BLM co-founder: ‘Sometimes you have to be bold and courageous with what you ask for’

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors speaks to Linsey Davis about the Breonna Taylor case, the movement to defund the police, and the future of racial justice.
7:06 | 09/25/20

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Transcript for BLM co-founder: ‘Sometimes you have to be bold and courageous with what you ask for’
We want to turn back to the unrest over the Rihanna Taylor case in this national moment of so called racial reckoning. Join us tonight is Patrice colors co-founder of the black lives matter movement. Now one of the largest movements in US history she's also. An artist a political strategist and an author who is releasing a young adult version of her bestselling memoir. When they call you a terrorist also. Currently on the cover of time magazine for their 100 most influential people issue. Patrice thank you so much for joining us. Thanks for having me. So let's start with the Rihanna Taylor case no police officers been charged in connection with her killing only for endangering her neighbors. What's your reaction and does it make a difference at this was the decision of a grand jury made up of everyday citizens and not by officials. My first reaction is he just equipment and sending all envelopes. And solidarity to be honest Stanley adds that people Louisville, Kentucky based had to bear. On this even. The last supplements and this is just yet another darker. I'm it goes straight into their hearts and and it's deeply unfortunate. Attitude problem that we don't have any form. Accountability. Or law enforcement. Who her harmony chill our communities we need to do better and our elected and are Clinton official local Lee. And international level mounts stand up for each. What a get into a little bit of nuance I guess intended difference between hope and expectation. I can imagine new hope for a different outcome but did you expect a different outcome. I AE I hoped I prayed. I am witnessed. So many people. From below ground. She new Vanity Fair. She who dozens and dozens of celebrities. Choose regular folks scenery on his name. And call for a very suspect a man I really. Witnessed all of that maybe this time. Dell east some reckoning. But yeah this this is the unfortunate this. Results that I expected. And so many times like people expect. Results that as a result that is that we didn't do not receiving justice. Let's also address the violence and some of these protests like the two global police officers shot last night. Make sure that your message of nonviolence is followed and in a larger sense how much control or influence do you any other black lives matter organizers have over the demonstrations at this point. Well I don't you know really tough to folks who are out in the streets protesting did protesting. Hundreds of days now since that that the murderer George Floyd and somebody can book everybody's on the lion. Should look for black eye exactly. Am. That our movement has always cult horror and justice he's always peace. We always knew the names that's a word is the work of ensuring that Lockport sent. It's peaceful and law enforcement doesn't hurt and continue to you chill. Our community members. A U launched a hash tag defund the police and you're also working on a federal bill called the breathe act today at reallocate police funds to community care programs. How can be sure that this type of divestment won't make communities less safe and in many people are already pointing to a surge in gun violence in America's largest cities. Well. Does the surge and those are questionable statistics I wanna. You know be careful about what we say he is being sad because what we do know is that public CT. Does not boil down to it's a guy in a courtroom art. Or jail and public safety actually boils down people. Access to healthy sued having access to. Housing having access to jobs. Access to mental health care and drug and alcohol treatment. Those things that our communities so desperately needed. We are often not receiving it instead if you are about to speak follow city. County state and national budgets are budgets are largely. Due to eating more and more dollars of police and law enforcement and we got to change. And while we're talking about defund the police what are you choose those dramatic words instead of perhaps more subtle language because as you know it's the word defund the police that some people have a hard time with an and in some cases. It causes them to dismiss the black lives matter movement altogether. Absolutely I want to say that seven years don't let it. Local police and I said last class matters and started last class matter people who are also there to see this and trees people not. People was it this isn't that you don't we will acts what results each she's laying. Now seven years later. Amazon and Netflix and everybody around the globe is using black white Saturn so. Sometimes you have to. People who preaches and what he. Four and yes some people it would immediately. Class people to recognize that over policing and getting all of our money to these sources is not the way to get us to public safety. And let's talk about your new version of your best selling memoir when they call you a terrorist you share your personal stories you've. Certainly overcome a lot growing up in poverty senior feeling mistreated by police in the league in home in an early age. How your background informs who you are today as a performance artist and also in your activism. I raised. Grew up didn't cashier at Los Angeles, California and over police need your head to and policing was. Largely the old niece Sarah. And I saw the devastating impacts of hammock community and my family. And I knew that something different and you that we deserve more than what you're getting and so. My activism and my artwork are extensions by political values I believe that. All matter only that we deserve to not just lip cancer I cry. I can't believe that because Ankara the next immunity that was not seeding I'm very much from our local government and our national government. And your writing of course to young children this time around what kind of racial justice do you think of these young people could achieve in their lifetimes. Along the young people out of ax. I was a young activists. And. This is a love letter to -- here is a younger millennial saying she going icu. I am you're work matters don't lose don't give up we have your back. The young adult version of when they call you a terrorist is available now Patrice colors thank you so much for coming on the show we appreciate it. Thanks for having me.

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{"duration":"7:06","description":"Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors speaks to Linsey Davis about the Breonna Taylor case, the movement to defund the police, and the future of racial justice. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73226827","title":"BLM co-founder: ‘Sometimes you have to be bold and courageous with what you ask for’","url":"/US/video/blm-founder-bold-courageous-73226827"}