Coast Guard families struggle to make ends meet during government shutdown

Mandie Jarvis is one of 42,000 members of the U.S. Coast Guard being hurt financially by the shutdown stalemate. The Coast Guard is the only military branch not getting paid.
25:48 | 01/14/19

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Transcript for Coast Guard families struggle to make ends meet during government shutdown
And after. Hey welcome to the brief him on ABC's Devin Dwyer ABC news in Washington great to have you with us on this snowy Monday here in the nation's capital we have Terry Moran. Senior national correspondent with us deputy political director Mary Alice parks. I don't whole team today that to unpack some of the big headlines on this Monday day 24 of the shut down stalemate here in Washington today. After the first batch of federal workers didn't get their paychecks. Last week today the second batch around 270000. Workers will not get paid. Another third at 270000. Tomorrow Terry and what strikes me about this shut down. Served Groundhog Day here is that there's no. Glimmer at the end of the tunnel here it's on usual for shutdowns that do happen from time to time we sort of by this point would have a sense of the way out that there isn't. Any path. No light at the end of the tunnel and we have gotten used to them although we should understand no other. Advance democracy in the world governs like this very day don't have I've lived in London for they never shut that problems rather got Bre X it in England. But they don't shut down the government in any other country in the world except for our country and countries that really are broken which is an example Barbara ware and in this one particularly so you right. Not even any negotiations going. New message here is a really good point that. And check their expenses at. Government agencies have to spend a lot of money to reopen once mean to reach any kind of political compromise. And it makes it harper government agencies to plan next year's budget when they are given that even this year's budget it's just not how and when operating. And it does have a cost for us in the world which we should mention. But did that the world is looking at various models of of how to do do the 21 century right war won the western countries are one China's another. The state efficiency in China they don't know they did not shut down they get a bridge built they do in two weeks it takes us for years and it's a billion dollars over budget that gets noticed how dysfunctional. Our government is how we can't even. We can't get the government to Iran much less build what we need to do and have the kind of country that we need and it gets noticed these things and that's. Tour brand no doubt and in and his you've been saying it's also hit to the pocketbook of so many families today what's interest in. Is that 53000. Coast Guard members active duty Coast Guard members who've been working without pay these are the only branch of the united states military that's on duty without pay. One not get a paycheck hitting today and tomorrow this is a new development in the shut down in his really hurting a lot of these families we've been here humor joined now. By many Jarvis from Annapolis Maryland she's the the wife of an act. Active duty Coast Guard member or sixteen years stationed in Baltimore. Join us now by facetime miss Jarvis thank you so much for coming in the briefing room give us a sense of how hard this situation has been for you in your family so far. See you for acknowledging isn't your brilliance senate's knee so I never ever. And we really appreciate marchment. The need for us. Siemens and very stressed. He lease maintenance and czar. We have now when she spending. We weren't in his decision. Are you surprised it's drag on this long or any begun. Preparing for us to potentially go on weeks more. We need. I'm actually surprised that they are. Our tax. Crime so often shut downstate packs here. It is an absentee matter. I'll be asked to speak only one branch of the government and it's easily overlooked. We're all regions of the government. It is well. And we should say that joining. Adding amplification chew your voice Mandy is the admiral of the Coast Guard and admiral car Carl Schultz. I took the FaceBook overnight with this message take a look. Reminding folks that just as many was saying that forces are on duty all across the globe for the US Coast Guard they are not. Getting attention they are not getting paid they are in harm's way right now he says while our Coast Guard work force is deployed their loved ones at home reviewing. Family finances people like Mandy researching how to get support and Wayne child her options. They're holding down the fort please know that we're doing everything we can to support you. So the admiral of the US Coast Guard raising his voice here. I'm Terry I'm struck by people like Mandy. Who have had to go to literally at the suggestion to present trumpets and cases go to their creditors lenders. Landlords and basically beg for mercy and some of the stuff and it's had sort of mixed results. Why it does demand for any fan my tent and be without a paycheck Greeley I don't care what friendly yard it it is stressful. And it as public servants as people were giving their lives in service to the country and in