Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Bridging generations

Juju Chang leads a panel of multi-generational Asian Americans on the increasing violence against the Asian community and connecting the dots between generations.
46:48 | 05/14/21

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Transcript for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Bridging generations
ABC news live honors Asian Pacific American Heritage month bridging generations come here now he's GG chain. Hi everybody and wealth comments so great to have you with us here on ABC news live you know. Some of us here at ABC news were brainstorming on how best to celebrate Asian American Pacific islander heritage month which is may. And we found ourselves asking personal questions how can we have an impact full and meaningful conversation especially during these deeply painful and traumatic times. With the rising violence against Asian Americans and all of us witnessing a clear generational divide within our community on how best to respond in unite and move forward. So we invited to a small group of dynamic Asian American women from varied backgrounds and various generations. To let it all hang out we're gonna have a candid conversations about differing and sometimes frustrating we silent news about how to fight back against hate. To everyday matters like love and family pressures and the model minority messed. But much like the conversations here happening at home more with friends issues that are waiting on our minds and on our hearts we are challenging us now to take action. Since joining me to wade through it all is first and foremost journalist and author Vivian hollow who is joining us online via London. Georgia State representative in candidate for Georgia secretary of state B Nguyen who is joining us on from a day long and well deserved vacation. Come and here in the studio we have Angeles sushi is president of the Georgia Asian Pacific American Bar Association. Fans and why you associate professor doctor Doris Chang who is also a practicing and licensed psychologist and trust me we need your. Wisdom and guidance during these times welcome to you all ladies. Well first let me begin about what's weighing heavily on all of our minds I think and how many of us have been seeing the violence. And the bias attacks against Asian Americans that are on full display and how is it. Affecting use of Indian let's start with you. I think and the Asian American can tell you what's hard about the string out as fat. I think she. And it hasn't started it didn't start with coded as a minister Donald Trump. And it's actually going on Ter a very long time came only analogy are released and it really pay attention or not the but what's really really hard right now are kind of watching this happen on weak tea on social media over and over and over again and end. It's so painful insulin traumatize does he does search is she Asian elders the in the face. Henri peaks. Doris let me bring you and tell so as a psychologist the trauma of seeing these images over and over again what to. It's of that idea can we do. To take care of our psyches. It's very traumatic to see these things on repeated our brains so it's as if it's happening again and again and again it's not just an image in feels real. To us and in our bodies and so it is really important we all want to be informed citizens we all want to tune into the news and know what's going on. But it's important for us to take. You know care and notice how it's sitting in our bodies how were feeling emotionally and to understand that. It's not healthy for us to be constantly exposed to this information sit take breaks to. Be with loved ones too experienced joy and that that bolsters asked to be able to then go back out in green games and then in fight. Absolutely and I thinks that be you weren't there in Atlanta. Many Bennett outspoken on this subject and that you Wear the boots on the ground there are speaking out tell us about how it's been affecting you and how in many ways the shootings in Atlanta were galvanizing events in the Asian American community when it. That is being on the minds of needy Georgian yeah. It is at Fulton County district attorney is expected to announce whether or not she insists her deep. The and to sheeting and he crying and here is some on the street back she's not going to proceed. And in terms of treating adds that he crack and they're related to race enemy can be some consideration every race and gender are. In doing these days is a theory seems an emotional moment for all of that's. You media and Georgia and her country its dairy aren't as fat. Asian people were hurt at three Asian businesses and Harry's Aussie Asian women are net. I think so many Asian American activists in the moment we're saying that you know to complete any Asian woman in the sponsor with the sex worker is part of the sort of stereo type that we have to fight against financial eight you're a lawyer here from Atlanta. Give us a sense of sort of why it's so difficult to get hate crimes charges you know we're talking about you can do that. With the gender you can do that with was different races but in these particular cases witnesses may not. Have spoken man knocked English investigators might not have been able to have the cultural competence to to John those charges tell me about sort of the systemic problems around. I think there are those issues such you're identifying you know that that some people are not school do not well educated in terms of