A California community helps grant wish of boy with a congenital heart defect

5-year-old boy's wish to be a "Ghostbuster" for a day becomes true.
6:09 | 10/22/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A California community helps grant wish of boy with a congenital heart defect
I finally a story almost guaranteed. To bringing tears to your a little boy with a congenital heart defects had a dream to be a ghost buster for a day will now the make a wish foundation in the city of Sacramento. Are making it happen Qaeda whitworth is therefore is can tell us lament. About this little boy and how this whole thing came together. Diane it's incredible. To see the work that everybody here his. Ending a five year old London dreams dreams come true his waist it's. Unbelievable first. Right it's. Okay. It's just it. He has. Years news explaining his need what is that like. It's it's funny because differently is very like there's there's but it always comes back because it was seen in ages we'll come out of room where real musician you know as time goes and hoods that it get hunting ghosts and house are. Is I don't know wonder why you like to someone did somebody just grabs in. This is I think it's a little school you know the burning biodiesel loving I was homeless in skid of the company's. Eighties music plays duties on it is in. This Jesus these students peninsula. Just African Union and the united Atlantic in Alton and CNN I want it and we even San in this case. You're expecting and me. Having maybe it is the most intense. Spirit so amazing experience here like something just fifteen hours later for you to learn that he had this. Content now turning to actual. How long do we didn't know what was wrong going on the hospital here in Minnesota they do know is wrong on him and so on his heart and was twisted in missing parts in. They didn't even on they didn't know was going on in there so they flew on helicopter from citizens and is like we are so scared an appointment this team has begun to UCSF and dismiss those so called. More comfortable because doing so got his dismissal time this hundred you'll be. They have UCL. C a sentence. Surgeons doctors they have their. Just find yours alone he's now head for open heart surgery. And complications that have followed but he left the hospital on January 1. Her hands and neck yeah. So I mean he isn't taking his time to talk about Simon a walk anybody around the stones and protons accident right in front coming thinking sometimes you wonder. Some come this way at list is still right at me. Yeah. Thank him. I don't how you feel about these movies are slime covered them. I'm pregnant came out earlier yet as I don't know right now. Trying to come to spend on heating. Certain items don't yeah. How do you know very well you are really busy day ahead easy they've got all this year. They're going to be hunting goes I know he's in old town Sacramento old Sacramento where else do we know do we know where there are when are we and ask the X. Point mean these are called proton pack friend. That's correct and do what one what are we doing proton pack thanks. First. Tear you know pulled the goes down. It lets them in but it emits a field and hold them down before we can and art are. Perhaps not catch him okay Monday showed me how networks for quickly and it is an open man and OPEC entrapment. Containment unit flipped the switch. And they're no longer your problem they're no longer when this thing. This is part of our psyche to. It's we do. He put us again this comment on an immediate. Start measuring some of the readings Hulu. You have your card. So the way this goes it is. Right now let's say we have a service circles and squares and start. Sewing shop there now gaining advantage you. Close your eyes you don't look at car. Handling its job. At the start and and this fact yeah. OK and I mean I knew it was begins this your first that got to see if you have the of the psychic ability to be able leg again. Handel. OK. I don't know I have been thinking ability to handle the paranormal. Or this streaming of the raspberry. I'm and I think he's got us yeah his uncle and helping me here he's. Here. It's simmering can't bond. My degree is uneasy at an amazing thing. They've put together. All had this little boy can't thanks so much for showing us around we appreciate it and would you go even doughnut my other half please. Yeah I here. Only Latvia and we love having love little London that he is clearly a warrior he ain't afraid and now goes and he has some great taste in movies as well also looked. Percent. Analysts rate from Sacramento thanks and it.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"5-year-old boy's wish to be a \"Ghostbuster\" for a day becomes true.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58666200","title":"A California community helps grant wish of boy with a congenital heart defect","url":"/US/video/california-community-helps-grant-boy-congenital-heart-defect-58666200"}