Connie Chung on media's relationship with Nixon versus Trump

Connie Chung, who worked on the Watergate scandal early in her career, said she'd "be afraid to be a reporter now": "It's horrifying."
3:31 | 05/13/19

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Transcript for Connie Chung on media's relationship with Nixon versus Trump
A lot of people. And we think we'll look at today's White House and its relationship with the press and draw all sorts of parallels to. The Nixon White House and its relationship to the press especially under scandal. Cloud of you know investigations. What are your thoughts on the. Some unbelievable and the night we are not the enemy if people. During Nixon's years he had an enemies lists and actually it was quite a badge of courage to be honest. Daniel shore the CBS news correspondent for time. Was on that list and he got ahold of it. And I ate when IE I was just come recorder so I called everyone on the list to get their reaction. And I kept calling and calling until two or 3 in the morning. And now I woke a lot of people look and they never spoke to me again why I know it's horrible it's clear but V. The M. You know during award again we also were excoriated. By. Spiro and mean when he was vice president under Nixon and he he had. Many horrific consistent but it nothing compares to what's going on now I mean there is. I'd be afraid to be a reporter now an independent then covering his White House hunt I mean when it. I'm but certainly it's a badge of courage of he. If he takes you on. But it's horrifying news just. Horrifying and do you see similarities in the way that they hunkered down under the the glare of Ali's investigations all these subpoenas and threats of you know the other thing is I I think that town. What it during Watergate believe it or not the white house press corps because Nixon would not come out. They would be up on Ron's legal. Then he was the Press Secretary and they were. That the white house press corps did not go beyond. They there was a level of prefer Kennedy and among the reporters that they would not Tryon press. Nixon himself because they had no access to him. This one won't stop talking. And so you know your able to confront him. Although he shuts you down right. I ya got close this fast or took go ahead what one of the big differences. Today. Is that Nixon was reelected and already in 1970 to before Woodward and Bernstein and Bob Woodruff where it. We'll keep up to Foley. Reach eight. Discover and investigate everything so is he was in office. They were moderate Republicans who were willing. To be. Good Americans. And and beef skeptical. New next time the election is coming up you had so many moderate Republicans who refuse to run again. Bob Corker Jeff flake whatever. Those who would have raised the red flag. And you have Republicans who are up for re election who have. Who are extremely. Skittish can and will not cross the line. And and and think clearly. So different paradigm in dis time.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Connie Chung, who worked on the Watergate scandal early in her career, said she'd \"be afraid to be a reporter now\": \"It's horrifying.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63016171","title":"Connie Chung on media's relationship with Nixon versus Trump","url":"/US/video/connie-chung-medias-relationship-nixon-versus-trump-63016171"}