investigating but there's also the challenge. Hounding intend to as as a critical elements of the crime because people are not you know it's her instantly how do you express your intentions are not wearing their like I hate Asians T shirts to run around and do these crimes so it's very it's it's a challenge there's a legal challenge that I think that Asian Americans when they see what happened when they know. They were targeted I don't I don't think that there's any doubt you know they'd in the community about that regardless of whether or not it's actually charged. Interesting and yet you were talking about this idea of Asian Americans has the perpetual foreigner and you had seen a lot of online betray all for example when an Asian American colleague. Became the first Asian American judge appointed to Georgia State Supreme Court tossed a son. This so I'm assume my friend Carlo one villain she was found she was elevate this from quite liberal very excited it was coated ceremony so it was. You know that govern our and the justice coming out with her husband's. And it was you know broadcast some taste of life and some of the comments were chest. Really unbelievable he know there were comments like. During these times a Chinese woman no guns in the types of comments a lot of lights and things like that and I voted not bad about that down in the legal papers because. If it turns out just missed Millen is the fourth or fifth generation American and so I suppose the question. How many generations will it take us to become American. It if you can't become American for a five generations like what's gonna take. Absolutely and so Doris let me just ask you how many generations does it take and what is that. Miss of the perpetual foreigner that sort of unconscious bias that we've all gotten right like where you from that question. How does that play into what we're seeing right now it is so deeply embedded in our psyches as Americans. That it to be American and is to be whites. And so psychological research has shown us that as you mentioned and it's an implicit bias in our minds we see if someone with an Asian face. In in something happens and we think they're not. From here they are for and they are not truly American and so fat is playing out and being activated every time we see an Asian American. There's a way in which it creates a kind of distance are we see them is oh you are not. One of us and it's deeply damaging rated allows us to. Commit crimes in allows us to discriminate. And and feel that in some ways it's justified and it's in many ways. Weaponized that fear of the pandemic and sue Vivian let me ask you you've covered the story. Not just the Atlanta shootings but that the hate crimes in the Bay Area what. Did you see in your reporting let's send get a call Tina he talked about before about how. It's identical to treat the as a hate try and what's especially if appalled with police chief says is bad sound eat you know X as just not us. It's hard to really deeply in about it snell it's hard to really say oh this is does her sand attacks since the Asian elder because this Asian Alder ways let's each and no word you know the same suspects are targeting these businesses in China and over and over again because these businesses are. Are each in Ortiz business orders are Asian and it feels heartbeat. It feels solid targeted and you know in to help pay if anybody whiz. You know I asked as Asians we need believe you can meet. Between now there's an underlying bitter races and in that here we know there is. We can't really. Quaint Alex insanely yes this is she related business anti Asian race where we can't stay at spring and it's so hard. Absolutely there's so much to unpacked and what you just said but we have to get to a quick commercial break so let's do that and when we return. Let's look at the generational split on confronting. Racism and that conversation lonely can. We begin tonight but that deadly shooting Rampage in Georgia three different spas of the Atlanta area. Eight people killed six of them Asian women with more on the most recent hate crime against Asian Americans police arresting this man. There is news tonight about a growing incidence of racists and often violent attacks against Asian Americans in this country. And and why he is stepping up patrols and predominately Asian neighborhoods. Yeah and welcome back everybody to our generation conversation you know recent hate filled attacks on Asian Americans. I'm really unveiled a generational split in our community with young first time activist stealing at times. Maybe silence stymied by their own parents by their elders about how to confront and stand up to hate but as the attacks. Seem to escalate we have to talk about it we have to report on it but not everyone agrees that that's the right course of action so let's dive into this part of the conversation. All these calls for change are growing as Asian Americans. Kind of uncharacteristically. Perhaps take to the streets to condemn the attacks refusing to stay in the shadows any longer. Vivian you've been very outspoken although this on this you see literally say you're taking a no BS stance on and you've been having these conversations with your parents and other elders. What interactions are you getting. I am and raritan. When he at this first taking a lot of attention I was wearing shirts. But the center of quotes and honored guest at the Asians. My mom would solve that and she freaked out she said don't Wear that shirts you're gonna get beat up. In Enid