Daniel Dae Kim opens up about his fight against racism

The actor and activist says former President Donald Trump’s rhetoric is partly to blame for a surge in attacks on Asian Americans.
3:52 | 03/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Daniel Dae Kim opens up about his fight against racism
Could talk tonight about how anti Asian page has been going on for months a silent symptom of the pandemic but there was tipping point recently in the moment the API community mobilized to condemn the rise in attacks and forced the country to start listening to the outrage and pain you've heard Daniel Dae Kim talking about that moment in tonight's. He shares that moment that inspired him. I know you've been outspoken on the anti Asian bias brown in the very beginning of being a little outbreak and yes. You became very publicly involved. Recently in the Bay Area. What compelled you. She stepped forward. When I saw the murder of a vigilant and you it was a very visible signs I got very angry because I thought this is now a year but these kinds of things going on there are most vulnerable population and know what it means you media outside of the Asian American chamber is speaking out distorts. And so I called my friend Daniel Wu and I said let's do something more than just talk about. Let's really trying to raise the stakes of this issue let's. All the report. And Italian I'll turn overwhelming response that you've gotten since he's got out. Probably it to take more credit than I should. Because it was a combination of things. It succeeded in that now you and I get to talk about this issue other networks to dig out the story and people for the first time are saying. Like this was going. And that's me it means that we're making progress in and shining a light on the drops. I. The fact that when someone says you I had no idea this was going on what is you about you visibility. The Asian American or Asian and he's been an ongoing her ear and. There's a lot because. Some of these things have been going on for so long are you know that there at 1800 decisions. Like conditions in march of last year and more because so many of them go under Morton. And your number in any leaders you're going. You so bids bid and the idea that this year and the anxiety. Economic and otherwise. I engendered by code red has been weaponized. Against Asian America. You group room. And anyway right rhetoric are former president. You know there you can draw a direct line between the surge in these kinds of cases to when he started seeing things like blue. And China by elicited a concerted effort. News you do please. Slain memorial. Administrations in ruins until someone else when he saw his notes from his speech where word of corona virus is literally. I'm at and replaced with his own handwriting city in China virus. UHU staying. Racial weakening that occurred because George schooling has weakened Asian Americans both young and old so you speak out and speak out. Again the racial inequality. Historically there had a good intentions between the African American and American communities. We didn't sing George Bush. Joseph than us the communities in the way that I'd ever seen before so I'm hoping that animal medicine carries over into these cases it is crucial to really understand. It all contributed to the editor of this country and how. Progress as a country clubs here because we are here we're not going anywhere and didn't the Democrats. Changing so we must do our best understand it as a truly it is not what we saw Douglas.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"The actor and activist says former President Donald Trump’s rhetoric is partly to blame for a surge in attacks on Asian Americans. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76263755","title":"Daniel Dae Kim opens up about his fight against racism","url":"/US/video/daniel-dae-kim-opens-fight-racism-76263755"}