Cabin fever: budget-friendly recipes

For those of us feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen, Chef Geoffrey Zakarian of The Lambs Club and his wife and daughters share budget-friendly recipes.
4:43 | 03/24/20

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Transcript for Cabin fever: budget-friendly recipes
In this uncertain time there's one thing we all know for sure -- cooking is a way to heal and bring people together and for many people feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen, have no fear. Joining us now is chef Geoffrey Zakarian. Along with his wife Margaret and his daughters, Madeline and Anna. Thanks for being with us. Geoffrey, first off, how are you and your family doing? Well, thank you for letting us beam in from our home. We're fine. I've enlisted two sous chefs here, Madeline and Anna. My wife is the producer. We're all working hard to bring some joy to families and work with what you have in the pantry and what might work for you -- I love that. Before we get into the recipe, this is really important stuff, and this is very meaningful, too, you're on the board of city harvest, so how can people help with hunger relief right now? Because not everybody has a stacked pantry. What we do, city harvest is the largest food rescue organization and governor Cuomo has designated us as an essential service during this pandemic, that's really important, because we were doing 70 million pounds of food a year to 1.5 million new yorkers who are food insecure, that's with a vibrant economy. Imagine right now. It's really important to think about people who have even less now than they have before. And text or send a donation city You can donate. You can bring food to the truck drivers and all the people in the packing center, really, really important. We're lucky that we have food on the shelves. They're not so lucky. Thank you for spreading word on how you can help. You do have that family-friendly recipe to get us in the kitchen together. Looking forward to seeing what you're making today and using ingredients that we all can use to stretch our meals. Stretching is important. Stretch the meal, stretch the dollar and maybe stretch our tummies. Brown rice from our pantry. Believe me, I believe we're all cleaning out our pantries. I know I am. We have so much stuff in the pantry. Brown rice, we cooked it to the directions on the package. Cool it down. We're going to make two dishes. The first dish is meatball and the second is rice cake. My daughter Anna is going to put in breadcrumbs, onions, one egg. Some of the cooked rice with some red pepper flake because I have that in the pantry and a little grated cheese, salt and pepper and she's going mix that up. What we have is going to look like this after she mixes it up. A yummy meatball mixture. I have a very hot pan here with some oil and I just want to wet my hands a bit and I'm going to start making meatballs. You just do -- you make a light Patty and roll it and drop it into the pan. You don't want it to get tough. Just roll it gently. You want almost to fall apart. It should look completely irregular. Is this one thing that you don't want perfect. Perfect is like not good when you have meatball. And we have some cooking over here I want to show you, look at how yummy these look. Wow, those do look good. We going to take another pantry staple, canned tomato sauce, it's really, really good and this is from a local baker. So support your local baker. We'll pour it right in here, nothing fancy, Madeline, throw some fresh basil in there. On the stove for 10, 15 minutes, you got beautiful rice, beef meatballs. Okay, all right, now come over here, we have rice cakes. So the rice cakes, just the rice, the second half of the rice that was cooked, we added salt, pepper and some egg whites. That's it. Wow. We're making delicious rice cakes in a hot nonstick pan. One to two minutes on each side and you have a healthy, delicious rice pancake. And look at that. With little Swiss chard. How beautiful is that? Beautiful. Two dishes. And quick. Both of them so quick. One pantry staple. Girls, you want to sample. Let me bring in the meatballs. We can get the taste-testers there. I want to thank your family. We want to thank Margaret for working the camera. Madeline, Anna, Geoffrey, thank you all. We want to let who's watching you can get the recipes, head to Stay well. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"For those of us feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen, Chef Geoffrey Zakarian of The Lambs Club and his wife and daughters share budget-friendly recipes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69772216","title":"Cabin fever: budget-friendly recipes","url":"/US/video/cabin-fever-budget-friendly-recipes-69772216"}