images & Associates you know it's not shirts forty agent Brad it's gonna getting beat up it's nice base hits the skin he gave me. Tina annex. It's that kind of beyond that generational gap parades you know its lieutenant Kenneth don't don't be don't don't do that don't he had found. But expects knocks it it that has not been do anything. I hear so many young Asian American say. You know I was told by my parents to you know don't make anyways keep your head down but we know also tots. You know we took honors civics and we've learned that we have the audacity of believing that all men are created created equal and that we deserve equal protection of the law but each. B I'm wondering you know you are child a Vietnamese immigrants yourself and you've been outspoken in. Com as the first Vietnamese American woman to be elected to Georgia's general assembly. How does your work now in your activism reflect Spencer generational divide. Yeah me Asia in an hour news. My parents what to eat my head down and not get into any trouble and really that is fine and he easily any authority in. Gay and yet it. A lot of distractions. And turned around went case here is an hour and country and their my recent story and it happens to them in the house and we certainly understand when it comes. But he DC back do you have a history of organized. ET in this country and he DER. A reason why we aren't about art history as much as he heads its race is not school. We did it or cash for civil rights I ends. Let me since she went black Americans because you're not raise it the right to the current team nearing a racially eat the rates and property every T and T citizens. And part of why we don't know how these generations. Asian people. In this country where we're packing on these stories really only is because sex diverse group of people in Amman are angry she's rich are very different from each other and there was just in that we people are rock creek in east Asian act in this country. It for a really long time did our T bill. That sort of multi generational dearly and here here. We remember the stories in the tiny Borough workers and those who are incarcerated in Japanese incarceration and ask. This don't have the scene types of Martin Jack. And says you just trying to leash in non current. It is our well lit all of history. And you mention the Chinese exclusion act which wouldn't barred you know Asian Americans from citizenship and was so damaging to generational wealth building in that way but I don't recently learned that. Frederick Douglass the famed. African American scholar spoke out. In that era against the Chinese exclusion acts and assistant early example of this kind of solidarity that I think where we're all talking about but. Angela you mentioned you know this idea of the model minority mass. And how that in so many ways renders invisible dismiss part of the population of these talking about those who are struggling who may have. You know immigration status that they're shy about or they don't speak the language or they are in some ways rendered invisible. Quite anxious for the mom minority in the myth I think can be a screen. Against all these problems so it's like you know nothing to look at here at the school is doing great and so we Enid in in the things and I think I applaud like the younger generation like would be in my daughter my twenty year old daughter Georgia tag. Joint action you know they're controlling their narrative and I think we do need to kind of control our narrative that I think that that's sort of dad's that the damaging part of that has instead. It is sort of need a lot of our issues visible so I think you know during this time like since March were hearing from all these Asian Americans who are talking about this idea of being invisible. We're at once very very visible because we're and instantly identifiable. It'd be at a time like any other on the other hand. In our issues are invincible and word kind of we'll garden this monolithic way and I think that's that's very dangerous for us. And yet I'm seeing it from young activists that so many of them I remember I interviewed de Danza cam who helps launch a lot of this awareness and he said I I took to the streets to protest for racial equity after George wood's death. And I could never seen so many Asian American young people. Historically there have been tensions between the African American and Asian American communities but I really do sing George George Floyd. Galvanized the two communities in a way that I ever seen before I am hoping that that momentum carries over into these cases. And I'm curious start ditching your professor. I'm so you have a certain you know 30000 feet view but you also deal with young people every day in the classroom at NYU and I'm wondering what you see in that sort of young. They API. Generation. I think we're seeing some great examples of the young activists that are really. Building coalitions they are using their voice things using every platform available to them really skillfully is good it's exciting. And at the same time that's not true never when I think the points been made really while that we are. An incredibly diverse population and there's many young people who are continuing to internalize the model minority meant. In ways that are harmful to them as well concerns. That at her accent from their parents. Calling attention to themselves jeopardizing their scholarships. You know the question of like are you sure you want opposed that that could come back and and invite you