The Art of 'Canstruction'

ABC News' David Merrell visits an art installation made entirely out of cans of food to be donated to City Harvest.
16:35 | 11/16/16

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Transcript for The Art of 'Canstruction'
Hey everybody David Merrill here with the ABC news amid Brookfield place in New York City where we're it. With taking a look at he can't instruction exhibit put on by the society for the design administration. I'm here with Kelly and sir six bonus. Was it positions us via. IMAX. There tapped. Apparently so is gonna take us on a little too were here this is an exhibit where all of the art all of the structures these sculptures are made entirely out of canned food. That are then going to be donated. To city harvest. So. Under publish and will be able to eat these works of art. Very shortly ridiculous for a little tour here so that you can see all of these crazy designs that they've come up with beer with him for the camera around. It looked really. We're really cannot ever hear it. In Iraq. Does use of labels. That is good news read in the. Rendering. Very little so what goes around cans around spinning this. A lot of these have very hand needs. No and his over. Ballistic truths to keep walking around check some the other displays. Here's a fun one. PG taking away under. Does this mean. Ask. Yeah. Legacy. Yeah I WSB. So now most of these are done by design and architecture firm yet not individual art I think. Actually. Things are gonna I can't stand. Back in 1982. Bancshares. Celebrated today. This he had an important anniversary. Any parents that come together into the. Different designs that. Okay. I'm sure. My thing. They are too for the exhibit opened. Now they get about more. Next. Absolutely so all of this is built in one night after a lot of preparation let's keep going down the line here we'll check out some more signs. Over here we have zero to. To fight hunger. A little for years and revered kind of an industrial look made us. Season that he. You know the latter. I engineering. Tablets start chance. We'll. Thank you and riches. Crews are showing off a little bit of the engineering. As well as the artistry check back here at school so I recognize there's this. To do this ending in. Hotel this fortune fifteen is called helping the less fortunate. That's right doesn't designs they're using color very nicely. Every. 100 they had no place. Right so just to help Staten. Now Harvey's news. No these are things are strictly just cash laced. Yet can't wait they're able to use double sided tape. I'm just dependent and everything together. You know you can't store the yeah. So we're gonna come over here and and meet actually one of the competitors. This is Shane Cooper a premier. One of the winners our passion. Our hands so I'm doing well how are you so tell us a little bit about your fees for your time he's. Rather so amazing night yeah. That. You've actually born and I am that meat and I think we're going to start. Miami. And it works and it's fun and. Screws and horse feels sorry I'll just. Twisting a little and Manning when he gets hornet's. Point eight meets again on an act. And that actually supports itself brings destruction around together that we can do it again and wobbling him as. The dynamic. Click OK. So this isn't entirely out of inch movies iron pan am yeah. And thirteen hundred minutes and of course there's dozens of there's nothing holding you down and. Simply balances its. Fast brevity just. Rapidly eats under each one. The layers and we'll be home leveling or fax and stick and yen and they're different at every level and are numbered so you know we're really organized on the heels night and kind of rubber banded together. And you know had someone who was handing the next went over because each one of them are different and actually sixty hours of labor news. He laser cut them all out. So that's. He also turn. Various news sites where fair and so you you mentioned to me earlier when you're talking about this the engineer it was a pretty confident. But so maybe you should have a backup plan in. The night floor yeah. And here came over our front lines here in charge modeling and he came over and that. The back planning heat doesn't hurt me. Really inspiring confidence although building had all been very popular is that pain back. Thankfully we're able to nail on the. And so I hear you you've won something at this is well you're you're already a winner. All right so there there are some various competitions involved in this come over here so it's little plus plus that you tell us about. What these teams are competing for its. I'm right now running faster and engineering ingenuity. Best meal. Label which Leslie Katz I'm not. We have those jurors favored us. It was joins. And that actually is not coming up at the end of his. And now the people's choice anyone can vote on is that it is. We're expecting expects I think that's in the field. Operates web site. In the land air and just put your choice here and you'll meet all the stances. Great bull. Flirt. The fatal we have we do need to be made you know. Objective and our coverage and we were