Biden comments on Colonial pipeline ransomware attack

President Joe Biden detailed the initiatives the administration is taking to prevent future attacks from happening while urging Americans not to panic.
9:07 | 05/13/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Biden comments on Colonial pipeline ransomware attack
Update everyone on the average consumer cyber attack that. Impacted on the colonial pipeline over this past week. As of yesterday evening at colonial has begun and restarting the flow of refined products in their pipeline. This morning cooling reported dead fuel is beginning to flow to majority in the markets that they service. And they should be reaching full operational capacity. As we speak as I speak to right now. That is good news. And want to be clear. Who not feel the effects at the pump immediately. This is not like flicking a light switch this pipeline is 5500. Miles long. It had never been fully shut down its entire history. And so. The so fully and we have to now they have to safely and fully returned to normal operations. And it's going to take some time. And there may be some who could kick kick cups like I just had along the way here. Still hope we expect to see your region by region return to normalcy beginning this weekend. And continuing into next week. In the meantime I want to update you on what our administration is doing to accelerate this process. To mitigate shortages and to protect you from price gouging. Picked American people from price caps and all those along the line. First. We're relaxed rules for pipeline operators to provide flexibility for emergency personnel. To help manually get portions of the pipeline up and running earlier this week. Second lead over the weekend we reviewed and work with the company. To get a portion of the pipeline system from North Carolina Maryland operating under manual control. And delivers secure easy pick to deliver its existing inventory. In addition we've put in place emergency orders that lifts hours the hours restrictions. How allowed states to lift the weight restrictions. For tank truck drivers to be on the road this allows those drivers to work more and carry more fuel to manufacture regions. Third. The Environmental Protection Agency issues targeted. Twenty day waiver. Of standards in several states to give fuel suppliers. More flexibility use available fuels where they're needed. Which will boost fuel supply. And those those last two actions of made tens of millions of gallons of additional fuel available each day to be able to me distributed. Put another way extraordinary measures the administration has taken we estimate. Send enough gas to stations to fill the tanks were five million vehicles in the last few days. As part of an effort to use every possible means to accelerate actual deliveries. Last night and granted a waiver of the Jones act. Two fuel suppliers. This allows non US flag vessels to transport refined fuel products. From the Gulf of Mexico to affected areas. And we'll grant an additional waivers if necessary. These steps are temporary but there remain in place into a full service is fully restore. This is so a whole of government response to get more fuel more quickly to where it's needed and to limit the pain. Being felt by American customers. Now here's what drives into the dryer her in the states. That are affected patient that you couldn't do you do drivers don't panic number one. I know seen lying to them Tom certain gas stations with no gas can be extremely stressful. But this is a temporary situation. Do not get more gas than you need the next few days. As I said we expect the situation to begin to improve by the weekend and in the early next sweeping gasoline supplies coming back. Online. And penny final only slow the process. And I also want to. Say something to the gas stations. Do not. I repeat do not. Tried to take advantage of consumers during this time. I'm gonna work with governors of the affected states. To put a stop to Trace county wherever or crisis. And I'm asking our federal agencies stand ready to provide assistance. To state level efforts to monitor and address any price gouging at the pop. Nobody should be using the situation for financial gain. That's what the hackers are trying to do that's who they are about not us that's not who we are. And asked for the people who carried out this attack. The FBI's released details on the attack so others can take steps to France from being victimized like Conan aspect. We do not believe present we do not believe the Russian government was involved in this attack. But we do have strong reason to believe that the criminals who did the attack. Are literally and in Russia. That's where it came from were from Russia. We have been in direct communications Moscow about the imperative. For responsible countries and take decisive action against these ransom where networks. We're also gonna pursue a measure to disrupt their ability to operate. And our Justice Department has launched a new task force. Dedicated to prosecuting ransom where hackers to the full extent of the law. And finally let me say that this event is providing an urge your reminder. Of why we need to Harden our infrastructure. And make it more resilient against all threats natural and man made. My administration is continuing and to safeguard our critical infrastructure the majority of which is privately owned and managed like colonial pipeline. Private entity cern charge of their own cyber security. And we need. Anyway we have to we know we know what they need gaining greater private sector investment and cyber security. And that's why we launched a new public private initiative in April. That is focusing on strengths and these cyber security in the electric sector. For natural gas for pipelines. As well as water systems and other lifeline sectors. To last night I signed an executive order turned true the nation's cyber security. He calls for federal agencies to work more closely with the private sector to share information. Strengthens cyber security practices and deploy technologies. An increase reliance against cyber attacks. It outlines innovative ways the government will drive to deliver security and software. Using federal buying power to jump start the market and improve the products at all Americans use. To assist in this urgent work of protecting our nation's return our nation against cyber attacks. I'm calling on the United States senate to move quickly confirmed Chris endless. As our national cyber director engine easterly. To be the director of cyber security and infrastructure. Security agency at the department of home security. And America. We've seen critical and an ambient infrastructure taken offline by floods. Fires storms and criminal hackers. Can Texas last month we saw what happens when storms shouldn't power systems and aren't fully modernized. Or ready to prevent threats of extreme weather with tragic results. Now our senior effective criminal hackers. With gas lines throughout the southwest side mission in the southeast. And weren't hurt competition. When China and the rest of the world when the 21 century economically. We're not gonna win and competing with an infrastructure. That is out of the twentieth century. We need a modern infrastructure. My American jobs plan includes transformative investments. Can modernize it is securing our critical infrastructure. Later this afternoon I'll be meeting with Republican senators to discuss ways we can move forward. On modernizing the infrastructure we have today and building the infrastructure we need for tomorrow. I'm willing to negotiate and I've indicated yesterday to house members. Pens have leadership. But it's clear than ever that Dewey nothing is not an option. Again. We expect things return to normal over the next summer days. I will be monitored colonials progress and the federal government support every step of the way. So stay strong. Help was on the way really get through this as we always do as Americans we're doing together. It's going to be quick. God bless you all thank god protect our troops.

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{"duration":"9:07","description":"President Joe Biden detailed the initiatives the administration is taking to prevent future attacks from happening while urging Americans not to panic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77668413","title":"Biden comments on Colonial pipeline ransomware attack","url":"/US/video/biden-comments-colonial-pipeline-ransomware-attack-77668413"}