Bernice King on MLK's Message Reverberating From Coast to Coast

Daughter of famed civil rights leader discusses the impact of her father's dream.
9:17 | 08/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bernice King on MLK's Message Reverberating From Coast to Coast
And I'm. And his I had. -- I don't aren't. It. -- -- Tonight I -- I -- It. I had agencies. Have -- innocently get. Out of -- hat. Had had an audience. But today is the longest day. Honest -- that you -- witness. Patents used. You. I hit him. With immigrants to. Hey you know an honest ahead. -- -- and accidents. That you. The president did not -- Today cannot hand and an eminently -- -- holds its. But it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. This kind of I'm -- liberal -- -- today is the trip to acquire. Thanks so -- Panama. If it works. Did -- -- the day. The Sox. Just raining in miss him and I -- think it. I -- the itinerary makes and as a -- spot. The anticipation. Is remains -- an immigrant. All the evil little in Atlanta. Citizens have -- and instruments. Yeah -- yeah. Get us to the next time cities. Towns. And in this case and it. -- -- -- -- They're hurting because of the freedom justice and the hot hand post as 1960. Degree. And -- -- and calls. Yeah. Him and even around an hour. And and is -- -- -- -- -- hand. To see how. Does that happen. The anyway. Half and then positive right I just. The Hastings -- -- yeah. -- these days yet. We have weakness really -- to let freedom all of the race I don't know. Religion. National origin disability. Acts -- a little piece. Fifty years. Yeah ahead and this year it's really. We use anything I was singing yeah yeah. Okay head and his honestly yeah yeah. -- happening -- the Manassas. I had my ignorant yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you can't see things. Like honestly we can't just another attempt to an end to an -- and -- -- -- Any attack. And equity units Hamas test track Anaheim's -- Error when he. He's just and let me ask it's called freedom. Yeah. It is perhaps -- king. -- impact. It is let's. A -- Pissed -- us on all. I'll remember hearing. The anniversary. I don't know. Settings -- double and an outlet and it includes. 300 isn't out. And it and in every minute. The only the -- that you don't really. Have been passed really depends -- looks of it. And he was at -- ours is something else. He had hair newly -- wants him to this -- head hunters have the late in the students act. In a note to rejuvenate. The clintons -- Today yeah. -- we -- Medical. Practices. And how -- He'd had an impact. It can articulate. -- -- Pass hey how. Yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm just as these -- yeah. -- -- -- -- So yeah. Anyway and anyhow he -- -- that's what. Happened. And yeah. And just it's. Just a -- him. I'm happy it's doing just. At the end to the aspirin we didn't write it -- yeah. -- is well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hannity and -- not really didn't canvas with a items look at -- The don't have like us. -- -- -- -- And haven't we would have to rip. Because there. Case and -- I have. To the -- yes we did that to the games. In -- Incidentally. Eat is what would happen. It is in -- -- Incredible. Really I'm. -- -- And and -- Okay and he asked -- a million it yeah yeah yeah. It really doesn't have any experience. But. Didn't that happens to see you at citizens and -- -- having -- And is back. We want to continues. I'm really nice little monument didn't you have to unit and -- in its. -- -- -- and you can access. Them. Power and greed and sadness. The details. -- -- -- yeah. Its. Just. -- what the senate candidate. -- yeah. -- -- Yeah -- -- yeah I can't eat my. And the best that it wouldn't happen. And yeah NBA. At least -- yeah. Yeah. And constantly. -- -- And. -- made. Okay.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

{"id":20100064,"title":"Bernice King on MLK's Message Reverberating From Coast to Coast","duration":"9:17","description":"Daughter of famed civil rights leader discusses the impact of her father's dream.","url":"/US/video/bernice-king-mlks-message-reverberating-coast-coast-20100064","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}