and so you know I am seeing. Students struggling in this political moment of how can how can they contest these narratives how can they be authentically true but how can they also honor the sacrifices that their parents have made. I'm in I'll throw everything out. Absolutely and you see that struggle because they want to honor and led the elders that they've been raised to. Revere and yet at the same time kind of break the code as ends and act out and yet at the same time what you pointed out that that I once interviewed David Chang the shaft. Of the brand mobile soaker when he said I was made to feel. But worthless and depressed as a child because I wasn't a student and I didn't fit the model minority Mets are there ways that it hurts us internally there ways that it. Hurts us external A because that. Paul Smith is then used to pit our community against other communities of color and that can be divisive and so many different ways but. I'm curious be if you are seeing this sort of what we called the that this sort of weapon is nation of the fear of the pandemic from your constituents asserted Asians as a virus. A horrible. Chant that we're hearing at times when these attacks with her. This is something that we live win as. When Indian women of color and at 1 PMD there are times wind. People disagreeing with me on my policy positions that are seeing big do you need to attack. My race and the country from which. My here come the end engraved. Eight years have mini insidious evil if you will tell me yeah. I should just go back to Vietnam and us. Now I have my parents are to be ashamed happy for EU AE MR. And that I am Communists. Long win each other really can see Murray. And just me calling insular related TU BED in east end there's an EU and gender. And so. CEO IP. Now as thin hair and quit being a public figure and he probably many women aren't as you know let me security and sustain me. I do think that the attacks on line against women of color and women in general broadly but also women of color is something phenomena that we see. Far too much we have to take a short break but when we come back. I'm be one ask you to question about get out the vote movements especially in Georgia and how all of this is impacting us. And also news Vivian you recently wrote that you came out as Asian recently and I want to hear your answer when we come back. Welcome back to our generational conversation on API hate and how to stop bin and I will say. This segment is devoted to solutions and part of it is raising awareness and when the shootings in Atlanta happened I was telling my fellow panelists here that ABC news commissioned a breaking news special which is. Very rare an hour in prime time television. And I remember flying down to Atlanta thinking uh huh wish I had more time here we go you know again dislike. But I was so glad that we are able to quickly get that message on the air. For a front Friday night twenties when he prime time hour because we've we had a mainstream audience. And I felt like now that we have your attention let me tell you about what's been going on in my community for years and so really felt like. A moment and then by the following Monday there was another mass shooting in Colorado and are. Window of opportunity for these conversations closes so quickly so let me get back to the tease from before. Vivienne you said that you recently came out as Asian American what did you mean by bad. I'm you know I actually just about the shuttle lives you know I just I didn't modesty in America and Alcatel and the T shirt. A vicious kind of you know I I grew up and predominantly white suburb of Austin. And I you know. It was he that was an Asian and I've always been agent he can't hide it Eurasian as anybody can commit isn't big belly try as he might lead he hot that your agent. But. I. Try to downplay it and I tried to downplay it as much as I. You know the EU. You bringing the grandest scale registered to hunch. You don't bring to dump regional guerrilla servers. Year straighten your hair and you Wear it Apollo and we just don't. You don't make graves and an ego and you be any other Asian people realize. It just wrong would be different. Did something wrong with having a culture and you know having. It just being with people who are like Keogh. And it's it's nice it's east's. Absolutely. I grew up. It's sad and scared that you know my family's food smelled funny or that we've talked funny and now I walk into a Korean American restaurant in Manhattan minutes and people of all of all different backgrounds and it instills a great pride. In me but this segment is about solutions so be let me turn back to you because. I know that organizations like the Asian American legal defense fund has been working for decades to get. Voter registration bilingual ballots access T balloting tell us what's going on in Georgia visa vis the Asian American community especially given that there was so much get a vote energy around the Georgia senate races just this past cycle. And. First time that George is being. Recognized for where and you be able to build a small and racial coalition where eighty I editors are critical import each heart is no me and a code using language. Worried street and clean cereals. In lately Stewart into our only the latest on May eighteen. Sarah lot of nuances. At that for teens UA ED I am being an. Why people me hesitated what I meant it because nobody had some youths. T and we need people to invest the resources you need others their act or under any language matters. And