up the three experiments they carried with them. But they might have to take time out also for the space age version. Of an ancient ritual. Well at car and I pity he is progressing beautifully. The way they're building up before right now. About the only person I have a dozen have TV coverage of the thing. I my. Embedded. What is now back. Call it beautiful park earlier. Yes and they dig up the flag up couldn't do stars. Royal. It'll blow up this. I'm. They can. Unfolded the stats after that it together. Formidable total. From Seoul. Miller who's here tonight Erica Cohen. I've heard his beloved player like. Have to be the most good. Very gullible. Back other. I'll probably. Our look at. For every American. They have our lives. After people over the pure life. I've become. Part of America. At issue. Throughout. Fires this to redouble our efforts to bring. Will be. People on this birds are truly want. One in their pride in what you looked up. At one end our prayers that. Return safely to where. I confess however that. As well as they've gone hopefully we'll that they do. So presenting them. I don't know if the United States but. Ahead of vehicle formation. And what that could put their curiosity. But the vision for the future. Auto four are being able to participate here today. I'm much and I looked. Look forward all of us look forward to dig your article on Thursday. That aren't her. Work on the moon actually seemed easier than expected it went on until 1:11 AM eastern daylight time. When the astronauts are scheduled to return to the lunar module. If you watch closely you will see astronaut Aldrin climbed back in them and commander Neil Armstrong almost. Bounce up the steps after it. I was create create committee are very uprising. Banco that they got there's safely. And it didn't seem like BM. Who aren't. Moon was going to be too unsafe and I was worried that they might think entity but now they didn't. It was a wonder well.

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{"duration":"12:01","description":"July 20, 1969: ABC News Special Report on the first moon landing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"40733667","title":"ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Apollo 11 Astronauts Land on the Moon in 1969","url":"/US/video/archival-video-apollo-11-astronauts-land-moon-1969-40733667"}