Will Britney Spears conservatorship end?

Lawyers discuss the legal aspects of pop star Britney Spears' conservatorship and what to expect from Wednesday's hearing.
11:18 | 06/23/21

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Transcript for Will Britney Spears conservatorship end?
And joining us now to help us understand and break this all down is ABC news legal contribute China Lloyd. Family law attorney David Glass has was ABC news contributor Chris Connelly. And New York Times senior story editor and co create of that framing Brittany. Film documentary there's just so good lives days with as well welcome all. And David L I want to begin with you. Because lot of people haven't heard what a conservative ship is that's a legal term and who is normally placed underwent how Duke's. When. A conservative ship is a legal proceeding. Where someone comes to record a family member or friend and says my father or mother or aunt or uncle is incapacitated. They had eighty. Problem with their thinking they have a problem with their memory or perhaps they have a problem with their emotional functioning and they simply can't care for themselves. Or care for their money there are state. Possibly come to the court asking to be appointed to handle all those decisions for the incapacitated person. And how unusual listed for someone britney's page and apparent capacities. To beyond her conservative ship like this. It's extremely unusual got conservative ships by and large are for elderly people suffering from dementia or alzheimer's disease or an advanced psychological disorder. To see a young person conserved as relatively rare and then to see a young person conserved for thirteen years is extremely rare when you do see a young person enter into a conservative ship typically they they go for treatments. They get prescribed medication. There are motions in their logic balances out and they are able to come out of the conspirator ship. Relatively quickly and that's just not the case in this in this story. That shot for years some fans have been pointing to britney's continued ability to work and perform all this time. As Evan isn't she can take care of herself and doesn't need to be in this conserve readership how strong is that as a legal argument. And. Not strong enough for a legal argument because although she may be functioning and those day to day tasks it doesn't mean that she's able to function at a higher capacity in order to handle managing her finance. That's a different standard and show you're going to be looking at a lot of medical experts. Talking about it mental health evaluation to see if she's able to function at a higher capacity to manage her finances. Then on the flip side Jamie spears and his lawyer have said that. She would love for her to not need this conserve readership but that he's doing this in her best interest and his attorney. Has also pointed out that britney's finances have grown exponentially since that concern or ship was in stated so. How much pulled that factor into this decision. Or so. A factor for the court the court wants to make sure that whoever is going up as a candidate and service are shipped. Is managing the resource is making sure that they would use what they should do have become beneficial to the concerted. So they wanna see a financial situation that is going to be better than what because that's the purpose of the country are petition is to make sure that Noonan got financial resources are being. And lets your co creator of the documentary framing Britney which is such a deep dive and so humane a look at at this remarkable story just yesterday you and other reporters. From the New York Times reported that court documents show that britney's previously alleged to conservatives quote restricted everything from who she dated. To the color of the in her kitchen cabinets as we've been reporting. And that she's been pushing to end this conservative ship for years so we should know that ABC news has reached out to Jamie spears about that new report. Not heard back. What does your new reporting tell us I had a Briton sir today how significant is it. So. Are eager grinning as he knows reveals that you coach for years earlier than anyone New Britain has been pushing ending censorship and she even raising complaints about her father's statements in his role as conspirator ash and this is really surprising because defenders of the cancer shift happening changed should that not only is this in British best interest but that she could file and in any kind of she still wanted to watch basically implying that she wanted to be in this concern leadership. And so what surprised you most about what you read in those court documents given the what would the story up till now what people have been hearing and public. A few things surprise he knows her stuff with how troubled Britney and Jamie relationship has been from the various starter Jamie was not around very much and she is current up and he had serious alcohol issues of cash and Christina and Britney was raging in court asking 24 teach. His drinking and his status to be her cancer airwaves with really shocking each. Yet I think that was very surprising lions that Britney for the record investigator in 26 teach that she was sick of being taken advantage of and that everyone around her depended on her for their income you often hear from critics of the conspirator ship that you know this system and profits are free speech but to hear directly from her now according to lesser or it's very surprising. That Chris you've covered Britney Spears for years now you worked at and TV when her career took off and you covered her in 2008 when she was first placed. Under this conservative ship after apparently suffering a mental health crisis so what stood out to you watching her life and career through the years. And also her relationship with her father. You know there's a wonderful line in framing Britney Spears the documentary that says we don't know what we don't know. And now thanks to the