example we are we have done where does he didn't forget what we had Z isn't that results come to fruition yeah Denver twenty Heller. And there's regal. Our results people. Donna just look at a snapshot in time where there's more teams did not me PI nationally. I had actions he's in Georgia and other places where people and I understand we are just had an important earth. I'm married and other people who go to the polls and. I'm Angela I'd be curious you and I both have twenty year old college students I know we don't look at. And yet. You know we have that vision envision a both sides of the equation and curious because your from Georgia what you're seeing. In the activism. The younger generation there's been some recent voter suppression laws. That have been enacted in Georgia and or open you know so called voter suppression laws and thoughts on the activism of that generation moving forward. And the older generation for that matter to. Well so might my twenty year old daughter Julie Chang and Georgia Tech she is so very much involved is she's very. She was a first time voters this around and she super excited she did all this research and she's you can really seriously. And I think fit then there there's a large class of Asian American young people who wouldn't traumatize. Pie. Me anti Asian rhetoric. They were really traumatized by what happened in 2016 nation heal some sense of responsibility we didn't vote had never gonna take for granted again and these kids ruling. Our generation that will not take care of her hands so they are out there and they are passionate. And I think a third minute they're teaching people like me being seen as so. I do you think that one thing I want to caution about it is to kind of troops the stuff with humility in the an empathy because I think is someone who's a little bit older. Come I see some different sides of these issues and so their passion and love the passion channeled all day long. But I do want them to consider that there are other perspectives and sort of like you know incorporate them into what they're doing. And so that's such a good. Parental note because I know is that there is so much devices in this that's created and certainly between communities at times. One of the things that we've learned in the anti API hate attacks is that. A full quarter of them point 5% one in four are perpetrated by people who are undergoing some sort of mental. Break. And so what is that first thought what does that say about a disordered mind doctor Chang that sees Asian Americans as as a victim. But also what does it say about the compassion and the understanding that we have to have about what is going on what is going on you know we see these mass shootings. Week after week after week we see a lot of from you know acting out that may have been happening behind closed doors taking place on the streets who would weigh in on this for us. It's important to recognize any band that. The mentally ill that live among that's our stores are struggling. In mice raises working with them and they are actually fearful. You know they're they're they're walking around the world. Feeling under attack feeling very unsafe and so what we're seeing is a lot of aggression that's a response to that feeling of fear there also. Absorbing what's in the larger culture so this you know seeing an Asian America and Asian person is a threats. Is in just the product of a disordered mind it is it is picking up on. And and a feeling in the cults her brain and so there's they're kind of just enacting what many people are probably. Feeling as well. Except they don't have as many in the same impulse control. Capabilities to the commitment keep themselves from acting on that she air planes and so you know we're trying to survive and thrive. But even though and many of our communities are really struggling. And you can see the extent of the scapegoating because the people who are often attacks of the victims that we've the reported on there's a Vietnamese family in Texas who was slashed like. You know at a at a Costco or something there's a tied grandfather in San Franciscan who has pushed to the ground and killed. That these are folks who are not even Chinese not that that matters they've never been to China and set to be blamed for a virus. Is is beyond. Nonsense and yet that is what the language that is often. Verbalize to by the attackers in the midst of these attacks according to police reports so. Again there is so much to talk about we're in a return and talk a little bit about. Found the model minority myth and the burden of the high expectations that come with that. I think some of the amino and to conduct more after break. I had no idea the book. I'm the sacrifice it would take. There were many days when I wondered if I would ask permission. But having been through it told. I know this. Much. Welcome back Matt is the unforgettable scene in crazy rich Asians where mrs. young absolutely eviscerate its Rachel choose hopes of marrying her very knowledgeable son neck. And for those of you just joining us have been chatting with these amazing. Panelists. Women all of them journalist and author Vivian how hope. Georgia representative and candidate for Georgia secretary of state be win and within the studio Angela shoe. President of the Georgia Asian Pacific American Bar Association could all the way from Georgia and NYU associate professor doctor Doris Chang. Who is also a licensed psychologist who's been giving us all therapy. All the way. From the village but as