terms of the Coast Guard for all that they're doing. Is just it it's really a disgrace. As I do when asked Manny something she still with us. Which is I give them president's chief economic advisors said in the long run many you guys are going to be okay. Because the backpack it will come in and you'll have vacation days than that essentially should think about this alike on vacation. And you didn't have taken vacation for Christmas holidays so does that make sense to them looking out of that way I guess that's looking on the bright side. Actually. Since witness or has this exactly so we're. So they're getting. Home at the Marines. They're serving all of the rural still their jobs my work today while congress is not inception. So it was me now are more not just me but nowhere so. There each race just working call eight and that he will. However and help her arms were. I'm. Not kidding me right now in me to work they're doing now. Totally and in many before we let you go you know we we've been talking to so many folks here at a briefing room like yourself from all sectors. Of federal government and the military different parts of the country everyone sort of had a different message. The policy makers really nonpartisan message but what's your message to the negotiators here in Washington. As they. Try to restart talks really. Adding to get this thing fixed what do you have to say to them. Seeing him for me personally my message for years he sang that. Comics needs to stop its constituents to push it so far. To elect a loss to write it no longer thinner and calmer EC. And it. A long term here in congress where. He learned over. Let me. Say look there's no middle ground. And more current issue. We shouldn't be so worried about my turn left. And Maureen how what are your country. How many Jarvis very well said thank you so much for joining us for your sacrifice your family's sacrifice your husband service many Jarvis. A from Annapolis Maryland a fan way. The US Coast Guard member thank you for are coming on it's not just these families huge impact obviously but the airports. Today seem to be other Frontline that everybody is talking about I flew in late last night and out lot of people in the security line I was in. We're thinking. The TSA agents not something you did this is that had seen any here a year ago before the shut down but the ripped his summer travel season of frustration of people actually thanking them for their service thank you for working thank you for being here to keep the lines moving. Hot we know the lines haven't been so short and a lot of airports today with some closures. Hop first want to hear from some of us TSA workers who are on the job working without pay today and mentor David currently be here are some of the voices from TSA workers to. I'm going in to adjust its campaign. Tad out of financial wiggle room table mission go to is which needs. Such struggle and Paula I'm pretty sure all of my coworkers. Because. You know majority of us live paycheck to paycheck please stored in May have been like the list to beaches and lakes and OK to be cut. B we didn't think it penis. And China life. Each side jobs you know may be shoveling snow and things like that like I've just been. China stay home I hated. If you're never experienced something like this you win this thing. Industry significantly that you really can't because you patently. And then as the voice of some of the TSA workers union members as well that those on the job talking about how difficult it's been do their job let's bring in our. Senior transportation correspondent David Curley he's been visiting some of the airports talking to the TSA. Agents and officers as well as well as passengers David great to see inside this morning at DCA. Where the lines were moving quite well but boy things looked to be a mess on this Monday places like Atlanta Miami. Houston what's going on. So Atlanta really had a problem this morning headlines of an hour or longer and that is. Exactly what TSA officials and security officials at the concerned about. There we're gonna get these long lines with a shortage of officers Miami you over the weekend and Houston today. Consolidated checkpoints and in the problem here is if you don't have enough officers. And you're not going to jeopardize or change or security protocols. You're gonna have to do something to try and spread those offices that you do have. Into the proper places so what they've been doing is consolidating checkpoints. At Houston for an example there AB and C terminals they shut down the beach checkpoint. Basically said if you go flight in terminal B you've got to go through security through terminal air terminal C. And walk to get to that terminal B your take the train seeing get on your. Your point here is the issue. On a normal day about three and a half percent of TSA officers call in sick. Well we saw since that that the shutdown started that number get into the five's. And over the weekend its guiding into got into the sevenths today seven point seven nearly 8%. Make it seven point six today at some point seven yesterday. Called out said that if it were coming to work that's one in thirteen officers. For TSA who did not report to work today who were scheduled. And this is the dilemma of the TSA is facing. As these officers who make thirty to 35000 