reporting of the New York Times it seems like we are knowing a lot of the things that we didn't know previously. One of the things that's striking about Jamie spears involvement is when you think of pop music and fathers you think of in some cases people who are really controlling from an early stage and a pop star's career think of Joseph Jackson the way he really oversaw the creation of the Jackson 5. Mathew Knowles Brindisi about Tibetan Matthew Knowles who was no beyonce his father had division for Destiny's Child when beyonce was just eleven Joe Simpson with Ashley and that Jessica Simpson or even. When the NFL wanted sit talked sue Whitney Houston about the way she was gonna do the National Anthem they called John Houston. None of these situations applies to Jamie spears. He was not involved in the early stages of her career in any way when Britney and Lynne her mother collaborated on a book in 2000 called heart to heart. It was of 144. Page book. Jamie spears was mentioned once so this is a very unusual turn of events that he would come into her life in a professional way so late in the game and perhaps begins. For help us understand whether such mistrust here. And and Chris I wonder he talk about the history of father's parents in their in who lives and careers. Child stars young stars like this. And and he wasn't involved in this. So what does that tell you about her career and about you know why she's in this situation. Well I mean each the years she showed up it it's in the early ninety's in the late ninety's like you know like she'd stepped off the meteor right she was a star right from the drop and it was Simon that you worked on for a long time. But this have been summoned an important or her and her mother. It was her mother who and Britney was nine years old drove for all the way to Atlanta for that open call audition for the new Mickey Mouse club. It was her mother who went to New York with her when she worked as an understudy to a play. So this was very much not Jamie spears side of the aisle when it came to britney's career and so. The conflicts that they are experiencing now. Do not Blake's you know do not stem from his being involved in her career to an early age. Can head and David and I could come back to you. On this what would the court will hear from Brittany spears today. So what could impact could her statement half. In her conservative ship and her future in general. Well the court is looking to hear from Brittany exactly what she wants at this moment. What's a little bit unusual is that typically before a conservatives he addresses the court. There are pleadings on file explaining what that person wants the court to do. Here we simply don't have that her appointed attorney singling them. Came relatively out of nowhere at the last hearing and said she'd like to address the court and she'd like to do it on an expedited basis. So while what she says will be important to the court I doubt. Court can make any important decisions today because there simply aren't the pleadings that we. What Britney wants to do. It's unlikely that she has the medical records are Norris psychological testing that could prove that she has regained her capacity. Com and so we're just gonna have to wait and see what Britney has to say to the court. And Shauna but while we talk a lot about Jamie spears she's not the only person involved in this conspirator ship when it comes to britney's finances there's also a financial company. That is part of this conservative ship in partially helps manage your finances so could this decision also impact. That third party in the conservative ship. Absolutely dessert parties appointed because they typically are going to be a financial geysers are usually our party independent and they have extensive while an information about finances to assist Hampshire this can impact them because it's the conservatives trichet was dissolved and none of them would be needed or they may see Shura police in touch with someone that works or that financial company because you can always change who is heading to serve attrition. And and everybody you just come back Johnson that people might be confused about if Britney Spears comes into court and tells the judge I don't want this conservative ship or I'm I'm happy with concern ship. I'm not happy with the current conservatory my dad. Why shouldn't that goat she's it did an adult what why shouldn't that determined the course of events. The basic problem here is that. She's under a conservatory ship because at some point in the past and periodically since then the court has determined. That she lacks either the logical abilities or memory abilities or emotional modulation abilities to make decisions for herself. So until she and her legal team can prove that she has capacity she has the ability to make decisions for herself for her own person. We're guarding her own assets and earned income. What she has to say he doesn't have those underpinnings. So well again while it's important in the court wants to hear from her. Until they have all those pieces of information. That we'll show that she has regained her capacity what she has to say is not gonna rule today. A Liz what are some key points you'll be listening for today. Well no one really knows that he's gonna say it's very rare and that she speaks to the order and it's never been done publicly for all of us to be able to hear. And so you know enhance since I'm just interested to hear what it is that she wants. I doubt some of that I hope Liz day Shawna Lloyd David Glass and Chris Connelly thanks very much for helping us understand this important day. We in many ways.

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{"duration":"11:18","description":"Lawyers discuss the legal aspects of pop star Britney Spears' conservatorship and what to expect from Wednesday's hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78449046","title":"Will Britney Spears conservatorship end?","url":"/US/video/britney-spears-conservatorship-end-78449046"}