Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison

The judge called the actor and comedian a sexually violent predator.
15:12 | 09/25/18

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Transcript for Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison
Diane Maceda for ABC news live we're continuing this breaking news coverage of that sentencing in the case of Bill Cosby. He has just received 38 to ten years in prison for three counts of sexual assault. Three counts of indecent assault in the 2004 drugging and molestation of former temple basketball coach Andrea con Stan I have Troy Slaton. A former sex crime prosecutor from Los Angeles on the phone with us now try what do you make of the sentence. Well it's it's what we expected. The judge that range of anywhere up to ten years. And the prosecutors were asking for five to ten. All three conviction where merged into one for the purposes. Sentencing and what it means for Bill Cosby is. He won't even be eligible for her role in bill three years out collapse and that's assuming that. That is up appellate attorneys are unsuccessful. Attorney the other big thing in this is what we learned a little bit earlier today which was the big question of whether or not the judge would designate Cosby as sexually violent predator. We know of course he did that means he now has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. He has to seek treatment for the rest of his life than anywhere he lives in Pennsylvania authorities will notify. The public. How much do think that impacted. The amount of time he ended up getting and what is the defense do from here. Well but what think the second question first. Bill cod the already has appellate attorneys that worked in the courtroom under Pennsylvania law in order to be able to start the appellate brought that. He had to be sentenced her. Though that happen and now the field who began. One question that onlookers have is whether or not that judge is going to allow him to remain free on the one million dollars bond. Even if he'll. I think based on the judge designating him the sexually violent predator and sentencing him in state prison for three to ten year when him. Dean remanded to the custody of the sheriff it is very likely. And him remain out. Free on that million dollars bond is very unlikely. Now now that team that. Being the designated as sexually violent predator. Have impact sport the rest of the polite as you indicated he it will be on the national but. Offender registry yet you one Pete out register with police every. Every three months quarterly and he'll have to undergo light behind counseling. For his. Right that's right slate floors former sex crimes prosecutor in Los Angeles try thanks so much. For joining us on a check in with Lindsey Davis who's there at the court Lindsay what was the reaction like when the judge started doling out the sentence. It was quiet there are actually a lot of people are kind of looking around on a little bit unsure of what it just happened because it was such a wide span. Three to ten years and I think that. Many in the media many of the accusers were expecting a definitive answer you know certain on a number of months or certain number. Of years but in general Bill Cosby did not react at all there was no movement he didn't change his position. And women who were sitting to my left in the back road Everett number of kospi accusers in court probably about a dozen. They had actually started handing out tissues down arrow as soon as the judge came in so even before he began his first word and they were all. Holding hands along that entire row in a lot fingers and they began just nodding their heads. And crying and you know the last time when the verdict actually came down. Many of them started crying out loud and they got kicked out of court in so. All of them and it just silently. In some cases sobbing today based on this reaction even land. A few hours earlier when the judge has decided that he was going to give. Cosby that classification of a sexually violent predator you saw the tears then. And the the hand holding in the padding at each other. Even at that point and so it seems like they're happy I mean really this is what the the district attorney's office and asked for. The Astros five to ten years they asked for any active 'cause it would have to pay the 25000 dollar fee and that the prosecution's. Charges were fees would have to be repaid. Back like Bill Cosby and so. For all intense and premises. They got exactly what they asked were you know the defense attorney Joseph green had been asking for house arrest or probation citing. That he was 81 years old that he was lying that he was not self sufficient. Citing the recidivism rates that once you get. To be older than seventy years old. That it was highly unlikely that you would sexually assault someone once again saying that. Look how abuses of the first time offender and that there's no record that he committed any. Additional crime or assault. Within the last fourteen years but none of it worked in the end you know the judge made it very clear saying. Nolan is above the law Ali you excited Bible scripture at one point and saying it was very sorry. You know wanted to build house before basically how far. He had fallen it was quite a moment really know for those of us who remember Bill Cosby in his heyday with you know jello. Commercials and and Coca-Cola and the Cosby's show. Quite a moment that yesterday wanted to 'cause the accusers told me playing Cortese that being here in court for this reason. It's surreal. At last fall from grace in the south of the judge actually address that make a statement about fallen angels and the higher they live now harder they fall yes. I wonder is there we're watching some live video now of people and being out of the courtroom. Do we know yet if it will go immediately behind bars or if the judge allowed him now. It. You know is widely speculated that he was going to be handcuffed in court and then taken immediately to jail but again that was just speculation. And now that I left the courtroom I couldn't give you the exact update as far as whether or not that determination. Has been made but of course. The moment that we know we'll pass them along to Diane. Lindsay banks that want to bring in as sunny Hostin is if you could stay with us to. Sonny what do you make of this three to ten years Atlantic pointed that's a pretty big range and some people are expecting something a little more precise. Well. You know the sentencing guidelines provide for a range of perhaps 22 to 36 months of this is completely within. The guideline range and of people feel uncomfortable when they hear wolf three to ten it should be just ten or should be just three. That's just not how it works. I will tell you what was striking to me was the prosecution asked for five to ten or at least the Max of ten years. The defense was asking for probation or house arrest. This fits squarely within the guidelines so much so that it tells me that this judge looked at Bill Cosby as he would have any. Other defendant no lucky breaks are being a celebrity. No looking breakthrough being 81 being frail being blind and that is really how justice is supposed to work so when you look at. How would judge comes up with the sentence the judge has to look at a previous criminal record here there was none the judge has to look at the seriousness of the crime we're talking about a sexually violent predator. Only about 10% of people that are on the sexual. Offender registry qualify as sexually violent. Predators with a lifetime counseling requirement so that goes to show you how serious the offenses and then the judge looks at mitigating factors perhaps he's 81. Perhaps he's you know