Asheville becomes blueprint for reparations

The North Carolina city voted to approve restitution for slavery, becoming first city in the South to do so.
3:44 | 07/30/20

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Transcript for Asheville becomes blueprint for reparations
Joseph Biden is out with a new plan to fight racial inequality he's proposing federal money and tax credits be steered to minority owned small businesses. And disadvantaged neighborhoods but he's faced criticism from some who say the plan is missing something reparations for slavery. Earlier this month Asheville, North Carolina voted unanimously to become the first city in the south. And only the second in the country to approve reparations for African American residents. ABC's Devin Dwyer is just back from Asheville in DeVon this isn't talked about for decades but until recently. Advocating for reparations was considered pretty extreme so how did this come together and what's a city actually doing. Yeah Nashville Diana has been a bohemian back of sorts for liberals in North Carolina for years. But supporters are preparations they are told me this week as woke as they thought they were. It was seen the death of George Floyd on TV that led to a unanimous City Council vote. I feel hopeful. I feel that it has the potential to do amazing things but at the end of the day it's gonna bore down to. You know how Blix. Support and accountability comes from the community. His wolf if I thought I we'll you know like. I also realize that I have a lot of work to be my golf. The attorney her. Rate paid bureaucracy. And win we are looking at the history of preparation. Isn't he riddled with a lot of problems. The murder of George Floyd. I think it seemed to open open a window and a lot of people's minds and hearts. It was just such a bold and and unmistakable. Example of the kind of brutality that that has been happening for centuries. And I think people didn't want to be bystanders. Nashville's reparations plan does not make any direct payments to local black residents they also don't raise taxes to pay for this what it does. Is it's funny to make investments in black homeownership and business opportunities those details still have to be worked out Diane. Lot of experts skeptical that this will make a difference the wealth gap between black and white families and Asheville is significant. And some local residents told me they don't think there should be called reparations at all they see a lot of these investments. Should have been made from the beginning for black families a whole lot of debates on this issue than. And DeVon some say that this should be coming from the federal government at the federal government that reimburse state and Americans for land taken and paid Japanese Americans for the internment camps of World War II. But a recent ABC news poll found that 63%. Of Americans say they oppose making these kinds of payments so. What are the chances of this actually happening on a federal level or more broadly. Throughout the country. This being talked about here up on Capitol Hill Diane house Democrats are actually promising this year for the first time. To pass a bill that would create a federal commission to study. Reparations in this country president trump and Republicans as you know are vehemently opposed here's what one Republican official North Carolina pulled us. When you located heady determine what blacks were slavery ought plots were slavery. Hell would you again if those and come up with a correct way to do it. And to may that would be nearly impossible to do. Wristed trichet notably might mean people are leaving. Some tough questions there Diane that even supporters of reparations are still debating amongst themselves it does seem. That the November election whether Democrats take the White House to control the senate could determine whether. A federal commission a reparations moves forward next year in the meantime though supporters of this issue. Say they're just happy it's being talked about right now sign of progress perhaps Diane. Devin Dwyer in Washington thanks in you can hear more of Evans reporting on this tonight on prime. At 7 PM eastern.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"The North Carolina city voted to approve restitution for slavery, becoming first city in the South to do so. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72079179","title":"Asheville becomes blueprint for reparations","url":"/US/video/asheville-blueprint-reparations-72079179"}