we're talking want to add one more panelists joining us now from Hong Kong in the wee hours of the morning in through writer Doris slam. Who wrote an article for Huff post titled my parents expecting to take care of them. And I don't know what to do. So door slam let me is start with you for small thank you for joining us in the middle of the night east you wrote about those expectations more kind of about money then love did you. Have a moment that was sort of the Asian guilt trip. Moment I wrote it during a time when I was back to graduate from you need. And I was feeling a lot of pressure about how to make money to support my parents because. Here at them really have. Retirement plan and I was Isa actually their retirement plan at stealing a lot of pressure. And so islands in the article I basically teach killed. Powell I was hearing a lot of pressure from parents because they used DiLeo Piet she as a wave sue. Can't pressure me and sue are helping them and supporting them. And for those who don't know what Philly a piety as it's basically. I've Chinese. Tradition and our way to honor our parents and thinking our elders for. Supporting them for supporting us patents. For all of sacrificed since they've made so. The younger generation is supposed to take care of our elders after re grow up. And that is I'm that is culturally well known in so many Asian cultures and yet it goes on steroids when you immigrate to the United States on some level because. They then sacrificed. Themselves so much for your well being said the guilt is just layered on top of that I'm wondering. How you Doris were able to navigate that sort of cultural divide and also let them know. The pressure that you were feeling. I think growing. My parents sacrificed a lot for me just like any other parents way. And it's I have had to feel very grateful for obviously but also there's this that connect cultured. Because I more westernized Friendster more traditional. So I have to navigate whether I which become the very traditional daughter that they want to. Horror follow my own half third find in between that we need some air. That is so profound stuck between two worlds I think many of us know that feeling and doctor Doris Chang the other Doris. She found out when you talk a little bit about that sort of very well known stereotype right of the tiger mom. That is literally the Asian American mom who's like pressuring her kids to be perfect to be in line with the model minority in my arrayed Angela. And and how what kind of pressure that. Puts on kids and also is that simply an Asian thing is that an immigrant thing or is that sort of like just to strive being American idea of like. Bootstraps. Six. Re right I am I think it's in Frederick I think every every mother loves their child's brain but for many Chinese immigrants who came to this country particularly recently. They did make a tremendous sacrifices they gave up very well paying jobs and their countries of origin. In the hopes of giving their children about her life and named a saw the way that. Deb society stratified that in the best path forward would be through education. And and really channel their enemies and in colts' training kids to get into the best colleges that they cut it. Instead they used kind of what the best strategies they can think to help their kids be as successful as possible. But what we're saying is that it has had. The effective. I'm creating a lot of pressure on kids and Asian kids talk about experiencing up so much familial pressure. And internal rising India that they are only as good as their last test score. And so what we see in in the mental health space later on is that these kids are really trying to. The green redefine themselves. Mask as hold people not just in terms of their achievements. And at the same time we're we're you know also recognizing that for the parents. An and cover all the sacrifices that happened. Made it's a very difficult fork in the road and I often tell the story about when I went off to college and I had you know my well meaning parents won immunity an engineer anchor of the Silicon Valley for gonna sex. So I took all the freshman engineering pre engineering courses and I took the required political science course. And I promptly got a 27 out of a hundred on my first campus midtown. Therefore breaking the stereotype that Asian Americans are going to be just. Putting him out there how for however not wanting to reinforce the stereotype that women are good at math aren't good enough because they are. But it for the first time simultaneously I got an a plus in political science and and I really felt like this was the first time where I felt like I'm gonna do something for myself. And and found Doris in Hong Kong I think that's what you're talking about is like trying to navigate. On that distinction but BO want to bring you in on this team because you you know you grew up immigrant parents on the UN into the politics that must've been. Common interest in conversation with. Yeah. Well as teenagers high on it is always whining TU. Honor my parents heights is me and leave them in whenever we thought hey. You know any humor in excellent I'm praying and we read or are handing him over here would not be better for his tire tracks when you. Are already there are a and it was well let me to do more public school in public policy and Hebron and speak at this. I saw as a way each aren't parents legacy but I. You organized the Hadley collecting currency system zags. Oh absolutely I think so many of us in the