ARCHIVAL VIDEO: John Hinckley, Jr.'s Parents Speak Out in 1983

April 28, 1983: Barbara Walters interviews the parents of John Hinckley, Jr. for ABC's "20/20."
5:59 | 07/27/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ARCHIVAL VIDEO: John Hinckley, Jr.'s Parents Speak Out in 1983
Upfront tonight an extraordinary Barbara walters' exclusive. The first interview with the parents of John Hinckley junior the man who on March 301981. Shot President Reagan and three other men. How did you and that it was your son went chuck passed I learned about it from a telephone call and it was and me in the hand. Her death sentence them as a reporter for me Washington Post. And he's an assistant clay and he could you are aware of the assassination came from thinking. He said. Did you know pictures. John Hinckley has been a Democrat is from Nancy sharp. Preston and any others. And it shocked me so. Chris I I've I didn't believing that I don't know what to believe. I hung up. And I thought I got coat check got to conduct yet. And I. Picked up the phone to call jacket hand and not on the status I couldn't get college. So I ran out the door. To go next door he is not an expert neighbor's house. Frank. Got to the door of my next door neighbor. She alternate her and she. Or killing. And I'm Iraq man. That she hit some hashing it she nervous. I was to orange for. Amendment they're hearing it come to work for. We got back to the this went into as we were standing there. Just making. Long. We're America. Came in and who's in a wheelchair. Aren't any and his face resistance quite as it could be. An army is not alone and usually enter a plea would talking to somebody else for me is the subject. Commit I think there's something you are here. So we just started doing turns his office. And we got into his loosening of the radio. And that's when Leonard Jones let me. The image. I can say is that when you reached what did he say. I remember him it was about 6 o'clock that night at times in the time. And he said I'm long time and we. I hope. I don't usually harmonies thing of the time I mean. Norway's if somebody had been through an experience like this they would be so excited and agitated. Think that aren't Arafat. In fact in restaurants. We now look back and realize its own. Had very flat emotions. He never. He never occurred he never you know he never screamed never got angry. He resists flat. And this we have since learned is one of the symptoms. Schizophrenia and little room. Was he ever violent. Home. Said she analysts. Never any mass. He says the late. In his writings that you didn't notice that cannot let that by the time he was eighteen felt different out of things to do know that now now lead it not. But some kind of and during high school years. Terms saying there's withdrawing a little bit he. He didn't were first Maroney didn't. They started dating girls and junior. And his what sort of frenzy and didn't start dating girls so any losses were friends and and never core girlfriends and he just. Withdrew into his room and started playing with her enlisting the beetle a record so alone. And that was the way he's been a great news. Is there anything that you would like to say tonight to Jim Bradley. Question keep it servicemen Timothy McCarthy and DC policeman. Thomas Delahunt. Yes we're. I hope they know. You know. Deeply we. Regret this. That they can. Samardo. Except affected. Did it because of this. Illness. And they can accept that and bring themselves to forgive him. And that. We pray for them daily. You sell your son Kelly recently. At the hospital. Do you think that he will be watching this or concluding the sentinel. Yes you. It's anything that you would like setting. How. It would let me wanted to Natalie landing. And we always are laughing. We do and one of the things that. Is most difficult of this illness I think is effective. That is hard for him to express his failings. We have to assume that he does know these things that we do. Do you think that you understand. Why you're doing this tonight. We hoped we who agree that it.

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{"duration":"5:59","description":"April 28, 1983: Barbara Walters interviews the parents of John Hinckley, Jr. for ABC's \"20/20.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"40929248","title":"ARCHIVAL VIDEO: John Hinckley, Jr.'s Parents Speak Out in 1983","url":"/US/video/archival-video-john-hinckley-jrs-parents-speak-1983-40929248"}