COVID-19 is ‘not as mild as people believe’: Epidemiologist

Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding warns how serious the virus is amid a surge in cases in states across the U.S.
8:51 | 07/07/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 is ‘not as mild as people believe’: Epidemiologist
We begin today with the uptick in US covad nineteen cases in nine states are now reporting record hostile hospitalizations excuse me across the country. And across the country we knew of three million confirmed infections but scenes from over the weekend show many are not heeding warnings to social distance. These are party years a diamond lake in Michigan packs together. And a similar scene in a pool party in Missouri establishment just next to where there had been an outbreak weeks ago. It comes as doctor Anthony thought she issues concerning new assessment are Matt Gutman leads us off. Tonight there was throngs slam together in fourth of July parties across the country each cementing concern basic messaging like social distancing. He's not being followed. At this lake in Michigan hundreds party shoulder to shoulder. A few masks and son and his packed concert inside here in Atlanta nightclub into Nashville and Oakland those crowds igniting fears the corona virus is spreading. Faster and deeper into the country in just the first six days of July he quarter of a million new infections nationwide. Doctor Anthony found she sedate not. Mincing words the current state is really not good this is serious situation. That we have to address. Immediately. In Florida new cases doubling over the past two weeks Miami Dade's mayor reversing course closing restaurants NG and it's. Steven Cooper seen here on the far left to this iconic photo sprinting from the falling Twin Towers surviving nine elevenths. Only to die from Covert nineteen in Florida. Doctor Emma QB here is only in the second year of his residency forced to the front lines in a Miami hospital. And we are only two or heard asking did you. And so you know the rest of the slack. President trump coming under fire for once again downplaying the virus incorrectly attributing the surge in cases to increased testing now we have. Tested almost forty million people. By so doing we showcases. 99%. Of which. Are totally harmless. New York governor Andrew Cuomo today saying the president is enabling the pandemic. What he's really saying is if we didn't test. We wouldn't find it chases so on that theory but do no more cancer tests. And that'll solve the problem with chants of mister president don't be a co conspirator. Of Covert. And presumptive democratic presidential nominee Joseph Biden's campaign saying in the statement the president is outright lying to the nation about the extreme threat of Covert nineteen if tonight the White House defending the president's comments. The president was noting the fact that the vast majority of Americans. Who contract corona virus a will come out on the other side of this nine states hitting new records for hospitalizations this weekend including Texas a record number of people hospitalized in Arizona now one of eight states with more than a 100000. Cases. We see young people coming into the hospitals and saying. Nobody told them that they would get sick for young people do get sick we've seen young people sick get sick and we've seen young people even die. In California the governor shutting down indoor dining and bars in San Diego and five other county's and stepping up enforcement on businesses. One doctor warning tonight. And if we all don't get our acts together that and then there's really no place in the country that's going to be spared. And not tuchman joins us now from California mad there's a new numbers out tonight showing how the virus is affecting Americans disproportionately. Along racial lines what do we know. It we have had anecdotal evidence that African Americans and Latinos have been disproportionately affected right. The numbers are higher but there wasn't a tremendous amount of hard data. The New York Times sued the federal government to obtain data that is being gleaned by the CDC. And this is what we now know that African Americans are three to four times more likely to contract the virus than their white neighbors. And that Latinos and African Americans are much more likely to die from the virus. Than their white neighbors we don't know why that is exactly could be because they are more essential workers. Part the survey is not yet known but what is clear is that what has been anecdotally presenting itself over the past several months is now backed up. By hard data Diane. Now sad truth smack up in force from California thanks not. Now let's go over an epidemiologist doctor Eric five building for more on the growing number of Kobe nineteen cases and hospitalizations. Doctor thanks for joining us. Or it's a public health officials are warning now that young people without underlying conditions are not immune to this virus and we were all sadly reminded of that yesterday. When 41 year old Broadway star nick Cordero passed away after a roughly three month battle. Are these so called long haul cases were people struggle against this fires for a long time becoming increasingly concerning. Yeah illness is not as mild as people are imputed it is only knocked 99%. Harmless as the president orders chief of staff problem. I said. It's really. Long term impacts on your metabolic overs what is your brain health as well. So I think there are there so many people are being looked back. Who needs its whole number of all exes will ultimately harm Americans. And the Smart because you even record. I just expand on that a little bit because it it seems like one we talk about this virus is often in the camp. Either you're going to die eight. Or you're going to be fine but it would seems like what we don't often hear about his concerns about long term a fax four survivors. Yeah indeed there is a lot of evidence that people are. We all chronic fatigue only is there is some brain. To make sure it is she's among some patients who survived Dicey poor and horses fox. Anders some are actually might cause diabetes. Altogether there are salt many reasons oh boy this. Just because. We hospital brits who he is no reason to keep going colts are in living a dangerous quarry. We just learned that Atlanta mayor actually she lands bottoms tested positive but was asymptomatic. So. Given in to face and how we know about asymptomatic testing should we be pushing for everyone in the country to get tested. I think we should still worse don't go hard to get. Worse not asking people shoot all are because. Has been rising us. Where we should test every one and yet for the war at all. We should still or targeted early testing. Yes we want to isolate them more cards are treason and important in their car. Formula or epidemics. The biggest malls epidemics and ordered all ought be one worth a vaccine. We're this strategy but we're doing. Nor were we to again testing in our border people wits and those. It symptomatic is just one or it's your predictions buyers won't eat. And that we all believe. All or vexing. On that note 239 scientists penned a letter to the World Health Organization outlining evidence that small virus droplets can remain in the air and infect people but the WHO says. There's not enough evidence to prove the virus is airborne so. Where do you fall on this how do you explain this to the public and if it does spread through the air do we need to change our approach. Yeah absolutely intuit 39 armed pretty well regarded scientist award like this. That's a tough regional it always a little bit she cautious beset there was once no human to human transmission. There was we don't know us we just don't know something for certain does not mean we should ignore. And right now these assault scientists whose study airborne particles were living. Joseph these Martin droplets in Moliere or forty minutes or walker. This is why it's important to focus on swearing and reconciliation are. Wouldn't congregated brits is where he or she is bringing this saliva indoors at bars and night. Mike good advice doctor find building we appreciate your time as always thank you.

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{"duration":"8:51","description":"Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding warns how serious the virus is amid a surge in cases in states across the U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71640623","title":"COVID-19 is ‘not as mild as people believe’: Epidemiologist","url":"/US/video/covid-19-mild-people-epidemiologist-71640623"}