COVID-19 tears through South Texas border communities

ABC News’ Marcus Moore reports on the overwhelmed hospitals in Texas' Rio Grande Valley struggling to keep up with the crush of new COVID-19 patients.
4:38 | 08/08/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 tears through South Texas border communities
Of course a lot of the latest saying sweeping the nation in recent days has swirled around the reopening of schools in the midst of a pandemic. So many states have been reporting setbacks just days after reopening. Yet today New York's governor Andrew Cuomo gave the green light for all of New York school districts to reopen for in person classes. As long as it's safe these debates playing out as America races toward yet another grim milestone. Five million cases of corona virus those numbers further cementing the importance. Of a vaccine. And tonight with new models predicting the US death told could be 300000. By December. In a part of the country where the biggest discussion is not about schools but the surge of deaths. Our Marcus Moore continues his reporting from the Rio Grande Valley near the Texas Mexico border it's a tight knit community. In the throes of the worst of this pandemic. At the southern tip of Texas based search of Kobe cases is ravaging the tight knit communities straddle the US Mexico border. Are available emergency beds have been in such short supply officials set up a field hospital at this convention center in McAllen. Much needed relief but missed the question overflow of patients. At this Rio Grande Valley hospital roughly half the beds are for corona virus patients even in the delivery ward. Michael waive the virus is spread is relentless the pain in its wake Al unimaginative how devastating told on local families what this from these past couple of weeks and the days have been like for you your camera and how are you doing it. And being very heart pastor Daniel cover yet a lost four relatives in the span of two weeks including Sarah his wife of nearly 49 years. And that's. Very painful and putting. Their people. Abu do you. 12100 I'm but I flew over. Peace he will no doubt. Become a cello but like. She spent 21 long days in the hospital fighting the invisible virus before she passed away. And the cruel reality hanging over it all her family was not allowed to be by her side as she took bulls last labored breath. It's you can angle into the hospital you couldn't face time you can. Nothing at all M and that was the. Official warns feeling. The nurses the icu nurses are very kind and then Tino. Debt of face time BVL existing Yossi harrick. Meehan that AM that was very special part for her breast. And the more one of solace frozen in time the faithful servant who enrich the community. Was embraced by a health care worker who fought to save her she was not alone in those final moments. The company it'll story a tragic snapshot of what's fast becoming a hot spot for the pandemic it already hard hit Texas. You Cameron county where the family lives nearly 7000 cases reported in the past week in neighboring Hidalgo county doctor Robert Martinez says his hospital in Edinburgh was not prepared with a surge of new patients. One time we were making an extra forty or fifty bits coming up but with ideas to do so. That's above and beyond the preparation we Howard made so the fight patients entered into a 115 or 130 avenue and it's a bigger scheme rapidly. And with the sharp uptick in cases also comes a rise in deaths father Roy snipes is the pastor of our lady of Guadeloupe and church in mission. He says he's lost count of the funerals he's had to perform because of cold it. We've probably had a week where we had. And in on how you know how you measure the seven days. But where we we might have had fifteen. We might have three or four and one days. The predominantly Hispanic community father's life serves is one of the nation's poorest and residents here develop diabetes at a rate of three times higher than the national average. All these factors create a perfect storm for the virus to flourish recovery idol family now warning others to take the virus serious. So many people of that email like this and they. They do not believe and be Kobe's you know they just think that cocaine is hear it here in the valley where am kind of known as get together in its Barbie queue that nigh eight. You gotta thank you precautions. That William has yet uses hand sanitizing and it's very real as federal ordinary room. All too real for so many families across this country. Marcus Moore ABC news McAllen Texas.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"ABC News’ Marcus Moore reports on the overwhelmed hospitals in Texas' Rio Grande Valley struggling to keep up with the crush of new COVID-19 patients.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72247346","title":"COVID-19 tears through South Texas border communities","url":"/US/video/covid-19-tears-south-texas-border-communities-72247346"}