Celebrities visit Capitol Hill to speak on foster care

Actor-comedian Alec Mapa and TV personality Karamo Brown share the hurdles they've faced with adoption and the foster care system.
3:47 | 05/15/19

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Transcript for Celebrities visit Capitol Hill to speak on foster care
I turned out to a story that deserves a little bit more attention that we are could put a spotlight on here in a briefing room today. It's systemic. Discrimination in the adoption and Foster care system in our country and are wanna Zack I was up on Capitol Hill today because the story is getting a little bit of. Star power did it tag along a yeah how well they're the 120000. Children right now that are waiting for adoption in the Foster care system and most of those agencies. Our faith based institutions that are are placing them and in ten different states. There is legal. Discrimination against LG BTQ couples people based off of their marital status and even faced off with their religion in South Carolina people who are Catholic or Jewish. Have been told that they aren't able to adopt based off the that pride in it. Faith of that Foster care agency and so. I was speaking with a comedian and I was speaking with the queer eye host Alex mop and and Kamal wrote brown who are. He's famous for being with a host of queer right time attention that he is really losing some using their voice two to advocates for what they have in their family take a listen. Commuter. Share with our viewers and but the problem. That it's. Kids are facing an assist them and that parents who want to adopt are facing if they don't fit. Thank traditional. Look there are 400000 kids in Foster care system in any one given time. 100000 of those kids are up for adoption nobody wants them over the age of three nobody wants the boy that African American yanks and you adopt is an African American I and he agent my husband is white our son is black. We look like the last two minutes from it's a small world. This state is saying to me because I am a single man because decades. There are issues. So let me just make sure I understand it this is your biological sons brought rather yeah right you're already you're already a family already have. Them the biological mother supports. You having him and bringing him into and keep your family officially yet but the state got. It's that different anytime you allow someone discriminating against. Giving a child opportunity that every child deserves acceptable in our child deserves and love it's important it's. This is not something that we should be arguing. And the problem DeVon really goes both ways not only four. Four nontraditional families who want to welcome child into their home. But also for LTD TQ you who. In some states it's still legal to have that to have conversion therapy which has been widely debunked it's it's been shown to increase depression in. Suicidal tendencies among among those children. And that can still happen in some of these states so. Both foreign that children who are in the system and for families who want to be connected with them they were all there on a hell advocating for the every child deserves a family act which was introduced initially. In 2017 as a bipartisan. Bill he didn't receive traction before buses in the house this it was introduced in both the house in this kind of in the descended into senator Kirsten Gillibrand is the sponsor of it she's looking for. He Republican cosponsor doesn't have that yet and they. They feel optimistic. That this is actually a bipartisan issue that our country has evolved in our understanding that. Families are more diverse then then. Then the Leave It to Beaver sort of traditional family that Foster system adoption system need to catch it absolutely and ends up and who can argue with the idea that every child deserves an uplifting note something to follow lot of Zack always good to have you with us great to see you today.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"Actor-comedian Alec Mapa and TV personality Karamo Brown share the hurdles they've faced with adoption and the foster care system.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63064440","title":"Celebrities visit Capitol Hill to speak on foster care","url":"/US/video/celebrities-visit-capitol-hill-speak-foster-care-63064440"}