DC residents band together to feed the hungry

From recently fired to recently retired, residents from the nation's capital work together amid COVID-19 to make sure their neighbors never go hungry.
7:17 | 05/27/20

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Transcript for DC residents band together to feed the hungry
Nobody likes to ask for help. To be able to put food on the table. The capital area food bank has seen skyrocketing demand over the last few months both from the individuals who relied on on network for food for. And those who. Previously couldn't it could rely on their paycheck now finding that may need additional support from basic needs including. We get food by the truckload come since the big banks. So it could be Pinto beans and could be Jews and can be shelf stable items and then we delivered to a partner like mark. This table the teen. Isn't flying off the shelves of retailers and there's been less to donate to. Organizations like hours as this thing banks and as a result we've had some purchased just hundreds of truckloads more enough food just to keep our inventory levels. Appealed to meet the demand that the sentence. That's presenting itself out community. That's put this in perspective in the month of April we've purchase about a hundred truckloads of and that. Is about three times what we purchase in the entire last year he. We're certainly seeing hearing Kobe is that there's so many people who are calling us on our hunger lifeline. Who has never before had to ask for help to put food on the table. And those failures. And have been and if we're 25 years is very hard. We'll keep an. They immoral. Virus discovered. People without jobs. Verizon and my hair removal but is that don't have enough. The majority of programs. And people start by almost apologizing. Of these and four they find out where it's again how many people are saying I'm sorry I have to call I'm sorry that I need him. Avail myself of this in the human biting insects in the past I may have been an owner do you you know RI mine here in the news that I am in need now he uses. And out of the last pilot announced. About a go getting monitored how objective going truck. Sure today. When prove it started. Pocket because had a great article detailing different ways to get involved around the district. I'm lucky enough and blessed enough to have. As Albrecht worked from the and that made me think about all the privilege that I have how I can best news. This time when a lot of people are struggling economically. Martha's table. Stuck out to me because it's such. A basic way to serve the community by getting him to the right people with people the most. This afternoon ending bag inspired me prop location to be delivered in the morning. We've got into scenes onions. For the different types of vegetables delivered. Kinda heavy in an ordeal especially the giant bags of potatoes that catholicism to shoulder. I think there are a lot of people. Who find themselves wanting to do something. I'm old enough to remember 9/11 and after 9/11 and everything seemed to change in it was a real shift. Public opinion and the spirit of we're all in this together. District hired right before from the nineteen broke. It's looking through some way to give back. Suppose there is a certain stigma involved in. Accepting aid. Who have in nineteen has changed that equation completely. Now people who probably. We would've never thought. Need a few things fun. Its resources. Can tap. East to get out about a Hyundai than bags at each location today and we I had about a thousand thing now. I think that. Point 5% increase in unemployment is really showing us that you senator middle pop some people live paycheck paychecks and a nurse. April 1 is when we saw the lineup adorned with about reversing the woman ever to attack. So many people that need. It's getting distributed through today for children and if they don't get the student learning effectively. Developing effective it's just crucial to next. The one thing that can elect Obama off the table that we that we need help people where they are a lot of times people in the haven't. Go to full chemical reaction unfortunately. Breakfast old and he. One think that my half the fat fight. Put food on if they. When told it paid I. I were gonna tourism industries argue that I was gonna get it broke my husband I ever votes out of work so it a double whammy and how long this will go away we'll be able to work again. The uncertainty. Not knowing when you're going to make money again. It's really stressful. And then. After a few weeks the kind of being in that cave at figuring out what's going on the flight. A lot of friends that are doctors or nurses and their obviously helping out and I was about and I do think it happened to him. And and jello. I've been working here about three to five days that we now. We've seen from our regulars that every single day and then new people from Dave fluctuate but it's a constant flow of deep hole. What apple pulled over and he really opened eyes to see that there are people walk three. Leave me help. These people who had neighbors from the breaking anything with us and just probable.

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{"duration":"7:17","description":"From recently fired to recently retired, residents from the nation's capital work together amid COVID-19 to make sure their neighbors never go hungry. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70910370","title":"DC residents band together to feed the hungry ","url":"/US/video/dc-residents-ban-feed-hungry-70910370"}