California man stays with blind mom, battles wildfire

Brad Weldon says "everybody I know lost everything" in Paradise, California.
3:09 | 11/13/18

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Transcript for California man stays with blind mom, battles wildfire
Well we woke up around daybreak. Bad always get a wounds incomes and the San Francisco. This guy was paying anyway so fire. Check fire report said it was important which isn't that far away when you know that the winds come down that canyon like they do. Gang within. An hour went from ten anchors to 200 acres. And soon as I saw the smoke I told my blood my kid just start run and queued up on the roof blow the roof get water we've so we. We always try to keep playing. But with the window and it was hard to keep all the leaves a way so we got up got all the leaves out of the gutter and got everything away and then mean the next thing you know fire was us and my mom. Whom he wouldn't and leave. So. Kind of gives one shot stand here and fight it. So used date because your mom said she wasn't go get. What's going through your mind about filing the claims are bearing down on it. Terror really getting opposes stuff here translated and are we gonna have no water. And then within about two minutes of being able to think about that fire was here. Did it came that fast the wind was coming sixty miles an hour of from the north scrape to us. And I. This house. That one went up in this one way. It now when not one went up all these horrible one time. The win was come in this way firestorm. And sixty mile an hour winds it was coming straight at us and we both hit the ground and started watered ourselves down because we were gonna cut. And like a fire tornado a big firestorm started right up there and kind of turn the fire away from us. I believe that was James. When you look out and see what's up to paradise today what he's sit. I walked a mile and a half social actions. For Ausmus and keeping people understand how widespread this damages. Again. I doubt it is it's gone it's. Everybody else. His roots and. We must be a a little bizarre to see your house and aim and everything else got there. Feel fortunate almost guilty. Because I. I don't know violence brave enough were stupid and we stayed flooded. While morneau left even if I want burger king's show and she's ninety years old blind. And you guys are still there right now oh yeah we made it through just by the hair or teeth. All the city water went dry and we started all five gallon buckets that. We got to move doughboy pool right here. By Gayle but it's worked pretty good.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"Brad Weldon says \"everybody I know lost everything\" in Paradise, California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59162110","title":"California man stays with blind mom, battles wildfire","url":"/US/video/california-man-stays-blind-mom-battles-wildfire-59162110"}