‘A Brilliant Mind’ gala seeks to shine spotlight on mental health

Grammy Award-winning artist Lecrae and Silence the Shame founder Shanti Das discuss the celebrity-filled gala to raise mental health awareness.
7:11 | 05/05/21

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Transcript for ‘A Brilliant Mind’ gala seeks to shine spotlight on mental health
From August to February the percentage of adults was recent symptoms of an anxiety or depressive disorder increased. From 36%. To 42% and that percentage of those. Reporting an unmet mental health care also went op. The uptick was largest among young adults between the ages of eighteen and 29 years old and while the need for mental health services is growing. There's resistance by those who are suffering to ask for help one Atlanta based nonprofit silence the shame is working to educate and empower those who are struggling and share information about mental health resource is that could save someone's life. Tomorrow night silence shame will present at the a brilliant mind Alan to raise awareness and funds everyone from Charlemagne the god DJ nice and common to Atlanta mayor she shall Lance bottoms and senator Rafael worn off will make appearances. We can't at a gala without music of course and that's why multi Grammy Award winning platinum selling artists look Craig. We'll be bringing to the party McCray joins us now along with silence the shame founder show nineteen DOS. Welcome to the show both of you. Shantee elected to start out with you before we talk about silence ashamed. About what led you to become an advocate and it sounds like your life has has really been marked by trauma from from rolling on. Absolutely thank you for having me Lindsay out my father took his own life when I would seven months old. In 1971 and he's left my mom with three kids to raise and grant an African American culture we never went to counseling someone mom suffered for years crying and we knew she was depressed but we just didn't talk about it and so I buried a lot of those feelings and as I got older and had a successful career in the entertainment industry wants us starting dealing with. A lot of stress innings I eighty in certain triggers happen I didn't have. Healthy ways to cope. Innings when he fourteen my best friends who are unlike the exact same way that my father did in Lindsay really took me over this. And you add it crashes as having high profile career and walking away I had serious Solis I don't radiation in September of sweet sixteen I think I got help that I need it but it is been a struggle in a journey from a lot of pressure from a. And in you talk to me about this a bit already of course she left the music industry in 2009. In and you're in a very scary place in terms of your mental health but. Tell us about that time and ultimately how you survived to. Absolutely so it was 2000. I was executive vice prison in a universal small towns and I was stressed beyond measure I had developed was calls are. Articles final stimulus is what I ended up finding out as a rigs up. A direct result of the stress in my life and so it was my sister who passed away tears and eloquently system really court in Sydney on she was my one that I wince you and allowed me to be able to open up and it's so important that you have someone that you can cost you. And on the night I was experiencing suicidal radiation she encouraged me to call the national suicide prevention lifeline which is when he hundred she's 73 touch and my chest X senator grammar and doctor Raphael and he wanted to Ebenezer say I will pray with you. Did tell you gotta go to the dock. Pray move your feet right. Look Craig you've also been very open with your own struggles in an even considered suicide as well tell us about what you went through and why you decided to share your story publicly. Yeah I think the the numbers of those individuals specifically an African American community go. Without any country and poor mental illness is about them until hell. We're just significantly. I wanted to sit. When its militants an excellent. Fight against so. Part of that is media and honestly Romo struggles own saluted us census shots he does experience a lot of stress a lot of anxiety. From overworking him just traveling a lot. On just also a lot of things never. I was dealing within arm's. The looked. Issues a little justice and I am also December period are places and I was wrestling. And I was an experience in new emotion that I had a total for all of the series in. And darkness depression that I hadn't doubled foreigners 04 and point in my comment though like men maybe better just not be here at all Palmer now Grigory or have people like Sean teas and other foreigners. Who've gone ahead in the end had gotten treated and and sought an hour and his. Treatment got to help that I needed as well. And Shantee you've found a silence a shame in 2015 to combat the stigma around mental health especially communities of color who really suffered so much during a pandemic and in particular at the desk of nine George Floyd as well. Reach people who don't want to be re sure don't even know that they may need help. Great question I think one of the things that we do it sounds Schamus trying to meet people where they're at. Right through social media acting community conversations. On social media sometimes we may create a cold meet just so that people can you old enough and in and laughed. A bit but really understand a serious message we're trying to sing and X and so we like that we do the community conversations. And we just really strata or in six people on a regular basis to social media and your can't see it as well as being a bit from. You know currency and outdoor I can't. And I pray of course the need is also acute among musicians and performers in particular and you say that your working. With Silas ashamed to region that community why is that so important for you. They usually important at all costs. People and imagery entertainers and whatnot. Fill this unnecessary pressure to beat Harry Dennis pressured to perform all the time and I and he saw us. And don't even know that we're human like everyone else is we struggle like everyone else does. And we also allow us say knowledge she. A home battled mental oh. Only hurt other people you know sands an anti war orientation is in the stigma and silence shame it comes along with wrestle humans. And Shantee lastly before we go tell us what you've learned about the best approach to to give somebody help who may not know that they need it. One of the best things you can do is find someone needs to be a blend that you can talk to that won't judge you when we experiencing any sort of trauma our emotional health and wellness challenges we don't meet people judging us rice and tea and eating people where there. Really getting on top and not calling his new Akron you re right RAT first you gotta. Have people recognize those unfamiliar feeling sick they may be experiencing the second thing is to acknowledge it that's the AM rat. But we should not to accept it often times we see things that don't recognize that we'll OK that's not really be not gonna deal with. To gag not to get except it anyhow the process through its being in a process through which your PCP. There is sexy actress someone in your space to create a safe place for you to get help you eat. And I love racing meet people where they are because you're ready it looks like you're at the airport you're ready to meet people work ever they need to be met we appreciate having both of you on the show yesterday and Shantee thank you so much. Thank you for having me.

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{"duration":"7:11","description":"Grammy Award-winning artist Lecrae and Silence the Shame founder Shanti Das discuss the celebrity-filled gala to raise mental health awareness.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77493741","title":"‘A Brilliant Mind’ gala seeks to shine spotlight on mental health","url":"/US/video/brilliant-mind-gala-seeks-shine-spotlight-mental-health-77493741"}