Today in History: Riots Break Out in Watts Neighborhood of LA in 1965

Aug. 11, 1965: Racially charged riots break out in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles.
6:39 | 08/11/16

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Transcript for Today in History: Riots Break Out in Watts Neighborhood of LA in 1965
Good afternoon buyers added to the chaos it is nonstop these looked and riots which could quieted down during the blast rang again and it will feel violent this morning. The mayhem could continue writing played in the southeast area that you worked with the upper right hand all the throughout. I have brought anything and everything dad and some of those under the that there could do angry mob they go you to develop moved through their sealed off area. Behind them available at. Literally hundreds of we'll return to correct these things taken about a hundred firearm look and listen. I'd by the dozen were burned their occupants were. Out of the public thought process for the blind idiot big bear flag. Rioters attacked like and we'll collect a 148 arrests for theft who beat them throwing missiles. Verified the were delivered with Iraq broken glass and incredibly good probably well over 200% authority that it could be good or bad. Very wide spread. About broken glass brick thrown up pavement looted stores fired then the incredible destruction Winfield and windows in the area we're back or compiling this thing. You wouldn't be afraid of many of the latter's numbers abuse correct. You've been working for the network to be dad died in spite of all the 900 what already happened last night shortly after seven unabated to this moment. Films and reports on this forthright in our. City's history later on this news hour. It was possible to be extremely critical of the leadership of the city would then look at this time this is one of the most critical days in the history of the city. And we find that the leadership of the city is virtually absent. I've met your hit for example was out of the city for much of the days leading political commitment which it made sometime before. It would be expected but on a date of this sort he would remain here in canceled political commitment to open them for fiscal. But apparently had a speaking tour then decided to go ahead and make the run coming back here later. But it we're talking National Guard Lee late yesterday afternoon and throughout much of the night. In fact they're great many persons in the community about the National Guard would be an excellent idea of the authorities need help from good the problem submit that sector continue. Some of our discussion going on and Don and yet it was not until late this afternoon. But the senior officials of the state of California of those who could all the side finally came down here to make their in person view and infection of the area. He Packard made the request earlier regularly from the north apparently called for the guard. The guard commander on the State's lieutenant general came down here on a leisurely place we do not know what I object would not use orbiter scheduled for themselves. The two men could have been alerted last night the problem meaning the got a governor Anderson and also the chief of the National Guard for the state. They should have been alerted the last night of their own sense of responsibility and duty presumably. Could require their presence here in the city the late last night or first thing this morning so these typically would not continue. Instead they kept their own leisurely pacing scheduled consultation. And that decision and finally got elated that another guard was called up. It was in the past the hour that is no way to work will attempt to control situation of this sort. An article on look at the visual matter what. If you're ready I grew the report that they could be men down below racing out of their properties are Holmgren apartment into the street taking. They would be the weapon recoil that would be a problem local luckily the cup it was not yet. And the FAA the Federal Aviation Agency ordered out and other low flying aircraft over that area because it simply they. Eligible for the gas tank of a copter could be the end. We have no idea how many bullets were fired back after but we're very grateful our people back safely. We thought last night we would not conduct who's in the areas would be proper. We had no real estate and really that that would be the the fire from the ground into the air but we've learned that. We offer the added it to report these are down. Of the flames today burning quickly partly through a number of buildings buildings were on fire at one time. Police had to force the pass through writers get fire equipment under the sea. A great many places not just moments or minutes but hours were lost. As authorities tried to get him police forcing back proud of firemen could do their homework. The biggest development of the whole of course was announced about 45 and of people from downtown. The State's lieutenant general indicated I'm they lieutenant governor. Indicated he has responded to the appeal by the dental authorities. And he will be sending in the National Guard I don't know how many members of the will be going and then we will find that out very very slightly. And that our afternoon goes late authorities are increasingly concerned about the number of buyers and handguns known to be in the hands of the latter's. Authorities are fearful about the but we'll bring. There's been no real end to violence since early morning throughout the day the temple has been quickening. Robots have just been moved sentry boulevard about they would expand from San Pedro on the west Stanford avenue on the east. And there for the film. And other reports this moment. It's aren't saying that there is a major arrive at this moment going out of Manchester on Broadway and the crowd in that sector reportedly turned down earnings breaking windows and looting and businesses three to four miles from the main riot scene believe is spreading. There have been threats earlier today there are just rumors and reports but nonetheless threat. It the writing group break up and other parts of the city we don't that this is genuine threat. What matters is legitimate credible matter would develop most deceptive business or did bring up there in lightning like factions. Throughout the rest of the metropolitan area we have no idea. We understand the governor McDonough governor Anderson holding a press conference at 630 tonight earlier today announced it is evident. Lisa was that there was no longer can control the situation they're always calling in the guard. It is our understanding that negroes at this moment are preparing for the National Guard arrived on the scene and some of the probably preparation to be being made by those who riot. They're making up stockpiles of gasoline bombs. That presently are between 500 about looters in the area of 88 and Avalon reportedly looting gasoline station at this moment. There's also the report of rioting at idiot from Hoover an officer was attacked on Broadway in Manchester they're trying at this moment because an officer out. The very sort of police officers and their blocking of inspectors who helped introduce the National Guard to the C.

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"Aug. 11, 1965: Racially charged riots break out in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"41297136","title":"Today in History: Riots Break Out in Watts Neighborhood of LA in 1965","url":"/US/video/archival-video-riots-break-watts-neighborhood-los-angeles-41297136"}