Condo collapse eyewitness describes aftermath of building’s fall

Dr. Fiorella Terenzi, who lives in Champlain Towers East, next to the Surfside, Florida, building that collapsed, discusses what she witnessed and why she’s staying in her building.
5:14 | 06/25/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Condo collapse eyewitness describes aftermath of building’s fall
Now joining us is doctor Fiorello to Ramsey who lives in Champlain towers east next to the building that collapse doctor frenzy first off thank you for joining us we know that electricity has been turned off due to the emergency and so we appreciate you joining us by cell phone. It takers factor early this morning you were woken up by this loud noise tell us what happened. Yes it was approximately 1 o'clock and bad though they the 80000 who usual if found older. It sounded almost like a permanent or on the back that he would back and he does a good tool rumblings to a stronger. To make pat me. And that you re walking up would shake him there and I moved through the eyes when he when I opened the door of the ugly I solid degree. And of why he clouds. But why god there. And that's the way and I thought that the lady who while already so I got to read and I went and don't know Colleen share. As soon as I cross the Colleen there I could need that they charmed little potluck. Outlook the hostile bid being it and they order. And you saw emergency crews rush in in and you and others were moved away from the scene did you see any kind of activity. From the collapse as far as people being rescued or people walking out on their own volition. Oh no I haven't seen the people being rescue because that that point that we let our push them like a block away of the work not. But on the pocketbook this feedback I think I saw K nine had stalled Scott remain I saw battles so that a post awards it. Believe me it patient and the video crappy debt. But that didn't see any people being rescued there. And cure some of the sound and could do here whales are crying or yells or with sirens. Rule computing that. If for the collapse the sound that you would and equipment and The Who Congo are. Many now debating a violent in the week the beat the morning that they can't. That kept going. And other than that there. He went to quiet beyond anything you could be that signing the and you know the police there are trying to cook that and the trial men coming. Oh Unclei. And again not. Of course you live next door if you say that you knew that you you'd seen some work that was being done on that building can you describe what you saw for us. Yes just two weeks ago that had the big crane their power all day. No side of the building we will which would be taking seven that he got and Colleen there. So what don't they unveil nokta I bet he escaped through the ocean so no peace there. Ukraine though was that Britain out of Tikrit he has the because that they whether it being on the upper lip PO they'll then be placed on bill O. Because the vetting of racial put the foot of the year seventy PK shown rare bout that the problem that'll Wear. So I I remember watching his graying of the two weeks of because a gain a Google could call committee that and a head that can be repair and a. And we understand that you heard toward the building before did you know innings one who lived inside the building. Yes yes I do have a friend there and that he thank goodness. He believes there on this side of the building all coddling. That side that you know collapse there. So he needs you here at the Condo and when he opened the ability effects will be at fault of the carded or. That the favorable net he had than not I've got a way out Shah. Expect that from the according to that I have locked up. And you're able to stay in your building tonight it's just that there's no electricity is that right. It it but it could actually a fact that approximately twenty mile to go. Okay this show we are finally that the war. Yes but because they and their building that once believed the cardinal is a brawl. All the beaches I don't always so but weakness Spain is building. But it could bidding port and the because they're remembered that I thirty hours. Of that same of course doctor or. Friday that counting ballots foul it and ordered that we need it would be. Well we'll bring democracy there immediate inspection but I want fielding. So you're building was constructed by the same it. Connecticut oh OK and and so do you have concerns about staying there tonight. I. Who. Yes I do I do but I mean and I yelled because one of the oh. I wanna be he also took oh. But I I do have a Coca certain. Everybody said it Bahrain a big east but something got what was baby 1994. This battle and noted that in 1981 hour. Okay so it showed what. I think it should be absorbed behavior that some think that the need to be looked at old. Rick it can imagine that it will be doctor fearless frenzy we thank you so much for your time tonight we're glad that you are safe. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"Dr. Fiorella Terenzi, who lives in Champlain Towers East, next to the Surfside, Florida, building that collapsed, discusses what she witnessed and why she’s staying in her building.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78478705","title":"Condo collapse eyewitness describes aftermath of building’s fall","url":"/US/video/condo-collapse-eyewitness-describes-aftermath-buildings-fall-78478705"}