Asian American community understand that burden of somebody else's sacrifice and wanting to be worthy. Of that sacrifice that they made Dutch. You know I will say BI don't speak Vietnamese but I do speak momma bear and I can guarantee you that your parents are inordinately. Deeply and profoundly proud of the work that you're doing I know I certainly down. Tom we have more to get to in this conversation going to adult quick break and it ends and continue on stay with us. And welcome back we are continuing our fascinating discussion with our panel. Of women who are so dynamic and thoughtful Vivian ho and represented. The wind Doris lamb doctor Doris staying here in the studio. You know a lot of that the success of conquering hate rides on this conversation in this multi conversational generational. Conversation or having an end after champs curious you know usage you see so many of us trying to have these conversations. Grade so I stick with a lot of folks a lot of Asian American few days you are. Thinking a lot they're wanting to talk. They don't necessarily have the language in the frameworks to how those conversations within their own families. But I know parents are struggling and wanting to have conversations with their young children. As well as your teenagers. And also their parents and and so what I would do just really want to state and to all of you are startling when these conversations. Is it so important to have these conversations. Into lists and to ask good questions. Seemed to be president and listen to what your elders are saying to you to not judge them to understand that they have their own life histories that. Bring this. Bring them to this moment and I and give them a different perspective on what is happening and with our young children we want to start to talk to them about what it means to be Asian. The lessons we want to pass on to them in terms of our our own pride the joy of being Asian American. And also to being very realistic and helping them understand what it means to be racial wised in this country. In to fill in some of those historical gaps for them around the history of Asian American including a history of oppression as well as history of the resilience resistance. Absolutely and it is I've had so many conversations with congresswoman grace Meng who talks about the tock. That she had with her young boys and should be forthright about the fact that you know some people continue differently because the way you look. And yet to be able to take that and and still take pride near care heritage and move forward without that you know. Angela you and I were talking about how. So many of these conversations were sparked by a vote spot shootings in Atlanta and that there was a galvanizing moment in our community which. Involves fifteen plus different countries dozens of different languages even. You know different ends of the political spectrum but everyone seemed to stand up against heat in that moment. What kind of conversations to use seat being Smart. So yeah I think it is true eat away. Those less in the Asian American community wants to live of krona virus can ruled kind of things on the fringes of his national news for an entire year. And then this. Shooting in Atlanta and we look it really was a galvanizing. Come home and did. And that they're the kinds of conversations I mean this Asian bear king who found heritage month is like no others in in my experience. You know there are conversations happening at page appropriations or conversations in criminal law firm down and come decisions having our law firm. There are you know. They're very sought after speakers Asian American speakers are aren't going you're in speaking out in a way that I really don't look call on ever happening and everybody is kind coming together in an awaited I think. I know I hope it's a permanent and lasting fame. And you said though much of it was in many ways ricocheting off of the conversation that began a year ago. With George Floyd's murder and so many people taking to the streets and talking about a racial. Awareness a racial awakening. And a conversation that really has to do with a broader conversation about. Race I think that the idea. You know that that its other peace with social justice it's a book she's Swiss you know what happened in George Flint I don't. I assume he's a separate movement and I think said that that community was finally saying look care issues here secure things have been happening for a long time it's finally visible we have cameras. You know we took our Smart when we get we gave visibility to something that happens. And sit you know and in so assume galvanized much conversations and then me I think these conversations that we possibly because people are finally listening to these issues. And you know and and so I think it's fat unveiling sheriff you know that the shootings in Atlanta was sort of an unveiling a Psycho here. Are things that are happening penalties from places absolutely and no one really knew about it. I want to bring in our young folks here that's tourists from Hong Kong and Vivian tuned in B for that matter but. A lot of these conversations are happening on lines some curious what you're seeing in terms of solutions. Com an online because you know Weathers clubhouse or Twitter or tick tock I mean my kids hate it when I admit that I love tick -- but. I've seen so many interesting on to talk I Cy Young activists saying you know she took it upon herself to. Translate pamphlets on how to report a Tom Doris have been