Children are among the COVID-19 ‘long haulers’

ABC News’ Stephanie Ramos reports on the children battling the debilitating effects of COVID-19 for weeks and months after their diagnoses.
4:30 | 02/26/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Children are among the COVID-19 ‘long haulers’
And it's been hearing a lot about coming nineteen patients known as long callers those battling the effects of the virus from weeks or months after diet no such we're now seeing children suffering from these long term impacts one young boy asking doctors found sheet for couch and today to WHO issued a new alert about the urgent need to get answers here's ABC's stempel Ron months. Who's. A year into the cold but pandemic doctors are still trying to understand the com. Constantly changing virus and how it affects children being in Missoula Montana and thirteen year old Hudson beer was a healthy seventh grader and now he's a cold front lawn caller. He came down with the virus in November and has not recovered when Kobe hit him mediators. Hard months later Hudson is in constant debilitating pain in his condition not improving. Just last week Hudson got a chance to ask a doctor Anthony felt you for help at this lecture. Every game and I. I had constant my gains severe headache and learn the secret is stunning parents. Earned I'd bombing. My Harry to his in making every error right. And now they've got can tell. Eighteen year well. Doctor county telling Hudson he hopes his body will recover adding that there's in this interpretation about kids and cold it. There is amidst. Interpretation. About it is that children are completely. Immune to any serious. Some tax you are a manifestation. Of that. Of people who get a classic Cole visited in nineteen illness. When they instead are re covering. They get multi system. Chronic. Signs and symptoms. That could be mild. Or it can be debilitating. We don't know enough about it Hudson. Or mean honestly tell you what's gonna happen. Happen over the next couple of months do we year. In New York City in thirteen year old MacKey Flannery can relate to Hudson did you feel during that time well I US sixth for about five games. Stimulus pretty bad in and I eight felt completely fine for five days and then I got sick again and it really never went away phony. Maggie telling us she's still struggling after getting cold at last march and then again early February every day I eight will feel the light had a day and night I'm having trouble breathing in the eighty chest had V next and I had to completely quit ballet I really just go to school in coming into my heart. What she and hunted are going through is into the multi system inflammatory syndrome that's found in children. Also known as MI AC thirty different category of rare with the so called long haulers he's been in an out of hospital. Five times now about 10% of adults who get Kobe and experience this post acute cope in nineteen syndrome. Packs for short. Or symptoms last weeks to months to even longer need more than 2000 children have been diagnosed with MIA SC since may 20/20 and while more than three point one million kids nationwide have been diagnosed with coded since the start of the pandemic. What's still unknown is how many of these kids are long haulers. We don't know enough people witnessed she really inform us how could reach expected to get better I'm an Kerr friends and tired. I'm in now or bets you're kind of a new example of an arrest that we're learning about asked where we're going so great now. Hudson's line a couple medications. And he does taken anti coagulant for a day dilated her heart's coronary. Arteries. He's also. On medication and that hopefully we'll help his migraines teach them problem that that we have faced with Palestinians that week. Treat once in ten and then another symptom are rises. Being. Is hanging stay current stern. These kids hanging onto the hope that things will get better and eventually the dock jays don't really know very much yes in days parent I'm learning about it but fast. But they have said bats and most of their other patients are just like slowly getting battered. An Ottawa last stand losing yeah. By me you hear me being eighteen wins this time. Fort ABC news nine Stephanie Ramos and B New York. Our hearts certainly go out to homes and our thanks to Stephanie for that.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"ABC News’ Stephanie Ramos reports on the children battling the debilitating effects of COVID-19 for weeks and months after their diagnoses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76125090","title":"Children are among the COVID-19 ‘long haulers’","url":"/US/video/children-covid-19-long-haulers-76125090"}