Biden official lays out climate plan

A climate official for President Joe Biden talks about his new executive orders to address the climate crisis.
4:45 | 01/27/21

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Transcript for Biden official lays out climate plan
Whenever he recommended women who don't Cole and build the nation. Or do right by the make sure they have opportunities to keep building the nation in their communities. And getting paid well horror where it takes money invest in the clean energy jobs. Millions of jobs in wind solar car caption. So that was president Joseph Biden this afternoon declaring this climb it day at the White House and signing. Those extensive executive orders that we covered earlier so joining us now to talk more about what divides castration is trying to accomplish. And how they plan on. Adding millions of good jobs they say the US work force are always eighty use deputy national climate advisor Ali thanks for being with us. Lobby so. Guys during election season I was up in like a lot of reporters up and northwestern Pennsylvania a lot of fracking up there talking to workers up there who were. He actually convinced they see how the oil and gas industry in the fracking is ship there had changed their communities really brought them back from the dead is still what how they put it. So despite. The president's modern rhetoric on this they. Our concern a lot of progressives. In the Democratic Party are advising him may be others. They don't believe there's not going to be a ban on fracking aside from his room reassurance today. And general are you approaching. All the people not just in Pennsylvania but who are depend on that aspect of the oil and gas and energy industry. Thanks so much should and that's a great question I'm I'm actually from northwest Pennsylvania I grew up there are those are folks. Com I know very well and Saddam. You know there's an excitement about. The shift. In that the economy. Towards clean energy and the opportunity that brings for folks. Heads manufacture. And install. Really participate. Just through the supply chain and all the way. Two thus to the installation. Of these incredible technologies that wolf grow our economy grow jobs. As you noted president Biden was very clear about his position. It's a focus. In terms of some today's executive order was largely on the our posture with regard to public lands. But that we're so excited to be able to put the throw weight of the federal government. Behind this jobs opportunity. Create good paying union jobs all around the country doing this work. Play it's it's great to hear your your front that predators are you get it right ahead and the ambition that you're talking to the president signed an executive order is quite ambitious. On its long list of goals. That we saw there as you said they'd there's jobs is putting climate change front and center of foreign policy and national security decisions establishing. A national task force including 21 government agencies directed federal government he's carbon pollution free electricity and zero emission made in America vehicles. Pauses new oil and gas. Leases on public lands now that watts was getting some push back already. From the industry and Republicans in congress they say is just going to push energy producers overseas so on natural gas you your response. Look who we have then again very clear on this point. Himself focus. Here is about new leases on. Public lands for the development of oil and gas. That's a commitment that the president had made. To make sure that we're the deriving its full value from those resources that were protecting them for public. For public good and for future generations. But a look at the in the industry continues. Two. The be able to operate it and we know we've got our tremendous opportunity in. Footing for example controls on the emissions of methane. That's gonna employee. Folks across the supply chain and again bright at the well head in helping. Tamp down those leaks. But this is not a policy. That's focused on private lands it's not. It's something that impacts it. Existing. Legal leases. This is about. Making sure that as we looked at our federal fossil fuel program. That were doing it in a way that's thoughtful and consistent. With the goals that had been set out. Holly is eighty. Deputy national climate advisor thanks very much. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"A climate official for President Joe Biden talks about his new executive orders to address the climate crisis. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75523395","title":"Biden official lays out climate plan","url":"/US/video/biden-official-lays-climate-plan-75523395"}