gonna have to check does more than let me tell me a little bit more shouldn't you are going to be tearing these down later to. Today yes up tonight we're actually. When it's Wednesday's it. Tonight at 7 PM we're actually going to be taking down. And and Tim you know being in the big donation means of transport to see how things that states are they coming all these great structure. Absolutely so is there are certain that you're going to use to take this down there and attack the live I. It's actually Brookfield has asked us to rebuild this and twenty sevenths emea that we can't just push it over because. We need to maintain all the leveling aren't so actually we're probably just an Italian. He's ninety. Littleton to play a little Jack exact same way that we don't exist or evidence. Thanks so much for talking nation and best of luck in the competition. Let's keep doing over here there a couple more that I really want to see that a son photos of online I haven't gotten to see them yet. And there are some very cool inspirations behind some of these. A lot of finally made it difficult to do it lot of play what they have so much fun. Building in the preparing way. Martin I mean aren't easy. Leg. Absolutely so here's one of my personal favorites just the idea alone. Some of you may recognize the theory famous pizza around one of New York's favorite. The infamous keep threat here by laying and tell me about this state can't get. This generic term not I'm. And we know lot of ideas them. The statue of liberty but then that I think we found out that we've got out that is being done thank you times. So we had two days to come up. Menu structure. Iraq. And these little time that's at that point at them and give up they can't. They back down. So you wanted to do an iconic. New York school after this statue of liberty was number two of course was the pizzeria. Let's keep walking down musicals. This is vehicle this is an existing structure again. Let's put hunger in a museum here. Leave rates. So this is not just. What you imagine is in peace and ensure Hayes you're actually they're using. Port city of all the way yeah. But as long as it's nonperishable. Acting talents can use whatever you like very good and it all gets done. Got some pretty Christmas lights of we're here. Every reason. This is good before we this is a great Thanksgiving. Everyone is an evening news. Nonperishable. So there are plenty use. Some things that are not out. Very few although there's little guy here. We'll construction. Like the balance there. So here's an interesting one. Away. I believe. Got him. So this is both say yes no North America very creative very bleak and almost a little game here where you got it. We're here. Are we done yet. No no no. We've got a few morning. Now. Yeah. Okay. So here you pull. My dad. So this is very cool it's a little dark speechwriters. From around in the back here to show you exactly. Vienna sausage. Kind of an emcee ushered past. Peace here. Very well as if pretzels remain out of Vienna sausages that they wouldn't. Children here. Now again if you're just joining us we're Brookfield place hero for taking a look at the can instruction exhibit. And as they weren't there. Oh yes this is this is the 1 I am I I'm have been doing they're so excited for this. We'll we'll check out this unless he's done this way aren't. Over rendering. Turn in very. Very exercise. Reminds people would handle the rendering them to replace them bike you know figure the color. We figured out you know how much faith and in need and how it's best viewed. Well I recognize this. It is when my when my favorite games drying up sonic speed runs and hundreds does golden ring. But haven't actually wrote a whole area it's become fact they're meant to them be rather yeah. Vehicle and then a ten. Then goes starry night. Made out of beans peas and soups and. Coming. Oh. A jetliner. No that's very close of this one best meal so there's a lot of good variety have a you can have absolutely put together some nice things. Tenants on the construction is not just here in New York. Back when actually. Thing to. Since then we're not evil over 150. Cities in the United States and throughout the world. And it's international competition. And it takes place that all the different times you're just happens to take place. Very little. It's the appropriate time it was Thanksgiving coming up apps and just read. But you've heard of hooks. You can check out construction. Likely nearby where you live so you don't have to be in New York but it up and you can also donate you don't have to build the giant sculptures although it is a lot of fun. Solid solid she does get back to what you're doing thanks so much for talking with KLA. And with ABC news I'm David Merrill thanks so much for watching happy Thanksgiving and we.

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{"duration":"16:35","description":"ABC News' David Merrell visits an art installation made entirely out of cans of food to be donated to City Harvest. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43577238","title":"The Art of 'Canstruction'","url":"/US/video/art-canstruction-43577238"}