Casey Goodson’s mother: ‘I have to be his voice’

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with the family and attorney of the Ohio man killed by police as his family says he was returning home from the dentist.
8:54 | 12/09/20

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Transcript for Casey Goodson’s mother: ‘I have to be his voice’
We now turn to a police involved shooting death thing Columbus, Ohio 23 year old Casey Goodson was shot and killed by a deputy last Friday but. The details surrounding the shooting remain unclear. The day of the incident to deputy was working as a member of the US marshals task force which was out searching for violent offenders. At some point the deputy encountered good sin in shots were fired. The deputy claims Goodson had a gun but case is good since family says that he was returning from a dentist appointment and had a subway sandwich. In his hand joining us now. Is Casey's mother channel of Payne who has represented by both Sean Walton and his co counsel Sarah gels amino of free admitting Gilbert. Temelin Shaun we thank you so much for being here first off Tamil I know that it. Saying we're sorry just falls so short. But please know that that you are certainly in our thoughts. Make it king you just start off by giving us an an understanding of how you learned. Of your son's death and and what how you were told that it happened. And home. Yeah I was at work and. My five heroes call me call me. And screaming yeah. Mommy. You don't glory days at Miami area community in Miami area he years I wasn't anywhere Obama fire bureaus. And your five year old was a witness you're right because it sounds like reports were that. Casey and put his keys in the door right into the door was was almost opened it and he ended up. Falling inside is that right. Coroner yeah career. Now show on local law enforcement if that has said that the killing was justified the FBI has just announced that there are now joining the investigation weirdest things stand with the investigation and what are the circumstances surrounding. Whether or not Casey had a gun. Innocent person for a little something as important to point out there on Friday. People on Friday on the day of the shooting that the the more she US marshals since that that she was justified. He says that only days. They this year you know investigation had taken place at that point. And so it's important to note that. It seems that the horses are not cure what the investigation. You know. Uncover. And so. From Hawaii you know this investigation has always had. A I entertaining. Asked in salute. And so beyond that their initial stage this sit. Casey was riding by a car there and he. Class or you bet that that that I can way to god. And so that just simply was not true. And beyond that I was there and those that Casey that morning that he went to the dentist here disappointment that. You know he. Despite a normal day. From that week Casey once it's a subway and headed home. And he parked in front of this is how's the walked across his neighbors are lacrosse visual work to his side to him. And at some point. Casey dentistry and oral view and his keys in the door and deputy Jason media. Fired. Shots Ed Casey and Casey fell into the house. Where he lady in this case you pollute blood next in some ways I'm just so you know to say that that's justified. And to say that you know until they Casey was shot at some point after he'd exit his vehicle. These are like she details. And it it raises questions about why he was here that justified and elite unit that. And channel at one point investigators think there were no civilian eyewitnesses but again Casey was close to home in you have family members inside of also says that there is no. Body camera footage. At this point what do you have any indication of what you feel happened and what would you like to see. Happen now going in your pursuit for for justice. Well I believe in my heart have been. In Denmark. Was martyred. Anglo who her Greenblatt yeah. That's where she knew we believe tomorrow is being given. What I want is just did it with anyone. I don't know almost a million me my my brother anyone. We were being job martyrs martyrs right now. And because he will. Court on call officer guns is not to call him. The he's oh to sir we checked it clearly does not when he does do not his first. Altercation. Candidate wishing and therefore. I want justice Hamas it is time we did is any case. My son was murdered in cold blood and that man desire should be in jail. He desire to leave parties it is you're clueless instead of the law is our beef supply is is our combat. Yankee. Yeah this teacher quality and who ever out Limbaugh did say her birthday is intentionally that there deputies are trying to. Properly. Teach team. Intel if you would just kind of give us a sense of of cool your son was. My. That is. Then maybe. You need rule any fellow lawyer immediately like me Murray. I don't know why I gave him another fifty years we grew up together. Though he was more. Like a little brother he was. Bill Clinton were tight you know I mean they are backyard fence certainly manner call them work any. Saying any harm. What's getting you through this time. Pretty. Yeah. The lungs look poorly. You know and then. Jerry then maybe. He was born. He no longer has the woman and therefore I am Hughes blues and another had a duty his wounds. The no matter what he didn't. I have to data from a we got that I don't know what else we're. I am sure but who's of course. Dish on Ohio senator Sharaud brown has said the case is another young black man who should be alive today and has said that he joins both Casey's family and the NAACP. In calling for a full investigation have you spoken to the senator and one of the next steps at this point. He knows we have nots won't win senator brown we'll look forward to to do so. But what I consider use dad you know he's he's he's correct. Sue Alston in this country. Are blessed you has weaponized and so on occasion did everything right in his life. In Abkhazia and got his own commercial driver's license Casey had area here from its Mercury carry a concealed weapons. Casey left his family occasions heart working Casey follow the law. We know Casey always always taught and Stanley about gun safety. No problem using guns and so with that in mind we noticed as soon as it is. It is frustrating day as black people we have the same rights as others in this country. Casey. Enjoy. Exercising his right here you go him. Andrew Marshall what happened that day. No allegations of wrongdoing had made. Casey was a law abiding citizen. And so. You know we stand scrutiny without senator Brown's state investigating that. You know this is this is unfortunately. Another let lives lost but it has to stop. And so as far as what they stand. At this point you know the the end deputy Jason is not made any statements from running. What he did and so the families demanding. An immediate. Answer as to where it happened. It calls the deputies who choose to take. Casey's life. Taylor. Please. Thank you Sean for your time Tamil once again our hearts go out to you we so appreciate you talking with us and in giving us. A sense of who Casey was and we we appreciate your time. I think you.

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{"duration":"8:54","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with the family and attorney of the Ohio man killed by police as his family says he was returning home from the dentist. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74616726","title":"Casey Goodson’s mother: ‘I have to be his voice’","url":"/US/video/casey-goodsons-mother-voice-74616726"}