Colorado Springs Mayor Discusses Planned Parenthood Shooting

John Suthers praises the first responders at the scene and reveals details from inside the command center.
5:50 | 11/28/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Colorado Springs Mayor Discusses Planned Parenthood Shooting
It's Clayton send Al here at ABC news we are at Penn rose hospital here in Colorado Springs this is where several of the patients. Were brought after that shooting at the Planned Parenthood office in Colorado Springs on Friday. We ran into the mayor of Colorado Springs John southerners who also happens to be the former attorney general of the state of Colorado. He talked about meeting with a couple of police officers who were shot and wounded they are patients hear any talk about what it was like to watch the situation unfold from the command center. You know this happened. Just less than a month ago here I mean. What's gone through your mind when you heard yesterday that this was going on again. This sort of incident could happen. Any place in America it just happened happened in our community. Within a month of another tragic incident. I don't consider a reflection on our community anymore than if it happened. In another community really it seems to happen here a lot. It happens all over the country and I don't think there's anything. Particularly about this community. It's just were big city other big cities in America suffer. Similar sorts of incidents. All's we can do. Is. You know the number one applaud our first responders. Continue to make sure first responders are prepared for anything that might happen. Then as a community we're gonna reach out and support the victims and anyway that we can't and that's happening today in what happened in the days and weeks to come you were in the command center yesterday I wrote a couple of hours what were you seeing what was unfolding there. The folks in the comedians are watching ate feed. Security cameras from inside. The plane here it sooner. So they could monitor the movement of the perpetrators. It's him going room to room. Yes. In the last probably our east lead in this stationary position and they did so worried laws. They were communicating that. To the officers. And swat team officers and in fact the word he namely -- great times. Of the building and with marks where the suspect was. And they were talking to security people from. The Planned Parenthood we're telling them work hours were. And they were setting up for a possible. Intrusion by heavy equipment that would cut him off and certainly that would trap. But they were also importantly we should say that. People in in rooms for away from him you know could be. Extricated from the building that. It is in fact when it. Just as they were getting ready. To bring this to resolution. Story yelling. And Cuba. And that's what happens watch that. On the security orders. The columnists and professionalism very well here. Are. Did you or other city officials please others. Have concerns but this Planned Parenthood could be the target of attack like this I don't think we had any more so than. In the other Planned Parenthood or anything like that you know I don't know that they. Threats directed towards it. In to keep it themselves. And of course the big question everybody wants to notes. Mines. Why what was the motive what is your best understand it that's what we don't know exactly he has been interviewed. This is a criminal investigations can be treated as a criminal investigation. So. I think this court documents are filed union public access. To court documents you learn more about that you know we can speculate. Happened at a Planned Parenthood center what does that. It's my suspicions ours that this that has much to do some but I don't know and we'll just have to wait and see the investigation unfolds. Like guesses he does he was taken alive and more motives then would. If there are four officers in this hospice. I have. Visas to congress springs police officer shooters. After this. Meet with the other two over those conversations like remarkable. These are officers too. Or and a very dangerous situation happened to be. Wounded. It's there resolute in you know you just didn't feel he's the kind of guys duty tomorrow. And they're hoping to recover just quit does McCain get back on the job these are powerful. Anything more about the suspect who decides to promote party. Background. Made any threats that you. I have no knowledge as a say thing. That's written information be repealed. The preliminary indications that it's not from coach. The the deals were. Keen to. In it along and here. No. Dale sir. You're welcome you today we're a community in mourning. But. We're resilient we're gonna do it right we're in support the victims and their families. Along the first responders who did such a Greek.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"John Suthers praises the first responders at the scene and reveals details from inside the command center. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"35463515","title":"Colorado Springs Mayor Discusses Planned Parenthood Shooting","url":"/US/video/colorado-springs-mayor-discusses-planned-parenthood-shooting-35463515"}