CDC releases new guidelines for fully vaccinated people

People who are fully vaccinated can gather without masks indoors but should still wear masks and keep distance around those who have not been vaccinated.
4:37 | 03/08/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for CDC releases new guidelines for fully vaccinated people
CDC announcing guidance for what vaccinated Americans can safely do. Per the new guidelines fully vaccinated people can visit with other vaccinated people without masks. Visit with an unvaccinated person with low risk of a serious illness without masks and they do not have to quarantine if they've been in close contact with someone with Covert. Let's bring infectious disease specialist doctor Todd Halloran. For more on this now doctor iron first well what do you think about these new guidelines any surprises here. Diana I think this is great news is really a roll now when you think of it the first part of one. It's gonna guess two more personal social and really financial freedoms. I agree with a completely I think the director really came up with something because that's guarded by yet erodes the right direction. You've got into a change at all as more and more people get vaccinated. I do though more must you then get vaccinated. The more we're going to be able to Hong congregate where. Good deal more families that are vaccinated even do a healthy unvaccinated people. And you know it's going to go in the right direction we didn't hear or travel guidance which would be nice I think that's gonna come in the future as well. And the US hit a record number of two point nine million vaccines administered on Saturday if we stay at that pace or improve it going forward. Do we have supply to keep up. Right I mean that is a problem Diane over the next few months because remember Johnson Johnson is still trying to ram. They are wont to vaccines are still majority of vaccines are coming from Pfizer can adjourn so it. This case and because we need to get a second doses within three to four weeks of their first arose. Who we are and it probably hear about some delays are still going to be bumps in the road to the bottom line is we're going in the right direction and more and more Americans everyday are getting vaccinated. And you know I really think we're going to see good things in the future as far as. You're ramping down the virus. And MI he would send your questions that I got on Twitter the first one is how do we know that the deaths being counted. Our people dying of Kobe did not just people dying whisker of it. So that's a really good question and I don't want to know oversimplify if you. Cancer truly is there are some subtleties for instance you could have. A mild or moderate Colby confession. And then you could have a complication we get a pulmonary embolism a blood clot to the long you can die of you can imagine that. Cancer typically safe pulmonary embolism. As the first console war cope in nineteen we know that corporate nineteen is a cause so the answer is we got most of the time Cooley nineteen is the cause of death. I'm witness being listed Carson ones is here are so don't report is not always a 100%. And we've seen at this chart I think it was in the New York Times and we just had an up on the screen a little louder than showed excess deaths. And that's sort of tells a stark story they're can you explain that. Will basically remember I mean we're steals seeing. 2000. Deaths that Davis still the leading cause of death in the United States there is no question about that so while there always could be a little bit of underreporting or over reporting because we know there is no question corporate nineteen right now is killing more lives every day. And heart attacks or cardiovascular disease and cancer so I mean how. I think we have to focus right now we have something very real. We have to tap go and not only is more and more vaccinations important but still masking distancing when we're in public is still key. Well there were vaccinated or are not. And then the other Muir question I got as it is there's such a thing as a co would relapse. We're getting some cuts tough questions today and Diane these are. Either I'm so the answer is guaranteed is so remember there's recurrence or currencies and I didn't infected with one. Formally call in nineteen and I get re infected by another we know. Happens but it is rare relapse means I did infected with the Kobe in nineteen perhaps my symptoms have improved. Within a few weeks later I get more symptoms are now seeing virus not a different virus he can't. We JC and he's more concerning injury you don't compromise let's see you're getting chemotherapy. Where your immune system is not able to be rammed. And then you can lose control a virus so the answer is. You can see both relapses into recurrence is but both are generally rare most people recover from corporate nineteen recover completely. Bechtel and their tough questions though we appreciate you breaking them down for us thank you. Appreciate your.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"People who are fully vaccinated can gather without masks indoors but should still wear masks and keep distance around those who have not been vaccinated.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76329133","title":"CDC releases new guidelines for fully vaccinated people","url":"/US/video/cdc-releases-guidelines-fully-vaccinated-people-76329133"}