as that union member just talked about a lot of them live paycheck to paycheck we have a full. Employment economy have some of them just gone out look for new job because they don't know when the shutdown is gonna. Is going to attendance of that is that the Lama. The TSA is facing keeping security here what's gonna give you're gonna get longer lines and we saw today in Atlanta. And did did you see potential for. They're to be more the political fight between the TSA worker then these unions and the administration I mean can we be gearing up towards massive strikes. Well the union has been and the union doesn't represented all TSA officers they only have a chunk of them. And they've been quite vocal for some time. That this is unfair to have these officers deemed essential working without pay. For the amount of money they make. It it's I it was intersect I talked to four TSA officers today. And asked him if they would speak to me and this is just me not with the camera. And all of them refused and they basically have been told it sounds like TSA has been cracking down that those who are working should stop talking to the media so we're not hearing. As much from them as we had. In the previous weeks in which they all outlined. Kind of what we heard from the Coast Guard family that you know this is this is difficult the bills keep coming and there was no paycheck. On Friday some of them got they were should have gotten paid. Today some tomorrow and they're just not gonna see your paycheck so do I think it'll become a political battle no I think that some of that we'll just quit and go find another job. I'm. He and yet it's as you know dividend typical to replace they've had a hiring crunch with some of these TSA officers as well so it's it's that can be a bit tricky as well it. If they have been hiring there actually still hiring and they are still training Tom but it does take several months to get somebody trained. Andy in chooses that the TSA checkpoints. Ready to operate so they unlike many other. Places which are not hiring in our training TSA is still training. But they're gonna have a huge gap to sell if this number of call outs gets into the double digits. That's gonna get quite significant and serious and I honestly believe. That those checkpoints is where the average American two million of us are checked and fly every day. That's where they're gonna feel it in fact I talked to a number of passengers today dirty talking about how they're worried if they're coming back on a flight and for five days. Global the lines be like. Indeed David may keep an eye and I think you so much David curry forest today let's from the politics now guys no talks scheduled this week said that. Democrats staying in seeming empowered by their position the president also dean and Terry you heard from him earlier today he said repeatedly I will not back down. He's absolutely committed excuse me to this in a position. And he's saying he's he's got a little wiggle room in there is we need more secure diversity means or wall. He does and along that wall needs to be anymore so it's a there there is room for a deal there and that the Democrats have already voted over the years for 600 plus miles of wall. Clearly this and this is why this shutdown is so ridiculous and shows are political dysfunction. The deal is obvious it's somewhere in between. That length of wall all the Republicans and the president wants and the link the war the Democrats want and the other mix of policies to secure the border. We can't get it done and I actually think Mandy said something that articulated a kind of silent majority in the country which is why. Why can't Americans aren't really this ideological most of us where pragmatists we like to get the job done and fix the problem. And our politicians won't do it Hannah. I was struck bank of Coley hand over the weekend found that talked about. Overwhelmingly majora the majority of Americans blaming them the White House and the president for an extreme position on the wall that either end Democrats independents who said their against the law. Split on the idea of compromise the against of that pragmatism they are talking about. That so many Americans might say I don't believe any I didn't want seems to extreme. But come on we have to get to work is it worth digging in on and to what and. He was a really strange dynamic on that question but we did you see some of the poll one of the biggest headlines that perhaps could put some pressure on the president Republicans. As we head into this third week is who's to blame for the shut down this new ABC news poll. Found that by a large majority data president and Republicans in congress face the blame 29%. Say the Democrats and went 13% sort of blame but both sides. But then the most fascinating. Data point to me was on whether you feel the impact of and I think that's where. The crux of this debate is gonna go let's take a look at the next page. 18%. Of Americans polled in this survey found. Said that they had some personal affect by the shut down. That's a pretty small number when it's just 20% Terry Ian and there's not a lot of pressure on Iran lawmakers to you to do something. Although side that is a lot of lot of human beings but ended isn't it is in the majority are important Arab political crucial crucial. Critical