has a loving family and then the aggravating factors. We have to remember Andrea Conn stands five page victim impact statement which the judge quoted from it's extremely powerful. And I suspect that the judge looked at that and looked at the fact that she said it ruined her life in determining the sentence so when you look at all of those factors. This this sentence is completely appropriate and they're saying that it doesn't look like he got lucky breaks for being a celebrity the defense tried to have this judge. Recuse himself a few times and do you think they could argue that he came down harder on Cosby. Because of his celebrity status I don't think so not at all exactly because this falls within what the sentencing guidelines would provide again those aren't. Mandates there just suggestions. And recommendations. But it seems to me that he was treated as any other defendant would have been treated given. The jury's verdict arts and if you could hang out us for a lot of it I think Lindsay has some news for us. On the potential bail for 'cause they Lindsay what are you hearing. So Mike Connolly who remains inside the courtroom is telling us that there is a brief recess right now Wally judge considers the argument for bail he's just heard. From both sides of course the defense argue why he spilled remain out. House on house arrest pending the appeal and the district attorney obviously asking that he be incarcerated immediately. The judge has kinda tipped his hand here's a quote that the judge to set the court's reason for not granting bail pending an appeal. He was at risk it at this stage I'm just not being treated him any differently than anyone else that comes through this court I don't supply I would. And so it sounds like that's an indication that Bill Cosby will be handcuffed inside of this courthouse we'll likely see and then. Walk with the handcuffs on down the hallway. And then leave. Through a basement. Levels in inside the courthouse today. Sonny what do you make of that and it get yet they just designated him as sexually violent. Better now seems also counter intuitive have been released and that outlook is does because you you've heard testimony. During this this sentencing hearing that he is likely to re offend that he suffers from a personality disorder a sexual dis order that he may already have chosen another victim someone that can't control themselves someone who has resisted counseling. Someone who has shown no remorse. Those are all factors that when considering whether or not so what should go on house arrest. Don't bode well for the request the other thing when you're considering. Letting someone out while the appeal is pending. Appeals take a long time an appeal in this case would be in my estimation two to three years. And you also have to think that you have to make sure that the person is not a risk of flight. The person will return back to the courthouse to start their sentences if the appeal is tonight and then lastly you have to be able to protect the community. While the person is out. If someone is a violent sexual predator how can you ensure that the community is protected so I I. It would be odd to me if the judge wouldn't start the sentence today. And that the other thing the judge as you mentioned mentioned Andrea Constance victim impact statement he said it was nothing short of powerful. He said he took into consideration when considering this sentence the big surprise yesterday were that Cosby chose not to speak and chose not to have anybody speak on his behalf. Given the sentence given what the judge said today. We're looking at a little piece of ingenious statement there's just as after the assault. I wasn't sure what it actually happened but the pain spoke volumes of shame was overwhelming self doubt and confusion kept me from turning to my family and friends as a normally did. I felt completely alone unable to trust anyone including myself and she also alluded to the fact that that continues to affect her. Today so the judge clearly took all that into account given that wasn't a mistake in your legal opinion for causing not to have spoken there have somebody advocate on its. It's it certainly is unusual you don't see that acts a sentencing hearing. In my experience it has been helpful for defendants one to accept responsibility for their actions to to show remorse three to apologize to victims. And four to also take part in counseling that is offered in so when you hats and and also. That you generally have people in the community. That stand by and say if he is. Given probation I will support him if he is given probation. I will make sure that you know he. Is an outstanding member of the community you didn't get any of that here. Do judges consider those statements from defendants each and every day absolutely they do. This judge had very little to work with in terms of Belle Constance defense team. Well now have an appeals process and work great strain going forward setting up an thank you so much for being with us always great de you're now so let's check in with Lindsey Davis outside the courtroom. Upper parting thoughts Lindsay what happens to Cosby from here. You know so it appears that we're still waiting to hear definitively that it appears that he will be sent to state prison where he will likely be kind of you know isolation really in order and for a number of reasons but also to protect him I wanted to keep them safe but also we we've heard again and again from his attorney that. He's not self sufficient so he's going to need. Help again they have said that he is completely blind and so that's gonna require. A bit of a you know one thing that I that the two points but like to just make you know it's interesting because while a judge talked about how significant impact we'll. Andrea Constance a victim impact it was she did not read it from the witness stand she only said when she got honest and very briefly yesterday. Judge you've heard what I have to say. Mr. caused his her what I have to say an armed and I'm asking for now is justice as the course he's been the thing is you know the ground work is already in place of the ball's already rolling for this appeal process that number of attorneys and judges have also said in a pass that. There is some concern about the fact that in that first trial that ended in a mistrial on the jury the jury unable to come to. One final. Verdict. That they only had that one additional prior bad acts witness and that in the retrial that they allowed for additional. And so it. It was it was quite a difference of and other people might say that it was also the climate of the need to movement it was a very different time one year later when he was retried. But that was a significantly different trial when you heard. Again and again. Four additional women on top of and your constant taking that witnessed annexing it happen to me to it happened to me to do so. Potentially it does sound like that works are under way. For an appeal. It's an amazing after years of accusations sixty Manning coming lowered. The now hit this. Moment and we know Lindsay it's not over for Crosby yet for civil cases are still pending related to sexual assault matters. And at least one attorney in one of the cases has promised her case. We'll go forward start thanks to Lindsey Davis outside the courtroom Presley and over in LA and sunny Hostin here in studio with me. For covering all of the spores in helping us to understand at all. And our thanks to you for watching us that does it for us here at ABC news live we're gonna take it back to WP BI's Philadelphia. For continuing coverage on the copy verdict Bill Cosby sentenced to three to ten years. In prison.

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