curious what you're saying. Only I think the big thing is just too. Be willing to talk about and will be willing to have conversations about it went to court curious. To educate them actors. Not familiar with these issues because a lot of power cars have no idea what's going on. Yond Hong Kong so a lot of times we have to talk about and start the conversation. Educate them. And that the Vivian what are you seeing either online or in the real world and and working towards. Feeling. Well you know I just it's so complicated is an end because you know at. As are just talking about you know it's that such. Almost Chilean American issue. I mean this sort of racism though. We experienced in the United States it's selling grain in the history of the united CX what I really comes down to really is education and end. That's where you note that that's where I had a you know aware outright. It's a lot of the youth a lot of the younger people are relieved just kinda getting down and really talking about the issues soundly talking about. The roots of where all of these. Where all the teacher comes from where where it begins the end I'll news. The hottest shopping and how to stop believing beast things and. That's where we kind of soft test can be where where as soon running out of time I can't believe read this conversation has been so full sun but. You know when when I've interviewed at Chinatown activist or community. Organizers announced them what can people do. To help 11010 activists said com have dinner. In Chinatown. Come buying things from. Has done more harm. Two on some of these populations who have lived in generational poverty. Com and then on top of the you know Asian Americans like. African Americans. Are disproportionately represented in small businesses often because you hit the bamboo ceiling or. African Americans weren't welcome in the corporate settings so we are disproportionately. Represented in small businesses. Which are disproportionately. Hurt during the pandemic and so in many ways you know I've seen of people put out apps for your black businesses you can. You know contribute to or take part in an in the same goes for the Asian American community and then that we get to the social activism space where you live be a wonder what. When you look towards solutions on the horizon what kinds of solutions. Do you see. Well I I don't know legislators got and so we started seeing that hurt and how we do Asian games to rebuild one and is. See you require congress Oscars TD cultural competency training and meet her there aren't that. Did curriculum exists it's not mean it more it's optional and that is not a big just for the Asian very needy but some bar all communities of color. Miyazaki. And diesel legislation went and ZY mediatory and I won when translation services which somehow. All right ads in the Lindsay should be able teams. Calling 91 and half and related services to during times of emergency net earned a liberal arts teacher accidentally slipped and other Britons and Americans but it's around I'm it is requiring prior day waiting period to purchase a firearm in the city cheating. He says pregnancy is higher and seeing gay wing and and killed eight people. And New Jersey is leading the way we all Asians living in this country you matter what side of the idol you are on and GE. People. Overwhelmingly. Won gun safety masters and there are key for us you Christa had she. Forward that is so much energy around these issues and I'm so grateful to each of our panelists but let's and on one. Uplifting positive note if we can in the songs from the actress Sandra Oh and when I asked each have you what makes you most proud. Of being Asian American and so Vivian let me start with you. Now that you've come out. Oh yeah I mean we're pretty unique and mean essence. Everything everything about being aged sixty happy everything. That's a good fun I like that and the Doris in Hong Kong again such gratitude for you joining us. Just play video of everything about it I love our culture lover traditions I love our values fell over food that can tell me that everything. That's off them and being him. And those who hate CNN whereas addition I think for me it has union EB abilities are really. PM 800 CNN. What it's like to be a very end cranky nineteen gap. In relief hundreds. And other people's she's and you just never really deeply into the clintons are back. That's amazing and Angela. I'm. We're really greedy determined culture and that's what I love about Asian Americans that think that we can share that absolutely I love that and doctor Chang. I I also really love that came into town but I I think the thing that is most meaningful to me in nineteen distinguishes it fast in some ways is. Our focus on the group. Group well being. A collective mystic. And sense of self and that we are responsible to one another and I'm your behavior affects me and my behavior affects you. That is such a brilliant way to end this conversation I appreciate it I actually think it's never one of your answers was brilliant thank you ladies home wives for. Sharing your lived experiences for sharing your insights as a fascinating conversation. And to all of you at home is zooming in takes some time for some self care and thank you for coming with us on this journey. And remember this is not the end of the conversation this is just the beginning to get right here on ABC news lives and happy Asian American Pacific islander heritage month. I think it was just.

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