mass but what you do have though are these stories and I think at some point that shame that sense of why is this so screwed up. When we listen to Mandy when we listen to this that the TSA worker there and and there's this is bad that affects us all I think unless you're super partisan. And and most people aren't. That the notion that dead people like Mandy Jarvis like that TSA worker are getting hurt doesn't affect us personally but it does kinda spiritually. And then there's pressure there to. This and that happened just an idea who would be affected the pull on tactical if it but the shutdown continued if we didn't come jurors and has raised some compromise and deal. Then would you be affected would it it sort of reach a crisis. And then the numbers really district should generate a I think there's a lot of people a day in and day out and lesser federal employee they might not feel that relationship with the government but they understand that. Stay in the fall they are planning to use of federal loan to go back to college or they're failing in the next year plan on applying for a housing loan there are. These more long term relationships in touch points between the average American and the government that people can understand anticipated. So the White House Wayne all of this along with an interest in number there with an increase in support for the wall. As they enter this week the president seeming to relish that as he was down in Louisiana for the farm bureau said he isn't it back down he thinks more people want the law. He's digging NAC a year ago 34%. Supported the watts up now. So perhaps the president's messaging campaign having a bit of an impact in. Who's hot meanwhile hanging over all of this conversation about the wall the shutdown are too big headlines in the Russian investigation that popped over the weekend one by the New York Times in that the FBI. A shortly after the president of fire James called me twice seventeen open account or intelligence investigation. Into the president of the United States. With the question of whether he was an active agent for Russia. Meanwhile the Washington Post popped another story saying the president's fondness for Vladimir Putin also owns. Quoted keeping those notes Terry from that meeting hum Merck secret. Confiscating the translators notes the president just wait animals and those stories you were there. California dissect. And apparently we don't have the sound. Hop movement the president basically said it he'd sort of flatly denied that he was an agent for Russia. Terry it is something that had been asked him over the weekend even get a straight answer which made people. Sort of oh. We've had given early Burley and it just think for a moment the president United States' standing outside the White House was asked are you an agent for Russia. Because the FBI had opened a counterintelligence. Inquiry into that question. Now he was livid about it and you would be if you weren't. And and and so ferret out Robert Muller's investigation may tell us something has been you can see how Al anger it would be but that's that's where this president is. That there's there's enough smoke. For people who ask is that a fire under there are you an agent for Russia it was it was a breathtaking moment is the fact. It was asked and and and the notes I think is also fascinating twist on that here here you've got the president being scrutinized by his own FBI. What sort of lends perhaps some credibility to his argument that he was under fire from the deep state and from. Democratic elements in the Justice Department but then you have this other act which you asked the president about today of taking the notes keeping them secret. Perhaps for good reason because of this paranoia but certainly unusual. And in general in his conversations with Latimer food and keeping a very close holes. Right that that time in Helsinki where there's no one else in the room. Which is just an extraordinary thing for any president to do X including a rookie president which you sort of was at the time. Except for the interpreters and in the meeting and Humber or earlier and in 2017 he took does not. Rex Tillerson was in the room stood and there was one time where to pull aside at a dinner with with Putin and only put his interpreter was there. So that's high risk for president any president. To face an adversary like like Putin who. Let's face today I think is made clear over the years he hates the United States and its victory in the Cold War and what it did to Russia. He's put himself out there and raising suspicions if he is trying to covers tracks. Democrats are now home in this as well there's a dichotomy between the president out there saying that all these stories show. A crook Kidd want for a slant and it Democrats saying they are waiting for Muller's report really doubling down in their support of law enforcement report that the actress supported FBI agents. And and pretty well there's not ask president waiting for. For the time being for the FBI and just department to do their work and finish their work Democrats up there saying that they that their trust the just apartment to get some botanists. And speaking of the Justice Department tomorrow the man that president trump has nominated to be the next attorney general will replacing Jeff Sessions