A look at Bomba, a Puerto Rican dance with African roots

ABC News’ Alex Perez reports on a Puerto Rican dance with African roots and a long history of resistance known as Bomba.
4:20 | 02/23/21

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Transcript for A look at Bomba, a Puerto Rican dance with African roots
Music is known to be an art of expression but for enslaved Africans it also served as a form of resistance. Resistance that continues from sun today has right here in our country and beyond people reflect on the history of racism is me into the last week of black history much it is is Alex stress brings us this report on the Puerto Rican dance with African roots. Known as bomb. I. I'll talk you don't want to plumbing and blow it simply can't build but I don't. Decade and Fernando. Gone against the and be a it's a mesmerizing. It's rhythmic and culturally rich musical conversation. Between dancer drummer and singer. It's gold dome behind Israel CD Santiago has dedicated her life to it. Globe long not is not only and John it's kind of gay lifestyle emblem is. Why are black and sisters from the islands have created to express themselves and I jump pretty much is still not that not disappear yeah. Enslaved Africans have forcibly brought to Puerto Rico tip toes like Luis. Home by becoming a form of communication. Even a coping mechanism. And later involving even further our unique expression of culture and resistance. It's a recess a couple of instances where all but was used during. These protests even mullah became a part of that so many people due art clean this piece. He's got a space with fewer bald. You're making yourself precedence in society because people two out home but added him before not his federally. Talking about so shut justice. More bite the England music and clean this thing. All their home one ails them a beaten Cuomo that might be something that. You'll really don't want to see those people they yeah. Look we aren't. Going to beat the as the nation. Confronts its racist past the sparked by the killing of George Floyd. Many Puerto Ricans on the island day and here on the mainland and used book by to join the protests. It calls for justice and reform. DA's have personally knew George Floyd she wrote a boom but under the 46 year old called Como the way and how it hurts yeah. Humble mobile elite group. I'm home by you back verbeek frilly. Is eight. A school for me you know just like problem bout but specifically this song is a way to remember him. And remember all had been taken away to add to this violence and racism and police rutelli each and taking balls pleasing news and changing them in Madison. Yeah. A local look Gemma. Religion you. Muslims are important rebuild but even when voting plus leave the island to the music goes with them access bottom of these Canada and great granddaughter of bill must patriarch verify -- have been. Small laugh for our family is very inclined he says is the legacy of my great grandfather and his fat money. For eight generations now this about a family has worked to preserve the sounds of moves in the history of Obama and educate people on the genre by opening up schools better schooling Kissimmee Florida named after her mother but about a says she's determined to pass down the tradition of bone but to the next generation oppressive legacy is a tradition and a tradition of those TV says Santiago says it shall never learned disappear. Mumbai is simply love are honest there's there's Holland a wave. Jules aches stress how they tell us based on their situation so. To me it's form of them demonstrating their loved to the ones who they've left behind. And villains who way to come after. Every beat every move every world peace yeah. Symbol of the past it's an expression of hope for the future and how express ABC news Chicago yeah. Love to see the little ones learning that tradition our thanks to Alex.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"ABC News’ Alex Perez reports on a Puerto Rican dance with African roots and a long history of resistance known as Bomba.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76056208","title":"A look at Bomba, a Puerto Rican dance with African roots","url":"/US/video/bomba-puerto-rican-dance-african-roots-76056208"}