bill Barr. How will be in a hot seat on Capitol Hill bill Barr the former attorney general. A for George Herbert Walker Bush now. I'm gonna facing growing by at senate Democrats and Republicans front and center guys and all this is his view of the more investigation he had written that that unsolicited memo last year casting some doubt on it. But he did release a just a few hours ago his testimony what he expects to say there are some interesting headlines and there let's bring in our justice reporter Mike Levine. Who has a who hat has the headlines might just as we bring into this received some of this. On the screen bill Barr says flatly he's gonna did support and defend the the Muller problem. Yeah it's clear that write off of that in his opening statement he wants to try to address those concerns over whether he can fairly oversee the Muller probe. In his opening remarks prepared Nesbitt as we've seen them he's gonna say that Mueller should be able to complete his investigation. In bars actually can offer many compliments for Mueller saying that they've been friends for nearly thirty years now. But Martin I want to make clear that one thing that bar is not going to do his promises that the results the details of Muller's investigation will be released to the public. He says in his opening statement that he's that he thinks it's important to the public. Here of the results of the investigation but he doesn't make clear what that means how much of the public learned. He says that it's his goal to have transparency but it but he doesn't promise how much transparency there will be. And then he goes on to offer one more line I want to read. He says I can assure you that we're judgments are to be made by me I will make those judgments based on the law. The reason why this is so nuances because of the White House can assert or might assert executive privilege over some of those conclusions. So what all bars saying is that when he makes a decision he will make the decision without political implications. I'm Mike Levine thanks so much we know how much more from you tomorrow as this hearing and folds two days of confirmation hearings. I would go Barnaby the attorney general of the United States Russia front center you can watch the full. Gavel to gavel coverage of the hearings right here and ABC news live will be streaming it on the app and it And on FaceBook as well. I finally today guys this teachers strike on California as X is extraordinary political ramifications also gonna. Amp up some of the discussion about teacher pay again which we saw last summer a bunch of protests walking out. Are roaming who is in Los Angeles were 500000. Students. Hot have been affected by this and the teacher strike there she'd just caught up with this report. He can't end here in downtown LA for the first day on the teachers strike started there about keeping behind starting grand art. Made their way marching towards the Los Angeles and fights. Buildings there demanding smaller classrooms more essential staff we're here we can really good teacher here in LA. I'm not your marching today. I now hate. Then and that's my name. ET I'm asking we expect behind. Read it makes him exciting things might have a night. And really only want. Thank you either gonna thought long and they can't we don't know when missile and they're hoping to get some resolution with his strength and love the last resort where. And that's the way they need here in downtown LA today back to you. Our thanks to remain and a program for that guises its interest since it is seen out there was see if it spreads and can rekindle some of the protests in the past year teachers woefully underpaid in this country if you look at the the inflation of their salaries I think in Los Angeles average teacher pay 75000 dollars that's one of the high. Highest in the country but still pretty low for a cost of living in Los Angeles and then everything else there. Hundreds of thousands of students affected millions of residents obviously in such a large city and by my count for potential. Presidential candidates out California alone. California always play such a big role in our presidential politics but this year in the democratic primary compelling even more. Senator McConnell hair as the LA mayor Eric Doss Garcetti lot of folks that are eyeing a run. And California's moved up its timetable that's when a boat a lot earlier than it has in the past meaning that candidates are got to spend more time. Winning over democratic voters in that listed. Mussina watch rest of that protest on fold much more coverage on that world news tonight we'll whose prime yearning PM eastern time and ABC news live. A great to have you with us today on this Monday lots more news ahead here and ABC news library tipped Terry Moran Mary Alice park some Devin Dwyer. What's next night.

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{"duration":"25:48","description":"Mandie Jarvis is one of 42,000 members of the U.S. Coast Guard being hurt financially by the shutdown stalemate. The Coast Guard is the only military branch not getting paid.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60374227","title":"Coast Guard families struggle to make ends meet during government shutdown ","url":"/US/video/coast-guard-families-struggle-make-ends-meet-government-60374227"}